Black Dapper Hairstyle With High Top Fade

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Not a lot of people can get a dapper haircut correctly.

These haircuts are more related to a specific style than an actual one.

Plus, you need to consider more of them, as there is not only one.

What is certain is that most dapper hairstyles involve combining a pompadour or a comb-over and various other styles.

They also require heavy use of pomades and an excellent comb to set it exactly right.

Today’s story involves learning how to dapper your hair correctly.

33 Most Popular Dapper Haircuts

With so many dapper haircuts out there, it is hard to pick one immediately off the bat. To avoid experiments, you can benefit from our list of the most popular dapper and old-school haircuts and choose one of your own.

Slicked Back Taper

Starting with the classic, the slicked back is one of the most recognizable dapper versions. Longer tops, short sides, and rough hair pomade to keep your hair combed entirely and back.

Classy Subtle Drop Fade

An excellent gentleman hairstyle example is where the part does not go the entire crown length. It splits the textured hair slightly while the side fade accentuates the top and a simple dapper that goes slightly downward.

Classic Comb-Over

Combining the side-swept technique with gradual dapper results in an elegant hair set. 

Taper and Comb-Over Hairstyle

This one is relatively easy to create. You must include a simple dapper to medium-length hair and brush it to the side. A relaxed look is suitable for almost anybody.

Classic Pompadour With Sleek Taper

Here we have a variation of a textured pompadour haircut with more layers than you think. Pomp also pairs excellently with sexy beard styles.

Dapper Electric Blue Pompadour

Vintage meets modern. This is what adding an electric blue hue to a pompadour looks like. Get the biggest, largest pomp with as much height possible and color it blue for a striking appearance.

Layered Pompadour With Tapered Temple

Make a classic pomp neat by combing a brush back technique and finger combing it a bit. This will add a sense of motion, while a lineup will provide more definition.

Man With a Layered Pompadour Hairstyle

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Finely Faded Temple Hairstyle

This one works best for people with lighter hair. The fade will almost blend with the skin and will appear edgy. The show’s star is still the finely combed top that adds a shadow to the lighter sides.

Semi-Regulation Dapper Haircut

A semi-regulation look ventures away from the military-inspired one. Longer top hair and very short and tapered sides are the base form. You can decide whether to add a part on top or leave it as it is.

Thin Part With Combed Side Brush

The elegant high part that goes with a side brush makes this one a proper boys’ haircut for handsome guys.

Classic Taper With Brush Up

You don’t always have to have a length up top for a dapper. You can go for a shorter crop that does not require much maintenance. Pair it with a skin fade and you have everything that you need.

Side Brushed Tapered Haircut

Tapered hair allows you to shape the hair in almost endless patterns. Side brushing it, particularly with a hard part, will help to cut down on the length of your overall face, making it more appropriate.

Side Part With Mid Fade Haircut

A mid-fade quiff will gain so much with a side part. A side-part hairstyle can be styled into a standing wave and paired with smooth edges that could go into your beard.

Justin Timberlake’s Taper and Scissor Cut

Sometimes doing it in a classic, old-fashioned way is where the secret lies. When he utilized the scissor cut, Justin Timberlake found that many thoughts had gone out of style.

George Clooney’s Caesar Style

George Clooney may not be one of the celebrities with epic mustaches, but he does have a good Caesar cut. It looks very formal on him, but you can also mess it up a bit for a more casual look.

Thick Hair Brush Back With Faded Haircut

Thick hair up top pairs spectacularly with skin fade haircuts. You get an outstanding style that does not require much maintenance and can be easily transformed with an easy, slick back.

Slicked Back Undercut

One of the variations of a dapper style is the slicked-back undercut. The focal point is the hair you will brush back, but it is only made with the help of the undercut.

Man With a Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle

High Drop Fade and Long Top Hard Part

Hard part haircuts allow you to go for an oblique angle, which is impossible with a regular part. The part should run for the engine length of the crown, while the crop top needs to be brushed on the side.

Medium Fade and Classic Business Cut

Here we have a very traditional manner in which the style has been made. A medium fade paired with a sharp part makes this entire look very classy for business ventures.

Long Top Dapper Slick Back

This one is a good slick-back look for attractive guys; it works on anyone. The longer top brushed back looks clean, but you can allow some hair strands to fall alongside your temples.

Dapper Medium Top With Hard Part

A dapper also works on a medium top, so no long hair is needed here. The hard part is crucial as it helps bring the upper side forward.

High Volume Side Swept Strands

Long hair with added volume is not something we are used to seeing from a dapper. It is a wideswept look that you fan-finger comb to make it look messy.

Layered Top With Undercut Fade

An undercut fade should add contrast to the longer top, which is why it needs to be layered and without a part to make it look bigger. The edges should be trimmed very closely, though.

Neat Quiff Haircut

There is no neater way of styling your hair than with a straightforward quiff.

Formal Side Swept

A simple dapper primarily aimed at those with thinner hair. Brush the hair to the sides and you will get a formal look.

Dapper Ivy League Hairstyle

The Ivy League dapper is a low-maintenance haircut. It also works with any hair, even though it can seem a bit formal.

Frosty White Mohawked Brush Up

If you want a cool hipster look, you can create a mohawk with more length up top and design lines on the side. The frosty white dye is of utmost importance here.

Top Heavy Undercut

This one combines an old-time dapper with something very modern. You have a sharp undercut and a lot of hair on top, quite a lot. You can wear it unkempt or change the style as you wish.

Vintage Hairstyle

Adding a vintage flare to your hair is an excellent idea for formal occasions. A razor cut that goes with side parted hair, with just a little bit of lift, is what you will need here.

Dressy Dapper Look

A nice dress shirt and a suit will pair well with dapper hair. Add a little twist to your hair, as the top of the hair is the part that should get all the attention.

Weaved Texture

Weave Braids

Photo @braidedroots

A modern look where the sides and the temple are trimmed in a square shape. The hair’s lift adds a voluminous fold, while the entire shape is amusing.

Platinum Dapper Haircut

Create two partings on both sides of the undercut. The hair in the middle should stay long and combed back. Now, add some platinum dye for a very striking appearance.

Textured Comb-Over and Beard

Textured hair will work nicely if you comb it over to the side. You don’t need a hard part here, but you can grow a bead to match the length of the top.

How to Style and Maintain Dapper Hairstyles

Barbers’ charges may be high when acquiring dapper hairstyles. It all pays off once you get a proper one that will undoubtedly improve your look. Getting one yourself will demand of you the following:

Step 1 – Choose an appropriate style 

Pick one of the dapper hairstyles from the list we’ve created. Base your pick on your head shape and personal style.

Step 2 – Style the hair

Apply a fade on the sides and keep the top of the hair long. You can brush it to the side or back or decide on a part.

Step 3 – Work some products in

Most dapper haircuts require pomade. Most require a lot of it. You will have to work it in, depending on how you’ve combed or parted the hair.

Step 4 – Maintain

Schedule regular trips to a barber, so they shave the sides once they grow or trim the top with scissors.


What does dapper mean for a man?

A dapper look evokes a stylish, very neat, and clean appearance.

How do I know if a dapper haircut is right for me?

It would be best if you got some advice from your barber that you regularly go to as they will be able to determine based on your hair and heat shape.

How do I know if my dapper haircut is too short or too long?

You will notice that it simply does not look good. Something is wrong if you can’t work everything with some pomade.

How often should I get a dapper haircut?

You can get a dapper haircut as much as you like. There is no limit to them.

Where can I get a dapper haircut for a reasonable price?

Look for suitable barber shops in your neighborhood. If that proves unhelpful, you can expand the search to the wider area of your city.

Who are the most famous celebrities with dapper haircuts?

Some of the most popular ones include Justin Timberlake and Liam Hemsworth.