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30 Top Beard Styles


As per its namesake, the Viking beard is synonymous with manliness. This goes well with whatever hair color you may have; maintenance is straightforward because it is supposed to look scruffy.

It takes time to grow it long enough for styling, but your efforts will be more than worth it.


Who says a gray beard cannot be sexy? It can be if you carry yourself well. It also helps if you have the same charm as George Clooney. Meanwhile, pulling off the silver fox look is not difficult.


Not every day would you hear the words “Amish” and “sexy” used together. This is a beard without a mustache. The sideburns are kept thick and connected to the goatee. Typically, the cheeks are clean–shaven.

The Amish beard can give your face a squarer look, which is excellent if you don’t have a pronounced jawline.

For Bald Head

It would be best to grow any facial hair if you have a bald head. You can develop a full beard, a goatee, or a Fu Manchu. Any facial hair will keep you from looking like a cueball.

Black Men Beard

Black men typically have coarse, curly, and dense facial hair, so styles like the French cut and the Hollywoodian could work well. You can also keep a chin strap, rock a goatee, or sport your favorite actors’ black men’s beard styles.

Black Man With a Full Beard Wearing Dark Colored Suit

Van Dyke 

The Van Dyke is one of the oldest facial hair styles. This style is named after the famous 17th-century Flemish artist Anthony Van Dyke. It features a mustache with the ends grown quite long and curling up a bit and a medium-length beard.

Mutton Chops 

Mutton chops are one of the old-timey facial hair styles that are making a resurgence these days. It consists of sideburns grown up until the sides of the mouth. The mustache ends are connected to the ends of the sideburns.

You will then need to shave the part underneath the mouth and the chin.


A glorious blonde beard is hard to pull off. However, if you can manage it, you are pretty lucky. However, you should consider growing a full beard, as short styles will not look good with blonde facial hair.

Natural Full 

The full natural beard can also be quite sexy if appropriately maintained. Just grow your beard as long as you can. Once you reach the ideal length, you can trim it to whatever length you want.


This particular beard style is more suited for younger men as this is relatively thin and has many sharp angles and edges. If done by a skilled barber, it can look like the beard was painted on the face.

Meanwhile, if you have the facial structure, you can try rocking the Arabic beard style yourself.


The Bandholz facial hair is one of the easiest facial beards you can grow. If you can grow a full beard, you need to let it grow naturally and as long as you want. There is also a separate handlebar mustache at the upper lip.


This facial hair style is suitable for older gentlemen, as this especially looks more dashing with a graying beard. It is a long, full beard, but the bottom is trimmed to a square edge. The sides are also trimmed so that they run straight down.

Broad Jawline

This is perfect for those with a strong jawline. It focuses more on the most appealing portion of the face, which is the jawline, and it improves it. You can easily replicate this style.

Just grow your beard for around a month and trim everything using at least a #2 guard on your clippers. There is no shaving or shaping whatsoever.

Medium-Length Full 

This style suits men of all ages. It is essentially a full beard but trimmed all around so that the hairs are thicker at the goatee and taper up the sideburns.

Serious Man With Medium Length Full Beard


This facial hair style became quite popular in the 2000s, but it fell out of style by 2010. However, as with all things concerned with style, the chinstrap is coming back with an updated look.

Modern chin straps are no longer pencil-thin. They are wider and have a bit more style.


The circle beard is technically a mustache and goatee combo but thicker, and this is one of the viable fat guy beard styles. It can be sexy if you have somewhat broad shoulders and a strong jawline. There are several circle beard styles available, so choose the one that works for you.

Defined Stubble Sideburns

If you have a wispy beard, this might be the look for you. In most cases, most people don’t consider patchy beards as sexy. However, Keanu Reeves would beg to differ. Let your facial hair grow out to get this look, and then trim it entirely using clippers with the #2 guard.


Tell your barber to freestyle it if you want to go wild with your facial hair. Let your barber toy around with different hair thicknesses and shape the beard.

This might seem like a risky deal, but if you’re a regular customer, you can be sure that your barber has your back.


This traditional facial beard style lets you grow your hair and trim it properly once you reach your desired amount. Most men like to keep their full beards short of making them a bit low-maintenance. Others want to grow them out a la ZZ Top.


There is no such thing as a hipster beard, but there is one style that they prefer. This one is a full, long beard, usually 3 to 4 inches long. You can pair it with a handlebar mustache. When paired with a pompadour, this style can be pretty attractive.

Long Bushy 

When you imagine someone having a long bushy beard, you almost immediately think about mountain men or the guys from Duck Dynasty. However, a long bushy beard does not need to look scraggly.

When maintained properly and kept shiny by using beard care products, this can be pretty sexy.

Medium Stubble

In the old days, letting your face grow stubble was a sign of poor hygiene. These days, having medium stubble is considered sexy. Lots of Hollywood actors would often sport medium stubble beards.

You can grow your beard and trim it to your desired length. Usually, a #2 or #3 guard on your hair clippers will do.

Bearded Man With Messy Hair and Stubble

Short Goatee With a Disconnected Mustache

If you want to know how this facial hair looks, you don’t need to look further than Tony Stark in the Iron Man and Avengers movies. This is one of the goatee styles that require the expert touch of a barber.

Because the goatee is kept short, you need a relatively strong chin to pull off this look.


The tight beard is a full beard with all the hair strands seemingly stuck together. It looks pretty nice, as it seems like there is not a single strand of hair that is out of place.

It can be challenging to maintain and requires several products and time to get the right look. However, the extra effort will be all worth it.

Natural Outline

This is a natural and rough beard style. It does not require a lot of maintenance. Just let the beard grow without being too scraggly. Keep it neat.

Medium Stubble With a Handlebar Mustache

This is another hipster beard style. The handlebar mustache is one of the signatures looks that contributes to the overall hipster look.


A professional beard can work well with a suit and tie. For instance, a tight beard fits perfectly in a professional and academic setting. Any beard that is not scraggly will work with any professional look.


This is any beard that has grown considerably, typically more than three inches. This can be a square/rectangular beard. Just trim it regularly and keep it neat.

Stubble + Mustache + Shaved Lines

This might not be the beard for you if you’re an older gentleman. This stylized beard is a medium stubble with sideburns that have a high fade.


A tapered beard is one paired with a tapered haircut. This means that the sideburns are tapered upwards, meeting the taper from the hair.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Pick the right style 

Consider the shape of your face and the amount of facial hair you can grow. Take the time to choose correctly.

Step 2 – Use the right products

Use the right beard products, as styling your beard will be much easier if you have the right styling aids. For instance, if you want your beard hair to all stay in place, use a beard balm or butter.

Also, use a proper beard comb, preferably from softwood, to prevent damage.

Step 3 – Do proper maintenance

Beards can get itchy, so use good beard oil. This will moisturize the hairs and the skin underneath the beard and keep your beard shiny, soft, manageable, and not itchy. Use a proper beard brush to distribute the natural oils from the skin to the hair strands.

Step 4 – Invest in good-quality products

Make sure you have beard oil and balm, shampoo, and conditioner in your kit. These products will keep your facial hair healthy. Keep your beard neat and clean with a good comb, brush, barber’s shears, and/or an electric beard trimmer.


What beard style is the most attractive?

The answer to this is entirely subjective. It is almost certain that not all people can agree upon just one beard style. If you’re growing a beard for yourself, don’t ask what style would be most attractive to the ladies; instead, do it yourself.

If you think you look good with whatever beard you have, that’s what’s important.

How can I make my beard look sexy?

Sexiness is mostly about physical appearance but also about how you carry yourself. If you exude confidence, it will be enhanced by your beard.

What kind of beard do ladies like?

It will depend on the person. Some ladies like sexy beard styles with long hair. Others prefer men with fat guy beard styles. You cannot narrow down the choices to just one style.

Are beards still attractive in 2022?

Of course, they are. Beards have always been stylish for hundreds of years and they will not be leaving anytime soon.


Even though face masks have hidden our faces for more than 2 years due to the pandemic, that did not affect the popularity of facial hair; many people consider men with facial hair sexier compared to those who don’t have it.

If you want to attract more ladies or guys, the above styles might help.

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