From Early Life to Beard Style - Ice Cube

O’Shea Jackson Sr. is quite popular by the name of Ice Cube. His elder brother named O Shea as Ice Cube because he was quite impressed with O Shea’s cool attitude at such a young age.

In no time the name “Ice Cube” became famous in his home and neighborhood. His estimated net worth is $120 million and he has struggled to reach such level of fame and popularity.

The great thing about Ice Cube is, he has not forgotten his roots and his interviews showcase that quite well.

Ice Cube’s Style

You will also find ice cube style statement to be quite unique. His clothing selection, glasses, shoes, accessories matches his appearance extraordinarily.

He never fails to impress women with his distinct style and amazing personality. His overall appeal is just a cut above the rest.

Ice Cube’s Style

His different beard styles have always matched the latest fashion trends or you can say that Ice Cube have always created those trendy beard styles which his co actors would have definitely envied at some point of time.

Do You Crave For His Beard Style?

Well, when it comes to ice cube beard styles you will always notice something different and attractive. He’s manly and his beard does complete justice to his manliness every time you see him rocking in a movie or concert. He shows up impeccably.

If you are planning to grow your facial hair in a rocking and stylish manner then Ice Cube’s awesome beard styles will certainly inspire you. Here are other beard styles for black men.

Ice Cube's Chinstrap Beard Style and How To Achieve It

You can achieve and maintain his facial hair style by following a simple beard routine explained below:

Step 1: Choose Any of His Beard Styles

 Do not be scared of pushing the boundaries and just take any of his pictures which you would like to portray. Even if you are thinking of growing your beard out of curiosity to imitate Ice Cube’s beard styles then begin your journey of growing the beard from today.

Step 2: Grow a Thicker Beard

Firstly, you would need to grow your facial hair and do not worry even if you are not able to grow a very thick beard because there are ample of styles available to choose from.

So, look at yourself closely and see whether you have a square, oval or a circular face. If you have an oval face then you can avoid length. See if you are able to grow a thick beard. It’s a plus point. To grow the beard it will at least take a month.

Step 3: Trim a Beard With Short Trimmer Settings

It will take time to grow the beard but maintain it properly by trimming it at regular intervals. It should look neat and proper.

Step 4: Trim a Cheek line and Neckline

You can avoid growing hair on the neckline or just keep it defined. For trimming the neckline you must know where to stop. Look in the mirror and your head should be upright so you can define the area properly.

Step 5: Invest in a Handy Beard Shaping Tool

Whenever the new beard style of Ice Cube is captured in news, concerts, films or videos, it ignites the cool guys to invest in a classy tool to shape the beard properly or meet beard barber for the same.

Step 6: Choose Chinstrap Beard Style or Any Other Style As Per Your Preference

Chinstrap style of beard is a simple and classy style. It can be styled using your own modifications. The facial hair will pull out from one side and continue to the other side of the face.

Chin and jaw line will be included. If you find it hectic then for first time meet a professional and once you get the outline done you can trim it yourself.

Chinstrap can be shaped in different ways as this style is quite versatile and if you get it done for the first time from a reputed professional, he can tell you properly what will flatter your face.

It will also become easier to maintain it well in the similar manner.

Well, there are many other popular beard styles to follow, but pick the one that complements your style statement. You can change your style from time to time if you find chinstrap style to be monotonous.

You can keep a French Fork beard or short, medium or long stubble. Try different beard styles of Ice Cube and make your own variations to the style you select and surely you will turn heads to your style.

Jay - Barber

About the author: Jay – Barber

Jay is one of the members of the Beardoholic writers team and NFL, celebrity barber. As a master barber with years of experience, Jay can make your beard look any way you envision. Jay’s specialty is black men’s hair and beard styles, but he also has deep knowledge on how to create a perfect neck and cheek line, short or long beard and virtually any beard and hair shape and style.

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