Man With a British Haircut in a Traditional Suit

Great Britain has given us so much already.

They created football. It was the place where both new wave and punk were born.

Not to mention that the first modern toothbrush was created there as well.

With all that, they even had the time to innovate many British haircuts.

Since we can’t settle on a single one, it is best to group them and tell you which is which.

Of course, you might also learn how to style a perfect British haircut.

18 Most Popular British Haircuts

If you stroll the streets of London, you will see several exciting hairstyles buzzing around. Some look good, while others do not so much. We took a closer look at only those popular British haircuts that honestly look excellent.

Gentleman Haircut

The gentleman’s style is one of the most stylish and originally British haircuts. It comes in many shapes and forms and can, for that reason, be worn by both older and younger gents. It works best on people who have wavy or textured hair.

Messy British Hairstyle

The British also know to get a bit messy, as seen in the version that Robert Pattinson often wears. He does tidy it up a bit, but when you look a bit closer, he gives it a go with some hair pomade to make it messier and sexier.

Classic Ivy League

One of the classic British styles, the Ivy League, is a swab and gentlemen-like style. It combos a side part and a crew cut into one to create the hair. It has a vintage appeal, making it perfect for formal gatherings.

Tom Holland’s Curly Hair

Tom Holland’s youthful look and curly hair have inspired one of the most modern versions of a British haircut. It is fashionable and allows people with curly hair to have both a charming look and a manly style.

British Army Style

This one is inspired by the military look, which is similar everywhere you go. The British version does away with added sterling and buzz cuts it the same in all areas. It does look well with sexy beard styles.

Old School Look

The old-school look is the basis for all the amazing fringe haircuts that we have today. Sometimes going classic and using your natural hair type to your advantage is the way to go.

British Hairstyle for Long Hair

Long hairstyles are usually not like British people. Some modern experiments included some styling points where besides growing your hair long, you can create braids, add accessories, and even use bands to make buns or ponytails.

British Fade

There is a thing called the British fade, which looks dissimilar to other fade styles you see nowadays. This is a swiss-army knife for a haircut, as it can be used for various occasions.

You can have a pint with your mates in the pub or attend a meeting sporting one, your choice.

Slicked English Hairstyles

This is where the British style shines the most. We saw some similar styles with the old versions in Brian, but the modern one was perfected with some heavy use of products. The longer top is slicked back, but the sides are necessarily not short nor involve a fade.

Bearded Man With British Slicked Haircut

Side-Parted With Fade

Certain hairstyles combine both the old and the new. The Peaky Blinders show has introduced us to various similar side part styles with a fade on the side.

The best one is the faded hairstyle with the volume on top, which elongates your face and puts the upper part into perspective.

Neck-Length Hair

Long hairstyles were truly taken liking by the British youth. A lot of youngsters are growing out of their hair. The Harry Styles-inspired neck-length hair seems to be drawing the most attention. It only requires some time to grow and minimal styling effort.

Traditional Crew Cut

A polished yet rugged hairstyle is a traditional crew cut. In England, you see it almost shaved on the sides with a bit of volume on top. Think of Phil Foden when asking for one.

Modern Buzz Cut

Another clean and masculine haircut is the buzz cut. This one comes with short hair of similar length at the top and sides but with a low fade. It is immaculate and deserves an outfit with a modern hairstyle for men.

British Comb-Over

Gain additional points by creating a classic comb-over. A very appropriate style for all ages and relatively easy to create. It is much more down-to-earth than other examples from the list and even goes well with a stubble beard.


The quiff has been around since the 50s and seems to go nowhere even in the 21st century. A unique quiff hairstyle looks astonishingly good as you can have your way with it by combing it backward or on the side a bit.

Textured Undercut

There are many types of undercuts. While a disconnected undercut is also an option, we feel that a textured one is the best. It can serve even on some formal occasions, especially if you pair it with a good suit.

Hard Part

This is a very distinctive hairstyle. A cool hard part haircut requires you to turn your natural part into a hard one with the help of a wide-tooth comb and lots of gel. Keep the sides very short, bald even.

Bearded Man With a Hard Part Haircut Looking at His Phone

Hard Part and Taper Fade

Another way to sport a hard part involves adding a taper fade on the sides. That way, you can focus more on the top of your head and even allow it to gain more volume.

Types of British Haircuts

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that the length of the hair defines the style of your hair. Having the hair styled in a certain manner will also enable you to make the pick based on your lifestyle choices.


Asymmetrical hairstyles are often chaotic but, as such, allow you to experiment with them. Different lengths on top and sides often characterize them.


Sports styles are often toned down. They are characterized by shorter hair with enough length to warrant a comb over or a slick back style.


The classics are your best choice if you are looking for a formal style. You can pair them with a great suit and also choose from a variety of different ones.


The military look can be a daring one. At the same time, it is low maintenance and easy to create. It often involves short haircut styles like crew cuts or buzz cuts.

How to Style and Maintain British Hairstyles

If you are planning to create a British haircut on your own, you will have to follow a few basic steps to create one:

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Determine the haircut that you want to create first.

Step 2 – Style

Separate the part of the hair that should remain long and the ones that need to be short or shaved off.

Step 3 – Maintain

Cut the hair on the back and the slides with a trimmer. Use some scissors to cut the longer hair on the crown, but don’t go too much.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Wash your hair and use a hair conditioner. Apply some pomade or your desired product to sweep the hair back or to the sides.

Common Mistakes

When styling a British haircut, you must also be aware of the inevitable mistakes people often make.

  • Go for a haircut that matches your face instead of the most popular one.
  • Never go for an informal haircut and a formal style or suit.
  • Use natural products to take care of your hair.
  • Make regular trips to your barber to style your hair.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with facial hair, but only when it is appropriate to add some.


How do I choose the right British haircut for me?

The best piece of advice is to pair it with the type of style you are wearing. It would be best to determine it based on your hair and face type.

Is the traditional British haircut suitable for young teen boys?

Yes, it is. A few traditional young men’s haircuts go exceptionally well, even for relatively young guys.

Who should avoid a British haircut?

People who want an extremely casual style or an extravagant lifestyle.

What are the most popular hairstyles in London?

You will see classic short on the sides and long on the top styles, comb-overs, and parted styles.

How is a British haircut different from a Marine one?

A British hairstyle requires long hair in the front and shorter hair in the back, while the marine style does it the opposite way.

What are the best British haircuts for women?

Some of the most popular styles in Britain right now are the Glasow, Edinburgh, and Birmingham looks.

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