Young Man With Stubble Beard and an Undercut Hairstyle Talking on the Phone

As the name suggests, a disconnected undercut refers to an undercut hairstyle for men wherein the sides appear disconnected from the topmost part of the hair.

It features longer hair on top that does not seem to transition smoothly to the hair’s short side.

There are several instances when you will notice a line marking the top hair’s end as well as the start of the hair at the side.

It is a famous variation of the high-top fade hairstyles well-loved by many men.

20 Most Popular Hairstyles

Disconnected Undercuts

The typically disconnected undercut can give your look more edge and definition. It requires cutting your hair in various layers, leaving the top long, trimming, and fading the sides.

Short Disconnected Undercuts

You can also keep your disconnected undercut hairstyle short. It has a fresh touch and requires pairing the undercut fade with a more textured top.

Platinum Blonde With Straight Hair Forward Sweep

This haircut falls under the most popular and trendy blonde hairstyles today. It looks incredible, featuring straight hair swept forward and combined with disconnected undercuts.

Long Disconnect Undercut

If you prefer a long hair undercut, you can choose this style. It involves neatly trimming the sides, opening up several opportunities for wearing trendy hairstyles, like the top knot.

Thick Hair With Hard Parts and Long Fringe

Go for this type if you are fond of the modern combover fade hairstyle. It can give such style additional texture and fringe.

Disconnected Comb-Over

This style involves buzz-cutting the sides and then styling the top similarly to when you style the combover undercut. What makes it different is that you will have to flip up the hair atop your forehead rather than slicking it.

It can display a more defined undercut through the line of long hair grown on one side, then a beard or facial hair on the other.

Disconnected Side Part

If you are planning to give your hair more definition, you can go for the disconnected side part haircut. It makes your look sharper. You can also make the side part look more natural by allowing your hair to fall freely.

Professional With an Undercut Haircut and Hairline in a Suit Working

High Skin Fade With Combed-Over Pompadour

This particular style is so eye-catching that it will surely catch attention. It boasts of its high fade transition, which starts from the short sides and then to a longer top. You can cut the disconnected top and pair it with curls, short or long hair, and waves.

It, therefore, also falls under curly undercut hairstyles that you can further improve with a combed-over pompadour.

Disconnected Slick Back Haircut

The disconnected slicked back is also worth trying, as it allows you to wear curly or wavy hair confidently. You can also do so in a way that the style reveals a nice texture.

Disconnect Undercut and Quiff

This style is effortless to maintain and wear. It suits both workplace and active settings. It features cleaner sides and requires pulling your short hair into a quiff.

Undercut With Beard and Side-Swept Top

You can also pair your disconnected undercut with a thick and full beard. Improve the hairstyle by forming a side-swept top, making it as good as those sexy high-skin fade haircuts.

Curly Hair Undercut

The good thing about this particular style is that it allows you to choose whether to make the undercut neat or messy. It will enable you to use your curls based on your preferences.

Bald Undercut

You can fade the undercut, short, or down to your skin for this style. You may also choose to wear a sharp bald fade style.

Disconnected Pompadour

Style your medium-length hair in a way that it forms a modern pompadour. It should end up being shaped like a V at the back. It also features a side part, indicating the style’s transition into a fade.

Messy and Spiky

You can also give your disconnected undercut a messy and spiky style. This is trendy, plus you can easily style it and it looks as good as greaser haircuts for men.

Wavy Disconnected Undercuts

This style is for you if you have curly or wavy locks. Integrating an undercut on your back and sides can make your hairstyle look clean and polished. It also emphasizes the top, giving you a more refined hair texture.

Buzz Undercut

This can make your disconnected undercut more exciting and eye-catching. Similar to a rebel buzz cut, this hair type combines having long hair on top and a buzz cut formed at both sides.

Spiked Undercut

Get the sharp undercut by incorporating a spiky finish at your crown’s edges. Ensure that the back and sides remain even and short.

Bearded Man With a Red Undercut Hair in a Blue Shirt

Middle Part Undercut

This hairstyle involves transforming the entire hair on top into a fringe. Form an undercut at the lower part, which should complement well with your remaining hair.

French Crop With Undercut

Another trendy hairstyle is the French crop with the disconnected undercut. It provides a dramatic look as the crop has a longer top than the back and sides. It also boasts of its blunt cut, which seems to complement most men’s faces.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Choose a disconnect undercut hairstyle based on how long your hair is and your facial shape and overall personality. Make sure that your hair is long enough that it can surely give you your preferred effect. As a guide, it should have a length of at least two inches atop your head.

Step 2 – Give the sides a classic undercut 

Focus on your top hair, as it gives you several choices for styling. One thing to do is to decide if the pomp will have a parting or will just be combed over to one side. Style your hair based on whether or not you want the result to be straight, curly, sleek, or voluminous.

Step 3 – Wash regularly

Ensure that you use a towel to dry it. Form volume by letting a brush run against your hair’s grain. Visiting your barber regularly is also necessary for regular styling, shaping, and trimming.

Step 4 – Apply wax, pomade or gel

Choose only quality hair products, specifically those that keep your hair organized.


What is the difference between an undercut and a disconnect undercut?

The steep transition between your long hair on top and the short length at the sides and back is one differentiating factor between the undercut and the disconnected variation.

In the disconnected undercut, you must form a significant contrast from the longer top to the shorter sides and back. Meanwhile, the classic and typical variation needs a smoother transition.

What do I tell my barber for a disconnected undercut?

As much as possible, visit a professional barbershop so you don’t have to explain too much about the disconnected haircut you are after.

To ensure that the stylist gives you your desired style, inform them that you wish to have your back and sides trimmed using guard sizes of around 2 to 3. Keep the top longer to form the contrast.

Are undercuts still in style?

Yes. This style’s popularity does not show any sign of waning any time soon.