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35 Most Popular Young Men Hairstyles

Crew Cut

This short haircut requires cutting hair at a quarter of an inch. Make sure the top is longer and the sides and back are shaved, making it a popular shaved sides haircut. The fact that it is easy to style and maintains makes it a perfect daily hairstyle.

Quiff For Young Men

This hairstyle requires brushing your hair back and up, specifically in front of your head. Pick this up if you are looking for youthful and cute hairstyles that give your hair more shape and volume.

Buzz Cut

This short haircut requires clipping your hair near your head using a razor. It is low-maintenance and can accentuate your best facial features. Make the buzz cut with a beard to further boost your masculine appeal.


This famous short men’s hairstyle is so versatile that you can integrate it into various haircuts, even the 90s hairstyles. It can provide structure to your hair and give enough contrast to the hair on top.

Military Haircut

The military haircut is a good choice as it is not that difficult to style and can blend well with every hair texture. It can make you look more polished and neater. It requires short hair at the back and sides with a longer top.

Young Men Ivy League Haircut

This short hairstyle is a classic and is characterized by a bit longer top than the sides and back. The different length forms a bit of contrast and structure to your hair.

Caesar Haircut

The timeless Caesar haircut has a length on top similar to the sides and back. You can also style it with a bit of a fringe, which makes your look more defined and emphasizes your best features.

Young Men Pompadour

Another classic hairstyle is the pomp, which is mainly about volume. It involves making the top of your hair look thicker and fuller. Brush your hair up and back and maintain a longer top. Cut the hair at your sides and back shorter to form the required contrast.

Faux Hawk

This style is another version of the mohawk. It is different because the top is longer and the hair at your sides and back is shorter. This contrasts with a more refined and blended look than the traditional mohawk.

Side Part

This is a versatile parting capable of balancing all your facial features. You can also integrate it into various haircuts, even non-binary haircuts. It is also possible to incorporate the side parting in all hair lengths and textures.

Comb-Over For Younger Men

To get this style, brush the hair on top to the other side, forming the fullness and volume you want. The combover also makes your hair neater and more polished. It is one of the best hairstyles for men with glasses.

Young Asian Man With Comb Over Hairstyle

Hard Part

If you are looking for a line-design haircut, go for the hard part, which comes with a clean line that you can shave down to your scalp through a razor or trimmer. You can integrate this hard part into any haircut or style to add sharpness and contrast.

Slick Back

The slick back requires brushing your hair backward, specifically away from your hairline. Apply some gel to keep the shape and style in place. Give this style a modern touch by adding a fade.

Bald Fade

This is one of those styles that can make you look more distinctive. It has a noticeable fade, which can create a nice contrast with your hair. It also provides your hair with enough structure.

Young Men Taper Fade

This type of fade haircut shortens hair on your sides and back slowly. You can choose how short you wish your fade to be. Just make the top longer to produce subtle contrast while maintaining the fullness and thickness of your hair.

Androgynous Haircut

This haircut fits almost everyone as it has feminine and masculine components. It is also easy to adapt your chosen haircut in a way that provides the texture of your hair. It is also non-restrictive, so anyone, regardless of gender, can sport it.

Temple Fade

This is the style for you if you want to improve your hairline. It comes with a fade that you can see surrounding the temples. It contrasts the fade and your remaining hair, giving the entire style a modern touch while building structure.

Low Fade

This type of fade is an excellent choice if you wish to showcase a stylish and subtle finish. It tapers within one to two inches of your hairline, which can lessen its dramatic look as you compare it with other fades.

Mid Fade

This haircut showcases the fade at the middle of your head, ears, and around your temple. You will notice it even more compared to the low fade. The contrast it can create will be on the top.

Young Men High Fade

In this style, the back is the one that’s going to be faded high. It also features shaved sides. It can give you a sharp look and a polished and neat finish while showcasing contrast on your top hair.


With the fringe hairstyle, you can cut your hair, so it lies over your forehead. You can cut different lengths of fringes. It is also possible to get this style regardless of your hair texture.

Fringe And Swirl Bangs Hairstyle

Photo @alan_beak

Drop Fade

The faded cuts of this style are easier to notice as they have an arc-shaped look that you can see dropping low behind your ear. It can build contrast with your hair at the back and all sides while retaining length on top.

Half Up, Half Down

With the help of this style, you will enjoy more versatile styling as it requires minimal length. It gives a refreshing and youthful vibe, making it perfect for those searching for summer hairstyles.

It involves pulling your hair away from your face, making it more open to show off your features.


Another famous young men’s haircut is the mop. It is a low-maintenance and easy-to-style cut that fits every hair texture. It is more suitable for those with natural curls or waves, though.


This hairstyle, which was a trend in the 90s and is now returning to the scene, has a more defined look thanks to its fringe that also features a middle parting. This part works in framing your face nicely.

Man Bun

This is an excellent way of wearing hair that is medium to long. It gives off a relaxed vibe with the hair being kept away from your neck and face. It works with every hair texture, showing its versatility.


The shag is a noticeable style because of the choppy layers and its generally unstructured and messy look. Choose this style to give your hair some shape and movement.

French Crop

For this style, you must maintain a similar length on your overall hair and the fringe. It has a fringe look that attracts attention and allows you to experiment with styling and length.

Two Block Haircut

You can distinguish this hairstyle with its two unique block shapes. The first one, which has to be longer, is on top of your head, while the second is on your sides and back. It is a trendy cut that fits all bright colors.

Rockabilly Haircut

Even with its retro feel, young men can still sport this style, especially those who prefer their look to have more volume. Your goal should be to keep the hair on the sides and top longer while shortening the back. Slick back the forelock or style it into a quiff or pomp.

Bro Flow

Choose this style if you prefer a more laid-back appeal. It looks fantastic and is perfect for those with long or medium hair. It also seems to be more compatible with curly or wavy hair textures.

Line Up For Younger Men

The good thing about this haircut is that it allows self-expression. The reason is that it lets you create a more customized finish. The unique shape of your natural hairline improves that part and provides contrast and structure.

Spiky Hair

The spiky hairstyle is an incredible choice to develop a textured finish. It is versatile in that it suits all hair lengths and textures. It often features rigid and stiff spikes. To make it more modern, make the spikes fluffy.

Young Man With a Goatee Beard and Spiky Hair


Despite its simplicity, you can make the ponytail more stylish. You can wear your ponytail sleek and tight in a case for formal occasions. You can also make it a bit messy if you are interested in casual settings.

Edgar Haircut

For the Edgar haircut to work for you, maintain a similar length in the area surrounding your head. Make sure this look shows off a high skin fade, too, as it provides more structure and contrast.

How to Style Young Men Hair

Step 1 – Research young men’s haircuts

Take into consideration how long your hair is, what its texture is, and your facial shape.

Step 2 – Create a fringe

You may also choose a haircut that requires adding a parting for proper contrast.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintain the shape by making your visit to a barber regular.

Step 4 – Use hair gel or wax

This is especially true if you choose a style with more volume, texture, and structure. You also have to use shampoo and conditioner for regular cleansing and washing.


What haircuts are trending for young men?

You can find a lot of haircuts for young men. Among the classics that are still trendy today is the Caesar cut and the choppy shag. You will also notice the two-block haircut and the curtain bangs becoming more popular on social media.

What is the best haircut for young men?

Determine the look you intend to achieve before deciding on the best haircut for young men. If you prefer a hairstyle with short or medium length, choose a classic and simple look capable of looking great in every setting.

Among these styles are the Ivy League, military, and crew cut.

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