Cutting Androgynous Man's Hair With Clippers
So many people continue to question the strict adherence to traditionally feminine or masculine hairstyles, leaving room for more open-minded options. Androgynous haircuts have grown in popularity and are at the top of almost all haircut trend lists.

Androgynous haircuts help bring out feminine and masculine elements visually appealingly.

15 Most Popular Non Binary Hairstyles

Long Mullet

As far as 90s hairstyles for men are concerned, the mullet is among the most popular. The modern mullet is shorter than the 90s haircuts, and the sides feature a fade or an undercut for added emphasis.


Shag haircuts are everywhere on social media, and there is a good reason. The shag requires zero effort when it comes to styling. All you need to do is apply a texturizing product and then ruffle your hair using your hands.


Layering gives androgynous haircuts volume and emphasis. Layered haircuts are also easy to style since you only have to apply a styling product like hair clay, and you’re good to go.

Jewfro Non Binary Haircut

The Jewfro haircut will work perfectly if you have naturally kinky hair. The haircut makes it easy to tame your kinks while keeping the texture on display.

Smiling Young Man With Long Curls

Blunt Bowl Cut

A blunt bowl cut is always a good idea if you have thick hair. The haircut especially looks flattering if you have a straight hair texture. It is not the easiest to get, but it’s one of the best hairstyles for men with big foreheads since the entire forehead is covered.

Braided Top

You can never go wrong with braid styles, and the braided top haircut is no different. It’s a great option if you have thick hair. You can finish the look by braiding two strand twists on top and maybe fading the sides.

Wavy Bowl Cut

A wavy bowl cut will look perfect if you have thick, wavy hair. The best thing about the wavy bowl cut is that your hair will appear voluminous regardless of how thick or thin your locks are.

When styling, fluff the waves up after washing or use a hair dryer to blow-dry the waves using the diffuser attachment.


Androgynous haircuts make it easy to add highlights. Highlighting the hair near the face will help frame it, making you appear brighter.

Half Up Man Bun

Despite the name, a half-up man bun is still a non-binary haircut. To pull off the look, grow your hair to the level of your chin and then tie it half up in the back. For an edgier look, man bun braids will also do.

Long Weaves

Most androgynous haircuts are short, which makes long hairstyles like these even more unique. The hair falls in long waves. The hairstyle can work for anyone regardless of gender, hair type and face shape.

Wavy Middle Part

If your hair is naturally wavy, you can do it with a middle part. The part makes wavy hair look more polished and structured.

Wavy Middle Part Men Haircut

Flipped Ends

If you wish to show off the artsy died of your personality, consider styling your hair with a twist. The hairstyle is achieved by curling the ends of the hair upward to look flipped up. You will need a quality styling product to keep the flipped ends in place.

Curtain Bangs Non Binary Haircut

Despite the name, curtain bangs are some of the most fashionable non-binary haircuts. They are much easy to pull off if you have straight hair, but curly hair will also do.


Ash-blond is an excellent color for androgynous haircuts. It is striking and makes switching up for a brighter and bolder color easy since you’ll have the perfect base.

Pink Bang and Undercut

Color works well for non-binary hairstyles. You can use any color but ensure that you only apply it to the bangs and get an undercut for the rest of the hair.

Men With Pink Hair and Beard

What Are Androgynous Non-binary Haircuts

There are so many haircut names, some of which might be confusing. Androgynous haircuts feature a blend of traditionally feminine and masculine elements.

They are usually non-binary with edgy components, including shaved sides, fades, mohawks, undercuts, bobs, pixies and faux hawk haircuts.

They are an excellent option for genderfluid, non-binary and binary people who wish to combine feminine and masculine elements to their hairdo.

Androgynous haircuts represent a fun way to downplay features that are otherwise associated with masculine or feminine faces, like prominent cheekbones, a string jawline or rounded and full cheeks.

With these haircuts, you can choose the perfect balance between femininity and masculinity to suit your mood, identity and everyday look.

How to Style and Maintain Androgynous Hairstyle

Step 1 – How to choose the right style

Decide on the features you want to highlight and those you would rather downplay. You might want to downplay your masculine features if you wish for a more gender-neutral look.

If you want to highlight your eyes, go for haircuts that frame the face around the eyebrow or cheekbone level.

Step 2 – Styling

Start by cleaning the hair and then apply a styling product. Use a comb or brush to brush off the hair to the side you want. You might also want to use a blow dryer for some styles. Add color or highlights to your hair if you are going for the colored variations.

Step 3 – Maintaining 

If you have shaved sections or a very short androgynous haircut, ensure you get trims often to keep your hair in shape. For longer hairstyles, you need to use the right texturizing products, like hairspray, to create the right shape and look.

Step 4 – Best products to use

When you have a non-binary haircut, consider investing in styling gels, hair cream, pomade, and hair clay for styling. You must also get quality hair spray, especially regarding long androgynous haircuts. Hair spray helps keep the hair in shape and place all day.

While at it, your hair should look clean and healthy, so invest in quality hair shampoo and conditioner.


What makes a haircut androgynous?

The styles contain masculine and feminine elements, which make hair androgynous.

What is the most androgynous haircut?

The French bob is by far the most popular non-binary haircut.

How do you give yourself an androgynous haircut?

First, you need to consider your face shape and choose a style that works for you. After that, trim your hair until you achieve the desired length. If you are fading the sides or back, use a hair trimmer.