Man With Military Hairstyle and Uniform

You’re mistaken if you think every marine haircut is the same.

Each is made with a specific purpose, as every corp member has one depending on their position or the deployment office.

Military haircuts have, nowadays, grown in popularity and have become a part of everyday life.

For that reason, we provide you with some of the most popular marine haircuts currently worn by regular guys.

14 Most Popular Hairstyles

You don’t have to be in the military to start sporting a marine haircut. If you want to change your hair from classic men’s hairstyles to more manageable ones, then a marine cut is perfect.

Skin Fade

One of the classic marine looks is the skin fade. It features a close cut on the sides with a longer top. You will notice a gradual fade on the sides, which sometimes leads to the sides being completely shaved off.

Crew Cut

If you don’t want the same length of hair everywhere, then go for a crew cut. Here, you will leave the top longer and the length will depend on yours. The sides and the back should be closely trimmed.

Reporting to Duty

This style shows that a marine is ready and able at all times. The hair is relatively short, both on top and the sides. The top is kept slightly longer while leaving everything else trimmed close to the scalp.

Complete Fade

A complete fade means getting your short hair to an even shorter level. What you need to create this one from the self-hair-cutting tools at your disposal are some trimmers and you are good to go.

Buzz Cut

Creating a buzz cut is simple and very versatile. It suits all situations and allows you to have a low-maintenance cut that you don’t have to style each time you wake up. It features the same length of hair on both on top and the sides.

Man With Short Military Haircut and Goatee Beard in a Uniform

Military Move Haircut With a Quiff

This style is inspired by the marine look and takes elements from it—especially the sides part, which needs to be set as short and closely as possible. The top part allows you to grow longer hair, like a quiff and style it appropriately.

High and Tight Haircut

If you are looking for an easy and simple haircut, then keeping things high and tight is the way to go. The sides and the back are kept short while leaving a short strip on the top.

The middle strip does not require you to fade; it should stand on its own and become prominent that way.

Marine and Masculine

Marines already look masculine, but this one suits those with angular jawlines. The sides and the back should be completely shaved off while leaving some wavy hair on top. You can choose to style it in a mohawk manner if it is suitable for you.

Flat Top

The flat top features long hair styled adequately to keep the flat surface. The sides and the back should be faded or shaved off with a high fade. It is a perfect way for people with round faces to add angles.

Side Shaved Short Hair

This one will also require you to shave off the sides and the back. The hair you leave on top should be styled in various manners. It allows you flexibility, as you can create a unique look every time you decide to go out.

Serve and Protect

This one is a blended look and can be a short haircut for thick hair. The hair should be kept longer on the top and one needs to allow it to fade into the sides and back. The rest should be shaved off for a complete look.

Bristle Top

Not conventionally a marine haircut, but one that takes some elements from it. The bristle on top is what sets it apart from the rest, making it unique and professional at the same time. Arrange the top and then shave everything off and you are done.

Waves With Short Sides

Here you will have to short the sides and the back close. Leave some length on the upper scalp. Use the specified products to create the waves on top for a unique and distinctive look.

Man With Military Hairstyle in a Uniform With US Flag

No Nonsense

The no-nonsense look requires you to shave the hair close to the skin and then add a fade for the back and the sides. It is pretty adaptable for any head shape and a variety of occasions.

How to Style and Maintain

Now that you have decided to switch from your mature hairline and go for one of the marine haircuts, you need to create and style it properly.

Step 1 – Pick the most suitable option

You can do so by selecting it based on your head shape and style that you want to adapt to.

Marine haircuts are usually relatively simple to create and you don’t need a lot of tools to make them, especially if you are creating buzz cuts or crew cuts. If you need to create a fade, it is best to find a suitable barber to add one for you.

Step 2 – Style

Next comes styling the hair. Depending on the cut you choose, there might not be much styling to do. Since these haircuts require minimal maintenance, you must wash the hair occasionally and perhaps add some gel for a specific style.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintaining your military haircut means adding some touch-ups from time to time. If your hair grows longer, you must shave it or trim it. We suggest looking into some shaving cream alternatives if you need to shave the sides or parts of your hair.


What is a Marine haircut called?

There are various names, but some refer to it as one of the Edgar haircuts.

What hairstyles can Marines have?

Marine haircuts do not allow the bulk of the hair to grow longer than 3 inches. If you have flat hair on your head, it should not extend more than 2 inches from your scalp.

Why are Marines’ heads shaved?

They shave their heads due to hygiene and field sanitation. It prevents the spread of body lice and is essential to keep the traditional military look within a unit.

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