Once Ben Affleck started growing his beard, he became even sexier than before.

Sure, he was already a heartthrob, but with a manly beard, many girls agree that he looks better than ever.

Now, guys, this does not mean that if each one of us grows a beard we will start to look like Ben Affleck.

Things may definitely improve, but let’s not go crazy.

Luckily, we’ll show you how to create a perfect Ben Affleck facial hair, step-by-step.

So, here is where and how to start.

Major Career Points and Accomplishments

Soon after high school, Ben Affleck moved to New York to seriously pursue acting. This move resulted in bit parts in TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Body to Die For.

Affleck’s first starring role was in the movie Glory Daze, which was followed by a role in the cult hit Mallrats by director Kevin Smith.

This movie was such a hit that the director cast Ben as the lead for his 1997 movie Chasing Amy, which proved to be Ben’s first foray into Hollywood leading man roles.

His road to Hollywood A-list status became even clearer after the success of the hit Good Will Hunting, which he co-wrote and acted in alongside his close friend Matt Damon.

Both of them won the Golden Globes and Academy Awards for Best Screenplay, which made Affleck the youngest screenwriter to win an Oscar in this category.

Major Career Points and Accomplishments

The late 90s and the following decade made Affleck the owner of the title of a Hollywood leading man, who was a sure box office draw.

This happened thanks to the lead roles in movies like Armageddon, Shakespeare in Love and Forces of Nature, for which he generated box office and critical praise.

Other notable performances include the antagonist role in Reindeer Games, a supporting role in Boiler Room and Pearl Harbor, interspersed with lighter roles in movies like Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and The Third Wheel.

Affleck was named Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 2002 but it was also around this time when some of his movie choices and performances began to receive negative reviews, especially his bland performance as the lead in Daredevil.

The following years saw him taking on more serious roles including the ones in the hits Gone Baby Gone, The Town, and Argo.

His most recent critically acclaimed role is the role of Batman in the DC Universe, which he initially played in 2016 hit Batman v Superman and later reprised in Suicide Squad and Justice League.

These performances pleasantly surprise die-hard DC fans who were initially against his casting for the role.

Ben Affleck’s Sharp Fashion Style

Affleck was not named the Most Stylish Bruce Wayne for nothing. His style preferences have not changed drastically over the years.

Although Affleck has made a few fashion mistakes in the past, like the mafia shirts in the late 90’s, he manages to look stylish and sharp by picking clothes pieces that fit well and accentuate his looks.

Aside from looking sharp in a tux, off the set, this star knows how to keep things stylish but comfy in a good pair of jeans and a basic T-shirt, especially when paired with Louboutin sneakers or any other high-end brand of footwear.

Ben also likes wearing masculine jackets. Whether he is wearing a leather jacket or a more current D&G bomber jacket Ben clearly shows that he digs quality and luxury when it comes to apparel.

Ben Affleck's Sharp Fashion Style

How to Get Ben Affleck’s Beard

Ben Affleck sported a beard in some Batman scenes in Justice League. Neat with a dignified amount of gray, this full and slightly pointed medium beard is easy to achieve even if you’re not a superhero.

Before you start growing a beard, it is important to find out if full and long beard styles suit your face.

Ben Affleck has that hunky face with a strong jaw and a well-defined chin, which means that he can pull off any length of beard and still look good.

If your face shape is on the round side, a long beard can elongate your face in a more flattering way. If your face is squarish long beard will have the same effect.

How to Get Ben Affleck's Beard

However, if you already have an oval face shape, to begin with, keep the length to a minimum and grow the sides of your beard fuller to create symmetry.

You may need a couple of weeks to get a thicker beard with this length. To ensure normal and healthy growth, add more protein-rich foods in your diet to speed up your beard growth.

Exercise regularly to boost your testosterone production. Also, make sure to comb your beard regularly to stimulate circulation and promote its growth.

You may want to grow your beard a bit longer so that you can easily trim it back until you get the perfect length and density.

Shaping and Trimming Tips

Trimming your beard starts with a good combing. Use a good beard brush to comb your hair in one direction.

This smooths out the tangles and makes any strand that is too long stick out. If your beard is too long, use durable beard scissors to remove strays and shape your facial hair in the desired way.

Affleck trims his beard in a way that creates a well defined V letter. You can do this too, by using beard scissors first and then refining the shape with clippers of the right guard size.

Use clippers with a low guard to get an even cut. Affleck keeps his beard at about half an inch to an inch in length, which is at about number 5 or 4 guard setting.

Switch to smaller guard settings when fading out the areas near the cheeks, under the neckline, around the jawline and chin.

Ben Affleck likes to keep his beard neckline scruffy, so you want to keep the hairs in this area short.

Shaping and Trimming Tips

Remove the guard and go over the periphery of your beard again to clean these areas and define the lines. Next, use clippers to trim your mustache and create a clean lip line.

Apply natural beard oil or balm to keep your beard soft and give it a polished look.


Maintenance of a full beard usually means washing it twice a week using a good beard shampoo and application of a good beard oil or beard butter to maintain softness and prevent dryness.

Beard butter is a luxurious, creamier version of a beard balm that contains nourishing ingredients like lanolin and beeswax.

It’s perfect if you prefer organic and chemical-free grooming products.

Keep your beard clean with beard shampoo infused with natural oils to stop a beard itch. Do these on a regular basis to enjoy a full and flattering beard that would make Batman proud.