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There are many low-maintenance hairstyles for men. Most winter hairstyles, for instance, are low-maintenance, and the 360 waves haircut is no different since it falls in the short hairstyle category.

There are so many waves haircut styles, but most men go for a fade with waves. The hairstyle is achieved using a wave brush, some pomade, and a du-rag or cap.

What Is It

The 360 waves haircut is a popular haircut worn by black men. It’s no surfer hair for men, but it has been around for decades and gets its name from the circular wave pattern that spirals out from the cowlick.

Men with short hair curling from the roots can achieve this look with a few tools and patience. The hairstyle has become famous for black men who don’t want to sport perm hairstyles.

8 Most Popular Hairstyles

Whether you are thinking about a low, high, temp, bald, or drop fade with your waves, here are some of the best and most popular 360 waves hairstyles:

Deep 360 Waves

Deep 360 waves, as the name suggests, require a little more time and regular brushing to form. And when they do form, you can combine the waves with a faded haircut and a thick beard for a refreshing, sexy look.

With Part

Three hundred sixty waves with a part combined with a fade haircut make for a very stylish look. The deep waves add texture to the hair on top, while the low taper fade focuses attention on the styling on top.

With Hair Design

You don’t have to sport a plain 360-waves haircut. Ideally, you can get creative and add a design to your deep 360 waves. There’s an endless array of hair designs you can choose from, like zig-zags, shaved lines, and a heart design.

Black Man With Waves Haircut And Hair Design

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With Beard

A wave hairstyle can look impeccable when combined with a full beard. It’s the best haircut for men with thick hair. It’s manly, badass, and flattering enough that women will notice.

If you want to combine your waves haircut with a beard, keep your beard clean, neat, and well-groomed.

Half Moon Haircut

The half-moon haircut features a curved line like a half-moon shaved into the top of your hair at the front. To get the hairstyle, develop your wave pattern with a fade and add a half-moon to spice up the look.

Black Boys With Waves

Waves don’t just work for mature men but can work for young black boys as well. Combined with a low taper fade and a part, the style looks incredible.

With Line Up

The 360 waves haircut and lineup feature waves, a low fade, and a line up at the top. It combines well with a well-groomed beard.

180 Waves Haircut

If you prefer shadow fade haircuts or short hair on the back and sides, a high bald fade cut will do. Combine that with 180 waves. The thing about 180 waves is that they are much easier to get and also easier to maintain.

Black Man With Waves Haircut

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How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Choosing the right hairstyle

Hair length and texture are the most critical factors when choosing any 360 waves hairstyle. While this is a short hairstyle, ensure your hair is not shorter than 1 ½ inches; otherwise, the waves won’t form.

When it comes to texture, if you have naturally curly hair, ensure your hair is straight before you start creating the wave pattern. When choosing a style, consider your personality and whether or not you have a beard; some 360 waves hairstyles look better with a full beard.

Step 2 – Style

When styling a 360 waves haircut, brush your hair for about two minutes after shampooing and conditioning. After that, moisturize the hair, wrap it with a damp towel and then brush again for 15 to 30 minutes, ensuring you move from the cowlick outward.

Wear a do-rag or cap for half an hour, and when you sleep, repeat brushing after removing it. To ensure the waves stick, avoid washing your hair too frequently but rinse instead.

Step 3 – Maintain 

To maintain the hairstyle, avoid using shampoo daily and when you do, use a sulfate-free shampoo. Your waves will also require you to use pomade daily, so ensure you wash your hair at least thrice a week to prevent product buildup.

Avoid using curl kits and chemical perms to speed up the wave pattern forming. Finally, like with pop smoke braids, consider applying some grease.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Three hundred sixty waves hairstyles are only partly possible because of quality wave brushes. The brush should be two-sided, with soft bristles on one side and firm bristles on the other.

You also need shampoo and conditioner, some light formula hair pomade, and probably some hair spray to add shine. Finally, do-rags were very popular in maintaining most 70s hairstyles for men, like 360 waves, so consider investing in one or a wave cap.


Are 360 waves bad for your hair?

No waves are not bad for your hair. They won’t cause your hair to break or become weak.

How to brush waves?

Brush the waves while moving from the cowlick outward.

How often should you wash your hair in 360 waves?

It’s recommended to wash your 360 waves every three days, especially if you are using heavy-formula pomade to remove product buildup.

How long will 360 waves last?

Three hundred sixty waves can last up to six weeks if you maintain a daily routine.

Why do black men wear 360 waves?

The 360-waves hairstyle became popular with black men due to the rapper Nelly.