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Winter means that it’s time for warm, comfortable and stylish outfits, so why not get a hairstyle that can match and complete the look? You can try out many styles in winter, no matter what kind of hair you have. You can go through some of these in this article and how you can style and maintain your hair.

What Is a Winter Hairstyle

A winter hairstyle does not refer to any particular type of hair, but the various hairstyles you can get are popular in winter. These can be longer hairstyles that you can wear well in the cold season or different looks that can go well with winter outfits like stylish coats and sweaters.

Whether you have long hair, short hair, thin or thick hair, you can find a style that will suit you well.

10 Most Popular Winter Hairstyles For Men


Keep the hair short except for the front fringe. Wear it casually for a fun look.

Sweep Back

Sweep your hair back for volume and layers.

Messy Waves

Add some messy waves to dark, thick, and medium-length hair.

Afro Styles

Cut the sides and keep the top short and curly for naturally curly hair. You can experiment with the top too.


Confused about a taper vs fade? Try out a fade in winter, keep the long top, and style it well.

Smooth and Simple Side Part

Make a smooth side part and sweep your hair to one side.


Get an undercut and style the hair to the top or side.


Wave up the top and style it up.

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Short Back and Sides

Keep the back and sides short, with the top a bit longer.

Bun Twist

Twist your hair into a full or half-bun.

How to Take Care of Your Winter Hairstyle

Step 1 – Grow hair longer

Winter is the best time to try out longer hairstyles, so grow your hair longer to the length of your choice by eating well and nourishing your hair well. There are inevitable grooming mistakes you must stop making, such as overusing dryers and products to ensure healthy growth.

You can also use effective natural DHT blockers for nourishment.

Step 2 – Pick a style

Pick a style from the above list that you love and trim your hair first or dive right into styling it.

Step 3 – Ask your stylist

You can ask for a barber’s advice by taking a picture of your desired style and showing it to them. You can then ask them to cut your hair for you and show you how to style or you can set up a consultation if applicable.

They will use professional tools such as the world’s best hairspray for men and good clippers, along with their expertise to give you the style you want.

Step 4 – Use shampoo and conditioner

Make sure you use some nourishing shampoo and a conditioner to wash your hair regularly. Look for a reliable brand that you can use through the winter, but make sure you do not wash your hair daily as this will do more harm than good.

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Step 5 – Use hair products

Use limited hair products in winter since you are bound to be wearing beanies or hats to keep yourself warm. Just as you would use premium beard balm, you should attempt optimal usage of hair wax and pomade.

Step 6 – Use a blow dryer

Using hair dryers or blow dryers can help give volume to your hair but do not use them every time. You should also distribute the heat evenly instead of lingering on one spot for too long.

Step 7 – Style and maintain

You can now style your hair and apply the product to maintain the look. Wear hats in a way that can keep your hairstyle intact.

Best Men’s Hair Products for Winter

Hair clay with the perfect hold and products like pomade is ideal for your hair in winter so that the hats and hoodies do not mess them up too much. Using hair gel once in a while can also work.

FAQ About Winter Hairstyles

How can I style my hair in winter?

You can keep your hair long, try out a mullet, get a fringe, sport a fade or undercut or try out any style you want as long as you care for it well.

Which winter hairstyle looks more attractive?

Long and thick hair is great for winter, especially if you pull it into a bun, get a fringe or some waves.

Which haircut is the best for winter?

Man Wearing a Sweater

Shorter cuts like suedes can work pretty well for winter. Adding some waves and keeping a messy look can also look great in the season.

What is the men’s easiest winter haircut to maintain?

Getting a fade or undercut or simply an overall short hairstyle can be easy to maintain.


You are now aware of some popular winter hairstyles and how to maintain them. You can now pick one to spend your winter months stylishly.

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