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Matthew McConaughey is one of the most charismatic figures in Hollywood.

Most people see his natural charms and good looks, but if you look at his roles and movie career, you see much more to Matthew than you thought.

He is not just a gorgeous hunk; he can be a true dramatic actor when called upon.

He began his illustrious movie career as Wooderson in the Dazed and Confused comedy.

He would then switch to several romantic comedy roles that made him an icon of the genre.

Then he got more serious and showed what he is truly made of with roles in Dallas Buyers Club, Killer Joe, Interstellar, and the show True Detective.

To complete his style, being naturally handsome is not enough.

You have to have a great hair set, and McConaughey certainly has it.

Throughout his roles, we have seen him with various haircuts that have sparked interest in his fans.

Alright, alright, if a Matthew McConaughey haircut is what you were looking for, we have some ideas for you to try.

15 Most Popular Matthew McConaughey Haircuts

Matthew McConaughey does not qualify as one of the actors with receding hairlines. He probably has one of the most attractive hair sets among his fellow actors.

However, even he is prone to experiment, and we witnessed how he does it among the many styles he wore throughout his roles.

Iconic Medium Wavy Hair

Starting with the classic, his medium, chin-length hair is what many people remember him by. Since he has naturally wavy hair, it is easy to create this one as he grows it and brushes it back. He has a very casual and laid-back style that matches his personality.

Brushed-Back Beach Waves

The highlight of each McConaughey style is the waves in his hair. He utilizes them to perfection and wears his medium-long hair thoroughly brushed back. The clean-shaven chilled chin also does its part here.

McConaughey’s Curly Surfer

A much younger McConaughey had a surfer hairstyle to die for. The messy look and wavy hair is one that he owned on multiple occasions. He does not have it for his roles only; he wears it best on his time away from the cameras.

Slicked-Back With Beard

If you want a style that makes Matthew McConaughey look even sexier, if that is even possible, his slicked-back hairstyle is the one to look for. No matter if he has short or long hair, he would use some pomade to slick it back.

He leaves it a bit messy and adds a signature Matthew McConaughey beard for good measure.

Matthew McConaughey in a Suit Wearing a Beard and Slicked Back Hairstyle

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Short Back and Sides

This is more of a formal look for Matthew and something he goes by in his later years. It is a simple style to create as you need to keep things short on the sides but allow the volume on top to flourish.

Creating and styling it is a bit hard and you may need a lot of help and hair pomade.

Matthew McConaughey’s Messy Side-Part

Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar in 2014 for his role in the Dallas Buyers Club. He accepted his award wearing a messy look with a side part.

It is incredible how he made this short hairstyle look formal and casual at the same time as it captures the essence of his personality, yet it makes him look swab for this occasion.

Matthew’s Style In ”True Detective”

The first season of the True Detective show was a masterpiece, and a big part of its success was Matthew’s performance as Detective Rusty Chole. He had quite an unconventional look, with shorter hair and a clean shave. We will leave the part with the mustache out.

Slight Pompadour Style

You don’t see Matthew wear a pompadour that often. He does so when combining it with other features of his hair. He brushes the top back, creating a slight pomp while combing the rest of his long hair back and the sides.

Matthew McConaughey With Shaved Head

While preparing for the role in Gold, where Matthew portrayed the struggling businessman Kenny West, he had to shave his hair off completely.

We are not used to seeing him doing away with his impressive locks, but for a while, he had an excellent buzz cut that he appeared with on various occasions.

Tousled Dark Wavy Hairstyle

One of the more appealing looks that McConaughey had was in Interstellar. His tousled look made his hair much darker than it naturally is. He kept it and appeared with it at the movie’s premiere as well.

Semi-Quiff Haircut

The same with the pomp, Matthew had a semi-quiff at an award show, but in his style. While the quiff is noticeable on the top, he did what he usually does with the sides. Added some product and swept it back for a very sexy appearance.

Matthew McConaughey With Semi-Quiff Haircut

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Short Spiky

We rarely see McConaughey with short hair. He is more of a hairstyle with layers kind of a guy. When you need to cut your hair short for a role, you can add some short spikes on top.

Blonde Hairstyle

Matthew’s natural hairstyle is blonde. His blonde bob from the Dazed and Confused movie and the one seen in the Wedding Planner depict his natural hair color so well.

Matthew Military Look

Matthew McConaughey is almost unrecognizable in his role as Denton Van Zan in Reign of Fire. He has a shaved head with a full beard. After that, he wore the military look for a while and made him quite manly.

Short Center-Parted Hairstyle

One of the textured haircuts that Matthew had was for a movie called Contact. He would later appear for the movie’s premiere in a center-parted style, flanked with bangs. Not the best that he ever looked, but certainly a style to remember.

McConaughey’s Hair Colors

You probably noticed that Matthew McConaughey’s hair has changed over the years. He is naturally blonde and has light hair. You can see it in his earlier movie roles, especially in Dazed and Confused, where he sports a blonde bob.

Over the years, his hair has become darker. This is because he changed it quite often for a variety of his movie roles. On one occasion, while playing Randall Flagg in the Dark Tower movie, he had to dye his hair black.

There are even rumors that he had hair transplant surgery, which would explain his not having a receding hairline or losing any of his hair at 50.

How to Get and Maintain Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles

We can’t guarantee that you will look as hot or as sexy as McConaughey can, but you can undoubtedly try by creating one of his signatures looks:

Step 1 – Grow your hair out to mid-length

It helps if you have naturally wavy hair, but if you don’t, some products can help you create waves in your hair.

Step 2 – Cut the hair

You need to cut the hair to chin level and leave all the parts at the same length.

Step 3 – Style

Use some pomade to create a surfer look and sweep your hair back. If you go for a shorter look, you can also style it by brushing it a bit to the side.

Step 4 – Use some products

You can maintain this look by shampooing it at least twice a week and styling it each morning with various products. Water-based products work best, but avoid those that have a stronger hardening effect.


Is Matthew McConaughey’s hair naturally curly?

Matthew McConaughey does not have curly hair. Instead, his hair is wavy and you will notice it as it gets longer.

How to ask your barber For Matthew McConaughey’s haircut?

You need to show him a picture of the Matthew McConaughey haircut you are aiming for.

How often does Matthew McConaughey get his haircut?

He gets it done every two to three weeks, depending on the current style.

What is the cost of Matthew’s haircut?

Depending on the place you decide to go to, expect a price of between $100 and $200.

Which celebrity in Hollywood has the same hairstyle?

Bradley Cooper is the one that has similar hair as Matthew McConaughey as well as Timothee Chalamet.

What hairstyle did Matthew McConaughey wear at the Oscars in 2014?

Matthew McConaughey sported a tapper haircut at the 2014 Oscar awards.

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