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25 Most Popular Hairstyles

Messy Highlights

This is a chin-length hairstyle characterized by long layers at the back and a messy front. Top it off with sophisticated highlights to make it look scruffy or messy. It frames the face perfectly, thanks to the length of hair at the back.

Long Locks

Do you prefer an almost shoulder-length hairstyle? Then go for the long locks with the right amount of wavy. Mixing brown and dirty blonde shades can also make the look more attractive.

Naturally Sleek

Choose the naturally sleek hairstyle to get that classic look. It frames your face nicely and is compatible with a scruffy beard, especially if you choose the natural ombre shade.

Golden Locks

You’ll have to shade your hair in gold and complete the look with a blended beard and dark roots. It features perfectly thin hair that can swoop inward in every appropriate place.

Slick Style

This perfectly slick hairstyle combines black and white nicely. It is chin-length, and you must part it appropriately before slicking it back to give your look an edge.

Messy Fringe

Despite being messy, this look is an excellent combination of hot and sweet. You can add front fringes that will nicely frame your face.

Man With Blonde Messy Fringe Hair


Make this style work by using a dark brown base flowing to light ringlets framed perfectly through layered bangs. It has a slowly fading color that makes it as stylish as charming surfer hair.

Dark and Twisted

This one features several curls that seem to flow continuously. The fact that it features a chin-length cut, though, still adds more charm and mystery to the entire look.

Drastic Appeal

For this style, you will be wearing a smooth side sweep, plus it has a wavy feature that adds more refinement to it. You can wear it with a beard but make sure you are aware of some beard styles to avoid. Go for a dark and natural-looking beard to make your style look edgy.

Perfect Side Sweep

The perfect side sweep style is excellent to wear during the summer and at some parties at night. It is sexy and can even fall under great fat guy hairstyles with its ability to make your locks good in light silver.

Long and Masculine

Do you prefer a more carefree look? Then go for this long and masculine style that and free falls while framing your face perfectly. This style is so manly that it even hides a weak jawline.


As the name suggests, this style is perfect for busy professionals. It has an as professional look. You can style it loosely with roots lifted while showcasing a free-falling sweep.

Bearded Man With Long Hair in White Suit


You can also have a chin-length undercut. It requires side-sweeping the top to a single side. This leaves out the proper undercut to complete the view and showcase a full hair texture.

Casual and Easy-Going

Do you want some haircut line designs that are as casual and easy-going as possible? Then choose this elegant and classy style with a nicely styled casual sweepback. Highlight it with a few silver strands.

Dark Flow

If you are searching for hairstyles and haircuts for men with oval hair, go for the dark flow. It features a dark brown base styled in a way that it flows into light ringlets and frames, ideally through layered bangs.

Subtle Darkness

You can also choose to dye your locks using an extremely dark shade. You should then part it into several directions, allowing it to flow into a bit of a curl, framing your face nicely. Combine this mid-length hair with a scruffy beard to add more edge and darkness to your look.

Inspiring Layers

For this style to work, you will have to build an easy-going and appropriate frame for your long locks that you have to shade in blonde. Thanks to its dark roots and long layers, it delivers a mysterious appeal.

Loose and Untamed

This style features even and long strands with gold tone highlights. Let these highlights flow through your dark brown strands to make them look untamed.

Color Perfection

Choose the color perfection chin length hairstyle if you prefer the combination of a manly and feminine vibe. It has both a soft and messy appeal. You will find the look between layers and highlights truly attractive.

Manly Half Bun

This style requires putting just the correct number of waves at the bottom part of your hair. Meanwhile, the top should drift back so that it gets into the dark roots.

Little Wild

Giving a bad-boy vibe, this style is ideal for those who want to show off their rugged and strong side. It features dark curls, mid-cut bangs and the right fringe in front.

Little More Fringe

This one can leave a good impression as it features free-flowing long fringe sides. It also has a side comb designed to make your hair feel free. Meld the colors well to give your hair natural highlights.

Bearded Bliss

If you love wearing a beard, then you can also style your chin-length hair based on it. It allows you to wear a dark beard and dark and long locks that also boast of their subtle frame. It is a simple and clean look without losing its ruggedness and sexy appeal.

Heart Throb

This particular chin-length hairstyle boasts of its light and soft appeal. It has medium-length curls and comes with bangs that frame them perfectly.

Chaotic Mess

Of course, the chaotic mess is for you if you want a more rugged and messier appeal. With its wild and chaotic links and a bit of a back sweep, you will have all your hair strands demonstrating your masculinity.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Find out whether it works for you

It is also crucial to pick a style compatible with your beard or facial hair if you intend to wear one, and depending on the features of your face, you would like to accentuate.

Step 2 – Allow growth naturally

This promotes ease in styling it, which will also greatly depend on your selected hairstyle.

If you prefer long strands to move down freely from the sides, for example, parting your hair starting from the middle and allowing your bangs to fall from any side down to your chin would be the right thing to do.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintain the chin-length or mid-length look. You can do so by trimming your hair regularly.

Step 4 – Use a pomade before you comb

This is a great way to bring out the sleek appeal of your chosen chin-length style. If you decide to wear your hair along with a beard, ensure that you also have a beard brush and beard pomade around, so you can adequately and appropriately style your facial hair.


How long is chin-length hair for men?

As the name suggests, chin-length hair is at chin level. Generally, it is around eight inches long if you have straight hair. For those with curly hair, chin-length is about four inches, while those with wavy hair can consider the length at chin level if it goes around six inches.

What is chin-length hair called?

It is often called a bob.

Can I pull off chin-length hair?

Yes. The chin-length hair is a very versatile hairstyle with many variations, so picking one that you can pull off confidently is easy.

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