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Before Conor McGregor became a champion, he needed to act like a champion first.

Before he wasn’t anybody he needed to look like somebody.

Before stepping into the octagon for the first time, Conor McGregor knew the importance of dawning a champion beard.

He persevered and is now one of the top celebrities in the fighting business.

Many men would like to have a beard like Conor McGregor.

We might not be able to fight like him, but we can surely copy the way he looks, right?

It doesn’t seem that hard.

This is where you are wrong.

Even though the Conor McGregor facial hair doesn’t seem like a hard style to copy, it can easily become such if you don’t know what you are doing.

There is a method to creating it and we are going to give it to you within our step-by-step article along with a few best McGregor styles you can copy.

Conor McGregor’s Legendary Career

Conor McGregor was born and raised in Dublin in a poor neighborhood prone to criminality and drug abuse.

Growing up in such conditions gave McGregor the strength and motivation to survive and thrive at one of the most challenging sports in the world – Mixed Martial Arts.

He joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in 2013 and had two steady years of frequent wins before he earned his first major title.

In 2015, McGregor won the title of UFC Champion for the featherweight division and quickly became a two-division champion by winning the lightweight title the following year.

Conor McGregor's Rise to Glory

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He then dedicated most of 2017 to training for the boxing match against Floyd Mayweather.

Though he lost the fight, he was paid a reported $100,000,000 for his switching from MMA to boxing.

Up until this moment, Conor McGregor is known as the richest MMA fighter in the history of this sport.

Provocative Style and Full Ginger Beard

In spite of McGregor’s undeniable wealth, it was his love for provocation that has captivated the audience to follow his 2017’s lengthy promotion for the fight against Mayweather.

In the summer of 2017, while at a conference call with his rival Floyd Mayweather, he was wearing a $6500 suit adorned with pinstripes and words “f*** you”.

In addition to his eccentric choice of clothing and dozens of tattoos, Conor McGregor has adorned the same iconic full, ginger beard since his rise to fame.

Provocative Style and Full Ginger Beard

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Over time he kept the same classic style, while fans from all over the world have been trying to copy his looks.

There is something utterly classic and gentlemanly about that full, medium-lengthed beard which seems simple to achieve and sophisticated to wear.

How to Grow Conor McGregor Beard

If you’re a fan of more than just Conor’s fighting style in the ring, you may be wondering how to achieve the same full, lush and even beard as this MMA champion.

While there are no two look alike beards in the world, some basic tips remain universal for every avid beard grower.

Conor’s beard grows into a shape known as the full beard with a tinge of the chinstrap. In order to achieve this kind of a beard your facial hair needs to:

  1. Grow relatively fast
  2. Have even coverage
  3. Have thick follicle density

Fortunately, genes don’t have the last word here. The factors mentioned above depend on your diet and exercise routine as much as on your genetics.

Athletes like Conor are required to maintain a strict exercise routine and diet, which contributes to their abilities to grow a healthy, full beard.

If you are eager to grow a thicker beard, you will find the following steps especially helpful in maximizing your facial hair growth:

Step 1. Improving Your Diet

Improving your diet by adding plenty of proteins and good carbs will increase your levels of DHT, a hormone associated with beard growth.

Also, fish, greens and chicken breasts contain vitamins that improve your body’s production of biotin, stimulating your follicle growth.

Step 2. Sleeping Well And Exercising Regularly

Both these actions stimulate the production of testosterone levels. This is directly linked to man’s ability to grow a thick, long beard.

The more you work out and the better your sleep, the more serotonin you produce.

Serotonin then reduces your stress levels and increases testosterone, while sending DHT straight to your facial follicles.

Step 3. Vitamin Supplements

Vitamin D (and Biotin) are two vitamins directly associated with facial hair growth.

Beard pills or supplements are available in most shops and are deemed to be fairly efficient in making your scalp and facial hair grow faster.

Conor McGregor Beard Grooming Tips

Despite its length, the most important thing in Conor’s beard grooming routine is frequent trimming. Cutting rougher hair ends regularly ensures that your beard remains soft and shiny.

Another essential thing is beard oil because frequent moisture helps in growing a full and thick beard. Beard oil and Jamaican castor oil prevent dryness of the skin under the beard and keep it healthy.

By applying them in rubbing motions you will increase blood flow to the skin, which accelerates beard growth.

Conor has a naturally ginger beard but if you decide to dye your beard the same color as him, it is important to keep it conditioned frequently to prevent drying and roughening up due to the chemicals in beard dye.

The last step involves applying a tinge of mustache wax to curl the mustache. You can do this with a mustache comb or just your fingers.

While following the steps mentioned above will not earn you the notoriety or wealth McGregor holds, they will definitely aid in emulating his classic, stylish beard.

Remember that patience is the key to growing a healthy facial hair. In a couple of months, with the right care and grooming, you will be rocking McGregor’s most prominent facial accessory.

Just follow the advice that applies most to you and enjoy your notorious Conor McGregor beard.

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