Floyd Mayweather Beard

Floyd Mayweather is a boxer who has done it all and seen it all.

He went against the best and won every single match, going down in history as a true undefeated and undisputed champion.

Most recently, pictures of him rocking a fresh new beard emerged.

Many people were suspicious about it and immediately went online to claim that the beard was fake.

50 Cent took things to a different level and ridiculed Floyd for his fake beard.

Fake or not, the full beard makes Mayweather look even scarier than when you have to face him in a ring.

The beard does look good and we here want to help you grow it.

We only specialize in real beards, so no tips on how to transplant one.

You will be able to get only the best advice about growing a Floyd Mayweather beard that is sure to work.

Floyd Mayweather’s Beard Style

Recently, Mayweather uploaded a photo of himself on Instagram wearing a full head for hair with a full beard, making him look a lot like Marvin Gaye. 

Mayweather has been bald for about a decade and most of his fans had already assumed he was bald. His trademark has for some years been the patchy goatee. However, the sudden change in his appearance left fans wondering if he was wearing a toupee and a fake beard to look younger.

Floyd Mayweather’s New Hair

Floyd Mayweather has a new hairline now and his mid-scalp is filled with hair. It is difficult to know if he got a transplant or not. His hair looks natural with perfect hairlines from front scale to the temple lining.

Floyd Mayweather’s New Hair and Beard Style

Floyd Mayweather’s Beard Style – Transplant or Not

Even though Floyd never confirmed if he had a transplant or not, his fans are sure he went through the hair and beard transplant process.  A careful look at the picture he posted on Instagram will reveal the red dots that usually follow a transplant operation.

Floyd probably could not get the transplant done during his fighting days because the grafts require careful treatment. This definitely will not be possible when you are getting punched regularly on the head, so it makes sense that he got after his retirement.

It can be seen that the operation was successful as the hair and beards both look clean and natural.

How to Get a Beard Like Floyd Mayweather

Step 1 – Set a goal

Growing a beard requires a lot of patience. Setting a goal will keep you from drastic distractions.

Step 2 – Give it time

Give your beard at least 30 days to grow before doing anything to it.

Step 3 – Keep your neckline low and your cheeks high

As your beard grows, it will start creeping to your neck and your face. The general rule is to keep your cheeks high and your neckline lower as it should be.

Step 4 – Use beard products

Using beard oil and other beard products from day one is essential. They will keep your beards well-hydrated soft and prevent itching.

Step 5 – Reward yourself

Once you achieve your beard goal, giving a beard gift to yourself is optional for a job well done.

How to Get a Beard Like Floyd Mayweather

How to Groom and Style Floyd Mayweather Beard

Step 1 – Come and trim to at least 10mm

Attach the high-quality beard comb to your beard trimmer kit and begin to trim the hair on your cheeks, your neck and above your lip. Pay attention to your mustache and chin area while coming down in 0.5mm stages to ensure your beard has an even length.

Don’t worry if your beard looks a little vague at this stage; the precise craftsmanship will be handled later.

Step 2 – Define an outline

Having removed the comb, use the head of your trimmer to define your goatee beard style. Trim slowly, working from the neck to the corners of your chin and upper lip until you achieve the classic goatee style.

All that’s needed for this step is to get the perfect shape for your beard before putting the finishing touches.

Step 3 – Trim away

Pick the right beard trimmer and begin to trim from your chin towards the ear to achieve a noticeable, clean line on both sides of your beard. Use careful but continuous strokes. It is advisable to trim away from the lines to avoid accidentally shaving into your beard.

This will otherwise undo the shape you’ve been trying to achieve. Do this to both sides of your beards and check to ensure that both sides are symmetrically trimmed.

Once you are content with the outlook, you can add sharp corners to your beard. Do this by using downward movements.

Step 4 – Clean shave

For a perfect and clean finish, clean shave your neck, jawline and cheeks. Splash some water on your skin and apply shaving foam. Using single, continuous strokes, shave against the direction of your hair growth until the skin outside your beard is entirely hair-free.

Double-check the area under your chin to ensure you don’t shave into the outline.

Step 5 – Moisturize and maintain

Now that you have your Floyd Mayweather beard style rinse and protect your skin by applying an alcohol-free moisturizer against post-shave dryness.

All you need now is to trim at least once a week and daily remove potential stray hairs. Ensure to wash your beard every 2-3 days to stay clean and well-groomed.

Best Products to Maintain a Beard Like Floyd Mayweather

If you are trying to get a thicker beard, below is a list of the best products you need to grow, thicken and maintain your beard:


Whether Floyd Mayweather got a transplant or not, getting a full beard and mustache is achievable with a lot of patience and maintenance. Understand your face shape and know the beard styles to avoid.

Photos from: Jean_Nelson / depositphotos.com, s_bukley / depositphotos.com and PopularImages / depositphotos.com.

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