Best Beard Gift

What should you get a bearded guy who has everything?

The most obvious choice would be getting him a beard-related product.

Note though that a man who absolutely loves his beard is very likely to have everything already.

You don’t want to give him something he already has.

There are many problems you can run into here, but luckily there are a few solutions as well.

In order to help you be as imaginative as possible, we’ve created a list of unexpected gifts for a bearded man.

Our list consists of some top choices that are going to make your friend happy as well as his facial hair.

Go through the list carefully and choose wisely as the happiness of your friend depends on it.

Why You Should Buy a Beard Gift

Expressing Love

If your partner has a beard that they care for, a beard gift will go a long way in showing them how much they mean to you.  

Men who have beards invest so much into their manes. Giving such a person a thoughtful gift will mean so much to them.

Make Someone Feel Special

Do you have family or friends going away to college or moving abroad? Maybe your coworker is retiring?

Giving such a person a beard gift (if they have a beard) is one of the many ways of showing you care.

A gift will strengthen your relationship and it will be something that they remember you by wherever they are.

Show Appreciation 

Another reason why you need to give your bearded friend a gift is to show that you hold them in high regard. 

Giving a beard gift could even be a way of rewarding them for their achievements or outstanding behavior. 

Pros and Cons of Beard Gifts


  • For someone who has a beard, a beard gift could help them maintain a luscious mane.
  • Beard gifts help show appreciation and love.
  • Beard gifts can be customized to suit the needs and preferences of the man in question.


  • It can be hard picking out a beard gift since men have different beard needs and preferences. 
  • If you don’t know anything about beards, you might end up picking a beard gift that could cause irritation and dry the beard. 

11 Best Gifts for Bearded Men

11 Best Gifts for Bearded Men

Thanks to Movember, more and more men are embracing facial hair. Beards are no longer frowned upon even in the workplace. 

Beard gifts have therefore become quite popular. Getting a gift for a man with facial hair is, however, challenging. 

This is because men have different tastes and preferences when it comes to beard care. And with so many beard care products on the market, it can feel overwhelming trying to settle on one particular beard gift. 

We’re here to help. We’ve come up with a list of thoughtful beard gifts that you can choose from. 

Boar Bristle Beard Brush

Every man who has a beard knows just how vital a beard brush is in maintaining a beard. 

A high-quality boar beard brush, in particular, is vital for a healthy beard. A boar beard brush exfoliates the skin and eliminates beard dandruff. 

Such a brush also stimulates the production of sebum oil and follicle stimulation. A boar brush will go a long way if you wonder what gift you can get someone with a beard.

The brush looks good and it’s of high quality to last a lifetime with proper use, making it perfect for any bearded man. 

Beard Scissors

For a tidy and good-looking beard, a small pair of grooming scissors is necessary.

The only problem is finding a great pair that is not only sharp but precise. Efficiency is an essential factor to consider and so is comfort. 

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is an integral part of any man’s shaving routine. It helps with hydration by locking in moisture in the facial hairs, making them softer and easier to cut. 

Typically, when there is less force applied to every cut, the shave becomes more comfortable. 

Shaving cream also helps with lubrication. This is achieved by creating a thin layer between the skin and the blade, minimizing irritation, redness, and razor burn.

You also experience fewer nicks and cuts. Using shaving cream also leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soothed. 

Shaving Cream as a Beard Gift

Beard Shaping Tool

Any man who shaves their beard at home needs a beard shaping tool. A beard shaping tool helps perfect different beard styles. 

There are so many brands of beard shaping tools available on the market. All you need is to find a quality beard shaping tool to give as a gift.

Beard Soap

Facial hair care requires the use of different beard products. One such product is beard soap.

When you are looking for a beard gift, go for a high-quality beard soap. Before buying any beard soap, you must find out what works for different skin types. 

Suppose you know what soap works best for the man you want to give the gift to, well and good. If not, go for a soap that contains ingredients that would work well for any skin type. 

When shopping for beard soap, avoid soaps that may cause irritations or dry out the skin. 

Beard Shampoo

Nobody likes an untidy beard. Fortunately, there are so many beard shampoos and beard washes to choose from.

If your friend or partner doesn’t have beard shampoo, they will appreciate getting one as a gift. 

Some men use regular shampoo to clean their beards. The problem with regular shampoo is formulated with ingredients that leave the skin and hair incredibly dry.

The chemicals strip the beard of its natural oils, leaving the skin and beard dry and brittle. 

On the other hand, beard shampoos contain ingredients that hydrate the skin and beard rather than drying them.

Beard Oil 

For the perfect shave, you need premium beard oil. Beard oil is used before one can apply shaving cream.

It helps reduce friction and razor burn while softening the beard for a comfortable shave. 

Beard oil would be an excellent gift for men who have bumps on the neck and chin region. 

When buying beard oil, make sure that you check the ingredients and avoid anything that might irritate the skin. 

Beard and Mustache Comb

Beard and Mustache Comb

If the man has a long beard, they could use an excellent beard comb as a gift. A beard and mustache comb is usually a compliment to a beard brush. 

A beard brush exfoliates dead skin cells and distributes beard products and natural oils throughout the beard. 

Brushing the beard daily will leave it moisturized and the skin underneath healthy. Beard and mustache combs, on the other hand, are used to style and shape the beard. 

They also come in handy when trying to detangle hairs, especially if you have a long beard. 

That makes a styling beard comb a must-have for beards that need a little effort to shape and style. 

The good thing about beard combs is that they are portable, so the man can take one with him wherever he goes to keep his mane looking impeccable. 

Beard Butter

Beard butter is not as typical as beard balm, making it an excellent gift for a bearded man. Beard butter consists of different kinds of butter like Shea, Hemp Seed, Ucuuba, and Almond. 

The product also contains essential oils and carrier oils. Beard butter is different from beard balm in terms of consistency.

Beard butter has a more creamy look and feels due to the absence of waxes found in a beard balm. 

What does beard butter do? It conditions and nourishes the beard and the skin underneath. Due to its consistency, it is easier to work into the beard. 

Beard butter is also used to style a beard. Unlike beard balm, though, it provides a light hold, so you might need to use it together with a beard balm for a firm grip. 

Therefore, if you buy beard butter as a gift, you are better off combining it with beard balm. If you do that, organic beard balm can be a great choice.

Beard Grooming Kit

If you want to go all out rather than buying one beard product or tool, then go for the world’s best beard grooming kit.

For the ultimate beard care, a complete grooming kit is more ideal. Such beard kits come in various designs as well as packaging. Before you buy a grooming kit, though, establish the needs and preferences of the man in question.

Beard grooming kits are ideal for different beard styles. So, rather than having an array of beard items spread all over the bathroom, any man could use equipment that holds everything in place. 

A standard beard grooming kit will have a beard brush, comb, beard oil, soap, moisturizer, conditioner, and an efficient back shaver or beard trimmer. 

Some beard grooming kits might come with a practical shaving mirror and a beard shaping tool included. 

Beard Mug/Glass

Mugs and branded t-shirts are playful gifts that anyone can appreciate. Beard mugs and glasses come with unique and funny messages.

A bearded man would appreciate a beard mug as a gift, especially if you give them a funny and unique mustache mug.

You can customize the mug with a message of your own to make the gift more memorable. 

How to Choose a Beard Gift

How to Choose a Beard Gift

Step 1 – Understand their needs

Facial hair types differ from one person to another. Therefore, a product that might work for one man might not work for another.

This is especially if you are thinking of giving them beard products such a beard oil, shampoo, or conditioner. 

Understanding their facial hair comes close to understanding their needs. This way, you will get them a gift that they can use and work for their hair type. 

Step 2 – Understand their preferences

A beard is a source of pride for any man. They, therefore, treat it as property and have preferences when it comes to products or tools that they use on their mane.

Understanding their preferences will help you narrow down the suitable gift options for them.

Step 3 – Buy the gift

Now that you better understand their needs and preferences, it’s time to shop for the best gift.

Your budget and relationship with the man in question will come into play when it comes to the final gift. 

Does More Spending Mean More Quality

Since we are talking about beard gifts, then more spending doesn’t necessarily mean more quality. Gifts are meant to show appreciation and affection to the other person and it’s the message that counts.

Some beard products will, however, cost more than others. Beard products from well-known companies are more expensive, but that’s because such companies have a proven track record. 

The only thing that matters is not how much you spend but the meaning behind the gift.

FAQs About Beard Gifts

What do you get someone with a beard?

For someone with a beard, beard products and beard grooming tools would make more sense. 

What does a beard symbolize?

Growing a beard is an excellent way of setting yourself apart. Beards also symbolize dominance, masculinity, and prestige

What does a beard mean spiritually?

Facial hair has spiritual energy and freedom to it. It represents God’s divine attributes of compassion and mercy. When one grows a beard, they tap into this spiritual energy.

Do beard kits work?

Beard kits come with tools and products that you could use if you have a beard. From a beard brush, comb, beard oil, balm, conditioner, soap, and moisturizer, beard kits work when used correctly.


Christmas is almost upon us and it’s only natural that you’ve started thinking of gifts for your loved ones. If you need a gift for your dad, brother, partner, or friend, a beard gift is more than enough. You can get them a complete beard grooming kit or individual beard products and tools. Whatever you get them, the most important thing is for the gift to come from the heart. It could be something as simple as a personalized beard mug or a full-on beard kit for their grooming needs.

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