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Being a successful athlete does not confine you to following social norms and standards regarding style.

You can express yourself on the field any way you look, and how most athletes do it is with their hair.

Some, like David Beckham, go for a swabbing approach, while others, like Neymar, take it to a more extreme level.

And there is also the case of Dennis Rodman, who does his own thing.

All in all, there have been some crazy hairstyles in the world of sports over the years.

Some pretty good hits and a lot of misses.

However, you can’t deny that they have inspired the masses and set trends.

What Hairstyle Is the Best for Sports

You can’t pick one specific style for a particular sport. Generally speaking, short hair usually works best as it does not get in the way and allows you to play the game without being bothered.

Looking at various old-school haircuts, it hasn’t always been that way. Most athletes take things to extremes now and style their hair differently. They want to look good both on and off the field.

Some athletes, like LeBron James, for instance, can embrace their natural style and have it both on and off the court.  Many athletes are also concerned about grooming other parts of their bodies.

Depending on the sport, most of them are wondering if men should shave their legs. Some even resort to shaving arms to get an inch over their opponents. It all boils down to being able to express yourself the way you are on the field.

15 Most Popular Athlete Hairstyles

There are various ways that you can go as an athlete when styling your hair.

We highlighted the most popular ones that are most requested with barbers, including hairstyles for men with straight hair you can take inspiration from:

Short Buzz Cut

A short buzz cut is a perfect style for an athlete. The hair does not get in the way of performing and can be adapted to almost anyone. Create a cleaned-up hairline as an extra styling effort.

Tousled Short Hair

Guys with wavy or curly hair who don’t want to grow it long can create a tousled look. It is long enough to help you express your hair’s natural texture.

Messy Quiff

The messy quiff takes the classic quiff to a new level. It has undoubtedly become a favorite among many athletes recently and for good reasons. This one makes for a carefree look with a stylish finish.

Man With Messy Blonde Athletic Haircut

Shaggy Fringe

Shaggy hair is something that you regularly going to see on a soccer field. Those who have straight hair may run the risk of creating a bowl cut. Keep your fringe by messing it up a bit before the match.

Tousled Athletic Quiff Hairstyle

A tousled quiff is a casual look for those keeping their top and sides shorter. It is a classic look that does not require too much from you, but you must put it back in place once the match is done.

Cropped Hair and Beard

Those athletes who go out to play with a beard on will benefit from a cropped look. It simply requires you to keep the length of the beard and the hair close together. It looks stylish and will not get in the way of your sports achievements.

Side-Slicked Hair

A side-slicked style is a favorite among many athletes. To keep you away from the little league and closer to the majors, we propose combing your hair at an angle. Some hair vitamins are also a good idea here to keep it strong.


A Caesar’s cut is a short crop with a short fringe covering the top of the hairline. This one is not of every face shape out there. It is more suitable for those with an angular face than for a round one.

Medium Curly Crop

Guys with frizzy hair can show off their hair’s unique texture by keeping it slightly longer. Keep the inch tapered on the sides, so it does not get too shaggy. 

Curly Top Crop

If you have a bit of a curlier hair structure, a slightly longer top will work very well. The curly top will become the highlight of your hair, especially if you leave the sides tapered or shaved.

Slicked Back

This one is easy to create and looks cool on an athlete. You will have to grow the hair a bit longer and then use some product to slick it back to hold. Coconut oil is also a good idea to add some shine to it.

Half-Up Man Bun

Guys with long hair will do well with a man bun on the field. You can simultaneously prevent the hair from getting into your eyes while rocking a cool modern style.

Short Man Pony

If you have long hair and can’t work it into a man, a short, many pony is the next logical step. Pull your hair back and style it into a ponytail while on the field.

Almost Totally Shaved Down

If you are developing a widow’s peak, shaving almost everything down may be a good idea. It is best to leave a little bit on the top, like a buzz cut but not down.

Man in a Red Shirt With sportsmen haircut

How to Style and Maintain Athletic Hairstyles

Since you don’t want to create 50s hairstyles, we advise you to follow these steps when creating a suitable athletic haircut.

Step 1 – Picking your hairstyle

This depends on the texture of your hair, as well as the length. Once you know what you have to work with, it makes it easier to move forward.

Step 2 – Styling

Sometimes you can tie your long hair, but it does not work for medium-length hair. The best way to go is with short hair, as it will not require you to restyle it before or after the match.

No matter how you decide to go, you will have to style the hair before and after the match. Walking on the pitch should involve less styling than after.

Unless your goal is to look perfect both on and off it, you will have to invest more time before the game starts, as it can be tough to set it so it does not fall apart during the game.

Step 3 – Use of products

This means a really strong gel and hair spray. After the match, you can do it with lighter products after washing your hair and getting all the sweat and dirt out.

FAQ About Athlete’s Hairstyles

Which hairstyle is the best for running?

It is best to have a shorter hairstyle as it will help make you more aerodynamic and will not get in the way.

How should I wear my hair for sports?

You should keep it either short or tied up. It is terrible when the hair gets in your eyes and disrupts you while you play.

What is a good haircut for basketball?

A fade or a buzz cut are excellent options for basketball players.

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