Different Colorful Dennis Rodman Haircuts

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He is the five-time NBA champion. A two-time defensive player of the year. Two-time NBA All-Star. He is the famed Chicago number 91. He is the Worm, Dennis Rodman. Probably one of the most controversial NBA players that have ever appeared in the league.

Rodman has never been known for making hoops.

He was the one doing all the dirty work, but a much-needed part of the Chicago Bulls championship rotation.

Most people know him for his antics off the court today.

What makes him recognizable everywhere he goes are his versatile Dennis Rodman hairstyles.

You have probably never seen Rodman with the same hair color choice, and neither have we.

So today, we want to dig a bit deeper and determine what it takes to sport so many crazy hair colors for men like he does.

12 Most Popular Dennis Rodman Hairstyles

When Dennis Rodman steps on the court, you will immediately feel his presence. You can’t miss him, whether he is doing his best defending the opposing team’s best player or if he is out in a club partying.

His hairstyles set him apart from the rest and make him the mainstream figure he is.

1980s Rodman

Dennis Rodman started showing glimpses of his personality when he played for the Detroit Pistons in the 80s. He sported a shaved head and some tram lines, which was just a prelude to things to come in the future.

Block Color

The block color that Rodman sported was made immortal in a song. Christina Aguilera’s hit “Dirty” mentions Dennis and his block hairstyle. When you change hair colors so often, you become a cultural icon. So it makes sense that people start to make songs about you.

Green Hairstyle

Rodman combined some of the best hair dyes to create unique hairstyles ever seen in sports. The fluorescent green hue in which he color his hair was outstanding and hard to copy. Even now, people are having trouble replicating this hair color.

Dennis Rodman With Green Hair Holding Smiley Ball

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Rodman’s Red Hair

You can’t be playing for the Bulls for that long and not have red hair. While being a part of the Championship winning squad, Dennis decided to give respect to his team and color his hair red.

A scarlet-dyed buzz cut may not be anything new these days, but back in the day, it certainly was, especially for a basketball player.

Blonde Bombshell

The blonde bombshell look, which he liked to call it, is a signature Rodman look and a base color for him. He started with the unique blonde short haircut and expanded by creating many different ones after that.

He would return to the blonde one more than any color on the spectrum.

Dennis Rodman With Shaved Crop Circles

A lot of people believe in fashionable shaved sides rather than aliens. We don’t know what Dennis’ opinion is about this, although we may know the answer already, as, at one point, Rodman had shaved crop circles in his hair.

He sported a unique orange color and made it look unique by shaving a peculiar pattern—definitely something for the ages and a style that attracts a lot of attention.

Bulls Logo Haircut

Shaving a crop circle is one thing into your head, but shaving a Bulls logo is an entirely different one. After coloring the hair in your team’s colors, what is the next logical step to make and emphasize the franchise you are playing for?

Shaving the team’s logo in your head, of course! This one could have turned out better, though. It is a great move that he pulled that nobody expected him to make.

Pippen Tribute

Not a lot of people know how important Scottie Pippen was for Rodman. He took him under his wing and helped him focus more on the game and less on partying, which was crucial for their title-winning run.

So when Scottie got injured and missed 35 games to start the season, Roman dyed the number 33 in this hair to honor Pippen.

Rodman’s Rainbow Road

When you use all the hair colors known to men, you are left with only one choice, use all of them. Rodman dyed his hair in as many colors as he had personalities, making it one of the more trendy curly hairstyles seen in sports.


The Zig-Zag color pattern that Rodman wore was a piece of art. You have to be a skilled hair stylist to create this one. Whoever helped Rodman get this hair color combination should be celebrated like Dennis’ five championship rings.

A piece of art that deserves to be displayed in a museum.

Dennis Rodman With Fire Color Hair Design Hairstyle

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Dennis Rodman’s Smiley Haircut

Even though he had his demons to deal with, Dennis Rodman was always known as a person who made other people happy. He was immensely liked by the fans and teammates wherever he played.

What way to display his likeability than to color a smiley face into the back of your head? Of course, he mixed in the blonde hair for the background.

Ribbon Hairstyle

Dennis Rodman was also able to display his generous side. At a time when people from the LGBTQ community were ridiculed the most, he was not afraid to stand up and provide support.

He drew a red ribbon into his hairstyle as a sign of support and a way to raise awareness against AIDS.

How to Get and Maintain Dennis Rodman Haircuts

Now that we’ve shown you all of the best Dennis Rodman hairstyles, it is time to explain how to get one. If you pick a good one, you can even work it and combine it with some black men’s beard styles.

Step 1 – Pick one

Whether you believe it or not, Dennis Rodman gave a lot of thought when creating his quirky hairstyles. Some of them were just for fun, but many of them helped him send a message and reach out to people.

This is the way you should start as well. Choose a pattern that will mean something to you or echoes your beliefs.

Step 2 – Color your hair

Once you know what you want, start preparing the hair color. You can use some shampoos for black men to get your hair ready, but you will have to spend more time mixing the exact hair color.

Once you are happy with how it looks, start applying it to the pattern you have prepared for.

Step 3 – Style

Once your hair is ready, you will have to wait until it dries out. Never wash your hair immediately after finishing the job. If you use a strong shampoo, you will wash it away.

Use a natural shampoo that is not so strong, so the color does not fade on you instantly—no need to use pomades for curly hair too much here.

Step 4 – Maintain

To maintain the hair for as long as possible, you may need to recolor it at one point. Or you can do it in the same manner as Rodman did, wash it out, and go for a different one.

As far as the hair goes, you can use a trimmer to shave off the sides and take a little bit off the top once it starts growing on you.


What was Dennis Rodman’s hairstyle called?

There is not one word to describe the type of hair that Dennis Rodman had. He sported everything from Blonde to going on the Rainbow Road and even had interesting etches in it from time to time.

Why did Dennis Rodman color his hair?

Coloring his hair was a way for Rodman to express his personality. He was a wild man at heart and he loved getting attention. At first, it was a way to draw attention to himself, but he later used it to point out some critical social issues and pay tribute to his teammates.

Who was Dennis Rodman’s hairstylist?

The guy that helped Dennis Rodman transform his hair so often was David Alfonso Chapa, who was the person who colored his hair and helped him come up with all the intriguing color variations.

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