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Get The 50 Cent Beard Style To Flaunt Your Manly Looks

Who hasn’t heard about 50 Cent! This rapper slash businessman slash actor from the US has become a symbol of Rap music since his arrival in the music industry.

His superb singing is well-complimented by his swag, and his style creates ripples in the fashion world every time he comes in front of the camera.

50 Cent Career- Fame Rooted In Humble Beginnings

Curtis James Jackson III, more famously known as 50 Cent, had a humble beginning in South Jamaica. He started his rapping career in the basement of a friend’s house, using turntables for recording over instrumentals.

He first appeared on screen in 1998, when he accompanied Onyx for the single titled “React”.

He soon became famous when he released the controversial but successful single called “How To Rob”, which he had supposedly written during a 30-minute ride to some studio.

This song, according to 50 Cent, made him stand out of the crowd of artists in the world.

Dr. Dre and Eminem played a crucial role in the rise of this star, making 50 Cent one of the bestselling rappers in the world. He moved on to start the G-Unit Records, with his East Coast group and G-Unit associates like Tony Yayo, Young Buck and Lloyd Banks.

In 2005, 50 Cent’s second album titled “The Massacre” gained massive success worldwide. By 2014, Jackson had released 5th album (studio) titled “Animal Ambition”, and he is presently working to release “Street King Immortal”, his 6th album (studio). Apart from music, Jackson is also the star and executive producer of the show titled “Power”.

50 Cent Most Notable Achievements

50 Cent has sold more than 30 million albums all over the globe, and has bagged several awards, which include 13 Billboard Music Awards, 1 Grammy Award, 3 American Music Awards, 4 BET Awards and 6 World Music Awards.

Billboard also ranked 50 Cent as the 3rd best rapper and 6th best artist of 2000s. He has also acted in films like Righteous Kill (2008), Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (2005) and Home of the Brave (2006). Interscope Records, on 31st March, 2017, release the final album of 50 Cent for their label, titled “Best Of”.

50 Cent Beard Style- The One Who Made Chinstrap Beard Famous

While rappers are usually known for their bling outfits and accessories, 50 Cent created a sensation among admirers with his chinstrap beard in early 2000s.

His casual yet sensational look can be partly credited to this glamorous beard style, in which thin sideburns follow the chin and jawline closely, and remain connected to short beard as well as subtle mustache.

This badass look flaunted by 50 Cent, made people gape in wonder, and put him on top of the style icon list.

How To Get The 50 Cent Chinstrap Beard Look?

So, if you have got a round or diamond face shape, you can carry the 50 Cent beard style perfectly well. That does not mean that men with other face shapes cannot try this beard style, it will only be a little tougher for them to do so.

How To Get The 50 Cent Chinstrap Beard

Let’s find out how you can achieve this unique 50 Cent look by following this step by step guide:

Step 1: Growing the Beard

You need to wait until you have adequate amount of facial hair, all the way from the cheeks to the neckline. Yes, you need to grow a full beard because it can be tough to trim your facial hair while they are growing, and the result might not be as desired.

Step 2: Cleaning Beard With Warm Water

Once you have allowed facial hair to grow for 2 or 3 weeks without touching your razor, it is now time to get the chinstrap beard style. Start with cleaning your face using a natural beard soap and warm water.

This will remove all unwanted grime and dust, thereby lowering the chances of any irritation after cutting close to your skin.

Step 3: Trimming Outline

Next, trim a rough line all around the facial hair so that the style shape can be easily marked. Cut tight lines all along the neck as well as down the cheekbones.

Step 4: Getting The Chinstrap

By applying shaving cream, you can easily tackle the rest of the stubble using the razor/shaver. Make sure that you shave those parts only where the cream is applied.

Leave behind a strip of your facial hair. Don’t try to take much hair off your chinstrap, and ensure that it is straight. Now, rinse face using clean water.

Shaping And Maintaining 50 Cent Beard

So, now that you are wearing the 50 Cent beard style, the next thing you should know is that this style requires daily maintenance.

This heavy maintenance beard style requires grooming on a daily basis so that it remains on-point and sharp.

Moreover, the lines along your jawline need to be clean, as they are crucial to pulling off this look. Therefore, you need to shave and groom as frequently as possible, otherwise the look will lose its essence once facial hair starts growing out.

Sculpting the neck line and jawline carefully is also important in maintaining a straight line that is much-required in the chinstrap beard style.

Final Words for Style Care

You will require a top quality beard balm and beard oil for keeping the beard smooth and soft. It is not time consuming to ensure clean and soft beard, so you really shouldn’t come up with any excuse.

All you have to do is dry off completely after the morning shower, ensuring that your beard is fully dry. You can use a hair dryer to dry your beard.

Next, comb the beard gently. Get rid of excess water, and make sure that the shape of the beard is perfect.

Now, depending on how long your beard is, take the right amount of beard oil and massage the oil gently, distributing it evenly along the facial hair length.

To make sure that the oil reaches underlying skin, you need to comb thoroughly and gently while applying the oil.

Alternatively, you can use the beard balm (especially the ones with shea butter) to make your facial hair soft and smooth to touch. With a little patience and maintenance you can easily wear the 50 Cent beard style successfully.

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