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Although Wolverine haircuts aren’t an everyday feature they can help you stand out when you need attention.

We’ve got everything from haircuts for straight hair to classic Wolverine haircuts.

7 Most Popular Wolverine Haircuts

Below are seven of the most popular Wolverine haircuts:

Everyday Look

The Everyday look necessitates an immaculate beard and hair. Because Wolverine is a comic book character, you’re probably not going to be able to pull off the look in real life. No, you don’t have to go with that bushy beard look.

You have the option of keeping it clean and trimming the beard. Make your hair and beard look like Wolverine’s, but keep it clean so you can wear it daily. It’s simple to put on and extremely flattering.

What’s great about this look is that everyone can be sported irrespective of their facial shape.
You can also match it with other Wolverine beard styles.

Classic Wolverine Hairstyle

Every girl covets, and every man desires the classic Wolverine look. You can’t precisely replicate the look, but you can get close.
The Classic Wolverine Hairstyle, on the other hand, may not be suitable for everyone.

However, if you want a bold look, you should try this. You should tone it down a little if you’re going to use it daily.

Trimmed Haircut

You should keep your hair short and trimmed. Hugh Jackman once wore the same look.
The trimmed version makes you look clean and is extremely attractive. The trimmed hair and beard look are vital in toning the appearance.

You can quickly transform Wolverine’s badass look into something more appropriate. 
As a result, your dream of having a classic look with a rugged appearance will be easily realized.

The trimmed hair and beard look is simple to maintain and can be worn for various occasions.
You don’t have to be a Hollywood celebrity to pull off this look.

Wolverine’s Vintage Haircut

This is the darkest look you can go for. Before you start wearing this look, keep in mind that it isn’t for everyone. 
It does not suit every face shape except for oblong and triangular faces.

To achieve the look, you must be self-assured enough to wear the ducktail hairstyle.
If you haven’t had your haircut yet and your hair is long, use a good quality hair gel to complete the look.

Bearded Wolverine With a Vintage Haircut

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Aggressive Look

This is one of the simplest hairstyles to achieve. The Aggressive hairstyle is the easiest to maintain out of all the Wolverine hairstyles.
Maintain your beard correctly to achieve the desired appearance.

Trimming your beard regularly to keep its natural shape would be beneficial. It has a thick beard but ensures that the area around your mouth is clean. Choose this look over others if you want to project a strong personality.

Thick Beard

Don’t just stick to the casual look; adopt a rugged and rusty look with a thick beard and ducktail hairstyle.
It would be beneficial if you grew bushy beards, well-trimmed cheeks and a slight soul patch.

Also, keep your hair scattered and messy to complement your thick beard and make you appear rusty.

Well-Groomed Look

Have you exhausted your options for sporting facial hairstyles? Well it’s time that you focus on a well-groomed Wolverine look.
It assists you in breaking free from your rebellious, unkempt appearance. Don’t worry, there’s still a handsome hunk in this look.

If these hairstyles are too extreme, you can try one of the classic perm hairstyles or relive the good old days with a ’90s hairstyle
If you are feeling bold and want to be the center of attention, one of the iconic haircuts with layers will do.

Evolution of Wolverine’s Hairstyles

Wolverine’s hairstyles have evolved, both in the comics and films.

Here’s some information on that evolution:


Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine made his live-action debut in 2000, sporting a comic-accurate haircut. 
This haircut stands out, especially for actors with receding hairlines. However, he almost had a completely different look.

Kevin Feige, the current Marvel Studios president and an associate producer on X-Men, explained how Wolverine would have had a completely different hairstyle if it hadn’t been for his intervention. During the adaptation only his widow’s peak died.

This was quite a shame because it was one of the best widows’ peak haircuts.  Additional changes were made in subsequent films. Wolverine’s hair had lost all comic inspiration by the time of 2017’s Logan.

Because “Hugh Jackman was Wolverine”, comic book accuracy, according to Feige, no longer mattered.

Marvel Comics

Wolverine began his comic book career wearing a mask. He made his debut in 1974 but didn’t appear until 1976.
His horned hair, thick sideburns, and bare face were there from his first unmasking, as was an exaggerated widow’s peak.

However, these were not planned. Len Wein, Wolverine’s co-creator, envisioned his character as a teen, similar to the original X-Men.

Wein exclaimed, “With those sideburns and the cigar… you just put 30 years on that guy”! when he saw how Dave Cockrum had drawn him without a mask.

John Byrne also envisioned a younger Wolverine for the unmasking, which he sketched and later used for Wolverine’s rival, Sabretooth.

Byrne agreed to the rough redesign and expanded on Wolverine’s hairy design.
Try beard styles without sideburns if you want a less dramatic Wolverine style.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Marvel Comics

Photo @thehughjacxman

How to Style and Maintain Wolverine Hairstyle

While a Wolverine haircut might not be ideal for a daily look, you can still wear it to a vintage-themed occasion.

Here are some tips to help you style and maintain that look:

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

Choose the most appropriate style from the comics or films.

Step 2 – Style it

Use appropriate styling agents and tools to hold the hair in place.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintain your hair by keeping it clean. You can also hold the hair in place with pomade, gel or wax.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

The best products to use include:

  • Pomade.
  • Hair wax.
  • Gel.
  • Shampoo.
  • Conditioner.


What is Wolverine’s hairstyle called?

A wolverine hairstyle can be called anything, but most are named after the X-Men movie characters.

How long does a Wolverine haircut last?

It can last as long as you need it if you maintain it well.

Who should avoid a Wolverine haircut?

Men who don’t like drawing too much attention to themselves should avoid wolverine haircuts.

Why does Wolverine have weird hair?

Because it’s named after the Wolverine theme in the X-Men series.

What hairstyle did Hugh Jackman have in Logan?

He wore a less Wolverine or comic hairstyle than in previous movies.

Where can I find a stylist who offers Wolverine haircuts?

You’d have to search online for such hairstylists. You also need to understand each barber’s charges.

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