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Schwarzkopf Glatt has been around for over two decades and is among the oldest hair-straightening creams. Developed by Schwarzkopf Professional, the hair relaxer has been consistently upgraded to serve the needs of modern hairstyles.

Hair quality is an essential factor to consider when using Glatt hair straightening cream. The cream is designed for all hair types, including colored and porous hair.

It has three different strengths, so choose the correct strength for your hair type. The three strengths include:

  • Naturally, very curly or frizzy hair.
  • Naturally curly or naturally very curly colored hair.
  • Naturally curly colored and porous hair.

For very porous hair, it’s advisable to wait until the hair condition has improved before applying the cream.

What Is Glatt Hair Straightening Cream

Glatt hair straightening cream is a chemical straightener designed to permanently change hair structure by opening hair ties. It’s used mainly by people who want to smooth and tame their curly, frizzy, or puffy hair.

One can use it to straighten different hair types, including surfer hair, cowlick hair, and even grunge hairstyles. The package comes with two hair preparations – a straightening ointment and neutralizing lotion.

The cream remains on your hair for about twenty minutes before washing it off. After straightening with the straightener or comb, apply the neutralizing lotion to close the hair ties. The neutralizing lotion helps soften the hair. Like the cream, you also need to wash it off.

 Since Glatt hair straightening cream contains ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair structure, you must nurture your hair and nourish it with the right products to keep it healthy and shiny.

How to Use

Glatt hair straightening cream is chemical based and should be used as per the instructions on the package. Do not exceed the length of time recommended. Before using the cream, the most important thing to consider is your hair structure.

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Here is a guide to follow when using Glatt straightening cream:

Step 1 – Prepare before the application

Since the cream contains harsh chemicals, you want to protect your skin and the surrounding areas. Apply a protective shield to the skin around your hairline, like the nape of the neck, back of the ears, and forehead.

Do not wash your hair before applying the cream. Combing is more than enough. You also want to wear gloves to protect your hands from the harsh ingredients in the cream.

Step 2 – Divide into sections

You want to divide the hair into four sections. You can use hair clips to hold the hair sections for easy application.

Step 3 – Start applying

If you’ve ever used beard relaxing cream on a curly, thick, or bushy beard, you want to apply the cream on each hair section, starting from the crown to the nape of your neck. Finish using the cream on the forehead, ensuring you don’t touch the scalp.

If you’ve used the product before, apply it only to the areas of hair growth. Comb each section carefully. Because of the intense formula of the straightener, the exposure time is minimized to prevent hair damage.

How long you leave the cream depends on the preparation and hair type. Follow the instructions attached. Comb the hair one more time.

Step 4 – Rinse 

Rinse the hair with plenty of lukewarm water.

Step 5 – Apply neutralizing lotion

Apply the neutralizing lotion that comes in the package. Divide the hair into a few sections and apply the lotion evenly according to the instructions. If satisfied with the results, rinse the hair again with lukewarm water. Dry with a clean towel, and then apply suitable hair serum.

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Quick Styling Tips

Skater haircuts, undercuts, fringe or pompadour hairstyles; whatever modern style picks your interest, here are some essential styling tips after straightening your hair:

  • A hair dryer, curling iron, or flat iron is convenient, but daily use without any protection will lead to hair dryness and even damage. While you can use heat tools occasionally, you are better off opting for low or no-heat styling.
  • Go for protective haircuts that keep the strand ends up and out of sight to allow your hair to retain moisture.
  • Trim the ends when needed to prevent split and dry ends.
  • Condition your hair after straightening to replace the moisture and oils stripped away during the process.


What are the special benefits of Glatt hair straightening cream?

The cream makes the straightening process simple and fast. Likewise, you can use the cream even without sophisticated professional styling equipment.

Is Glatt permanent?

Glatt isn’t permanent. You will need to re-apply the straightener after 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your hair growth rate and degree of curl.

Can Glatt hair straightening cream be used on previously relaxed hair?

No, Glatt hair cream should be used on previously straightened hair, significantly if you have relaxed the hair with guanidine or lye-based relaxers.

Can Glatt hair straightening cream be applied to either damp or dry hair?

Yes, the cream can be applied on damp and dry hair but ensure no residues are left in the hair.


Hair straightening creams help straighten curly, frizzy, or wavy hair. Glatt hair straightener is one of the oldest hair straighteners on the market, combining straightening performance with care.

Using the straightening cream results in smooth, straight, and easy-to-manage hair. When using the cream, always follow the directions of use and never leave it on for more than the recommended minutes.

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