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Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the best soccer players in the world but also one of the most influential. He has, by far, the most Instagram and Twitter followers and fans hanging on his every word and action. A lot of them also want to look like him.

While it is hard to get the physique that Ronaldo has, what you can do is create the same kind of haircut that he sports. However, getting a proper Ronaldo haircut is not a piece of cake. You must get everything exactly right to get the hair he has a spot on.

If you are looking to create the same kind of hair as Cristiano Ronaldo has, it would be best that you look at what we have to say and follow our advice. In no time, you will be mistaken for Ronaldo for sure.

15 Most Popular Hairstyles

As a style icon, Cristiano Ronaldo does not rest on a single haircut for too long. He has changed his appearance multiple times, with rare misses. The only thing we haven’t seen him in is the stylish mohawk hairstyle.

Either way, we went through his most popular hairstyles and have excluded them for you to see.

Crew Cut Fade

At one point, Ronaldo decided to do away with his curly locks and go for a crew-cut style. He didn’t go for a full military look; he went with a more chic crew cut by adding fades at the sides. The sides should be kept short, while the top must be slightly longer.

High Pony and Undercut

To create a high pony like Ronaldo’s, you must wet your hair before styling it. Add some product to make it shiny and tie it off with a band. You don’t need to keep the top too long, but adding the undercut on the sides makes things incredibly awesome.

Short Pompadour and Undercut

Ronaldo often goes for a pompadour haircut, as it is one of the most attractive blowout haircuts for men. What he does to help the top stand out is to go for an undercut on the sides.

Wavy High Top Fade

CR7 has been known for his wavy, high-top hair during his original stint at Manchester United. Often he added highlights, but it works best when you compliment the wavy top with a fade on the sides.

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Classic Comb Over

When in not on the soccer field and decides to go out, he shows off his classic comb-over style. Comb-over hairstyles may look too traditional but are an excellent choice for formal gatherings and can look good on you if you have the head shape.

Slicked Quiff

A quiff is yet another classic style that Ronaldo sports from time to time. You can see him with this one both on and off the field. It suits him best when he slicks it back with the best hair pomade available.

Short Side Swept

Cristiano’s boyish charm and youthful look suit him well when he sweeps his hair to the side. You might have seen this look while he was in Real Madrid when he managed to bag 50 goals a season.

Slick Back

An awesome slicked-back hairstyle is what Ronaldo is known for. He has the bone structure to pull it off and the charm. The slick back is a classic look and does require you to grow out your hair a bit. Keep the sides shorter.

Buzz Cut

A rebel buzz cut is not something that Cristiano Ronaldo is known for. There were some times when he felt rebelish. Buzzing the entirety of your hair short should work better with a clean-shaven look as well.

Spiked High Top

Epic spiky hairstyles allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to burst into the scene. It is a youthful and exciting look that requires some heavy use of gel or products to help your hair stand firm.

Undercut and Hard Part

Another classic look, the hard part, is something you have probably seen in the 60s or 70s. You can often see it today and you can also see it in Ronaldo. He does it with an undercut to bring his facial features into full perspective.

Golden Wavy Top

This is a young Ronaldo look. While he was just a teen, playing for Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, you could often see him with luscious mid-length wavy hair. At the time, he didn’t mind painting the top in golden color.

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Messy Spikes

Messy hair is what Ronaldo used to wear as a younger player. While charging on the wing and providing both goals and assist, Ronaldo used to wear some intriguing messy spikes. Messy hairstyles are often a good choice for solid and wavy hair.


This is a style that does not go with Ronaldo’s character. It is a rebel one that does not require a lot of styling. You don’t have to keep the top too long. A short one will do with carefully shaved sides.

Short Spikes

Short spikes may be one of the light skin haircuts, but it suits Cristiano perfectly. He has revolutionized the way one wears spikey hair. You may need some premium products to create it properly. The payback is massive.

Messy Layered Haircut

A hairstyle that Ronaldo often comes back to, a messy layered haircut is a classic for him. It does require you to grow a bit of hair, but not too long. Keep it disheveled and carefree.

How to Style and Maintain

To get to a perfect Cristiano Ronaldo hairstyle, there are a few simple steps that you have to follow:

Step 1 – Pick the style

Go through our examples and pick the one you like the most. Be sure to choose based on your hair type and your face shape.

Step 2 – Make sure you have sufficient length

Before you start styling it, you need to make sure that you have sufficient length. Ronaldo often has short to mid-length hair, so you might need to add volume before you go ahead and begin to implement the necessary tricks.

Step 3 – Style appropriately

CR7 is known for his heavy use of products on his hair. You can see it both on and off the pitch. While he makes sure to use the most quality products, you can sometimes get away with some cheaper options.

Regular touch-ups are more than necessary when it comes to Ronaldo’s hair. If you want to keep things perfect, then frequent trips to a barber are a must. It is how Cristiano does it and if you wish to do his hair, so should you.


Which Ronaldo’s haircut is the best for me?

You need to pick the haircut based on your hair type and your face shape.

What is Ronaldo’s haircut called?

Most of the time, you will see Cristiano Ronaldo sporting a wavy slick-back style, but he sometimes wears a crew cut fade.

Who is Ronaldo’s barber?

Ronaldo’s barber used to be Ricardo Marques Ferreira.

What does Ronaldo use in his hair?

He often uses a quality pomade for his slick-back styles. He also utilizes the help of some paste when he wants to keep the hair firm.

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