Ricky Martin Wearing a Classic Comb-Over Hairdo

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37 Most Popular Ricky Martin Haircuts

Classic Comb-Over

Together with his twins, people have seen Ricky Martin sporting the classic comb-over. It looks good on them, which is why this style became one of the most trendy boys’ haircuts.

Ricky Martin’s Tapered Sides

This hairstyle with tapered sides truly brings out the good looks of Ricky Martin. He was able to pull it off confidently, proof that it is one of the most attractive young men’s haircuts even up to this day.

Shaggy Style

If you are searching for gorgeous shaggy hairstyles for men, you can go back to Ricky Martin’s teens, wherein he sported spiky and shaggy hair. He was also among the most famous musicians with beards at that time as he combined it with a 5 o’clock beard shadow.

Romantic Ricky Martin’s Haircut

He wore this haircut when he performed his famous song with Christina Aguilera. It was a romantic and chic hairstyle combined with a cool denim shirt.

Medium Ricky Martin Hairstyle

This style may not be as popular as the others because he sported it before he penetrated the US markets and English-speaking countries, but it still looked perfect on him. It is a medium cut paired with blonde under-lights and a slick back.

Ricky Martin’s Mullet

Ricky Martin was also seen wearing a mullet during the 80s. It was when he was still a member of Menudo.

Long Slick Back

You can also go for the long slick back, which Ricky Martin allowed to fall naturally on his forehead. This style should feature a tapered back and sides and style the top with a gel.

Mustache With Short Hair

It is also a good idea to style and cut your hair short. You can combine it with a mustache to emphasize how good the hairstyle looks.

Ricky Martin With Thin Mustache and Short Hair

Ricky Martin’s Pompadour With a Beard

Go for pompadour hairstyles just like the one popularized by Ricky Martin. Add a refreshing and cooler vibe to your entire look by pairing it with either long or short beard styles.

Haircut With Long Bangs

Are you fond of sporting a hairstyle with bangs? Then the one worn by Ricky Martin accompanied by long bangs is perfect for you. It is an adorable style that many of his fans fell in love with.

Short Hair Featuring Cropped Bangs

Another way to sport bangs is to cut your hair short and pair it up with cropped bangs. It looked good on Ricky Martin as it was styled in a side-swept and asymmetrical manner. It is also possible for you to combine it with some messy spikes.

Elegant Look

If you want to display a more elegant and polished vibe, you can mimic a style from Ricky Martin. This comes in the form of a beautiful side-swept cut paired with stubble. Complete the look by wearing a neat black suit.

Wavy Ricky Martin Hairstyle

Ricky Martin sported his famous wavy style during the 90s. It was a short cut paired up with adorable blonde curls.


There are also a couple of casual hairstyles that are so popular with Ricky Martin. One variation of this hairstyle is clipper-cut short sides and back. It then keeps a neat and clean edge that complements the jagged length on top.

High-Top Comb-Over

Another famous hairstyle of Ricky Martin’s is the high-top combover, which looks good on him. Aside from elongating his face, this style also highlights the singer’s cheekbones.

Bearded Ricky Martin With a High Top Comb-Over Hairstyle

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Short Ricky Martin Haircut

You may also choose the short haircut of this famous musician. This is the one he wore along with a goatee. You can get this short haircut, too, and compliment it with a goatee or any other matching beard type or style.

Buzz Cut Ricky Martin’s Haircut

You will also most likely be inspired to cut your hair extra short with this adorable and cool buzz-cut hairstyle. The buzzed cut showed off the musician’s sexy and masculine side.

Classic Spiked Look

This classic look during the 2000s made Ricky Martin appear endearing. This style features long spikes and he wore it with so much confidence that it tended to brighten up his aura.

Off-Duty Haircut

This off-duty haircut brings a casual vibe that is a pleasure to watch on Ricky Martin. He even paired it up with a beard, which shows how confident he is with the overall look.

Shaved Fade

The shaved fade haircut is also one of the most contemporary hairstyles sported by Ricky Martin. It also has a long top and fading sideburns. A tiny beard also complements this style.

Gentleman Ricky Martin Haircut

This was the haircut sported by Ricky when he took part in the TV show General Hospital last 2004.

90’s Ricky Martin Haircut

During the 90s, Ricky Martin also sported trendy hairstyles throughout his acting career. You can see his 90s hairstyles in several shows, including “Getting By” and “Mom Loves Rock.”

Ricky Martin With Long Hair

Ricky Martin also sported long hair before, specifically when he was still starting. What’s great about it is that it is one of those endearing curly hairstyles. This means that aside from being extended, his hair was also curly.

Young Ricky Martin With a Long Wavy Hair

Photo @jpuspain

Blonde Spikes

When Ricky Martin styled his hair with blonde spikes, it left a good impression on many people. The reason is that it looks so natural on him, mainly because his skin is nicely olive-colored, plus he has these beautiful eyes that many love.


Ricky Martin also seems to be not afraid of experimenting with hairstyles. He also has this volumized look that makes him even more endearing, especially to his fans.


Ricky Martin also has this dapper hairstyle that seems suitable for those looking for a cut and a more polished and professional style. It is so neat and polished that you can wear it in office settings.


Go for the blowout haircut if you prefer showing off your more distinctive style. This is one of the unique hairstyles of Ricky Martin that you can mimic.

Highlighted Blowout

Ricky Martin popularized the highlighted blowout during the 90s, but it is now slowly returning to the scene. Here, you will have to cut your hair short and combine it with a taper on the sides. The top should then be styled with a blowout and some layers.

Hard Part Ricky Martin Hairstyle

The best way for you to pull off the hard part style of Ricky Martin is to use high-quality hair gel or pomade. Here, you will have to retain sleek side-swept bangs on top. There should also be a visible hard part line and a taper fade beneath it.

Bob Cut

The bob cut is one of the most youthful and flexible hairstyles confidently sported by Ricky Martin. Note, though, that it needs more maintenance compared to the others. The goal is to keep the hair as moisturized as possible.


A layered hairstyle also fits Ricky Martin. It also fits a lot of people. In this style, you have to chop your thick hair short. Make sure that it ends up with a tapered style. You can also get the layered design if you side-sweep your locks on top.

Ricky Martin’s Parted Bangs

You can also go for the parted bangs, characterized by hair cut at a medium length, then pairing it up with long parted bangs. This style was popular during the 90s and is also one of Ricky Martin’s most-loved haircuts.

Teenager Haircut

You may also want to look at pictures of Ricky Martin when he was still a teen so that you can emulate his style. He had this cute hairstyle when he was still starting his musical career, precisely when he was around 12.

Selfie Style

You can also emulate his selfie style. In most cases, he carries this style by sporting a casual look. It features tousled hair, then paired up with his daily stubble.

Ricky Martin With a Selfie Style Hair

Photo @ricky_martin

Fancy Faux Hawk

The faux hawk also looks excellent on Ricky Martin. To get this style, add the taper on your sides. You should then leave long strands in the middle then style it using an upsweep.

Cool and Classic

It is also a great idea to mimic this classic and modern style showcased by Ricky Martin. What you should do when trying to get this style is to leave some length on top. After that, add cute and cool upswept waves into the style, then taper the sides.

Elegant Highlighted Waves

Ricky Martin displayed a very attractive look with this cut’s spiky locks and subtle highlights. This spiky design requires up-sweeping the locks. After that, brush sideways any of the short waves you see.

Ricky Martin’s Hair Colors

Ricky Martin is so good at experimenting with his hairstyles that you can also see him confidently wearing various hair colors. He has this style that features his straight and black hair. He was also spotted wearing dark brunettes and blonde highlights and hair colors.

How to Style and Maintain Ricky Martin Hairstyles

Step 1 – Choose a hairstyle

Pick a Ricky Martin hairstyle guaranteed to look great on your and emphasize your best feature. You may also pay for a barber’s charge to get the opinion of someone experienced and professional in this industry regarding the best Ricky Martin hairstyle.

Step 2 – Style 

Style your hair in the way Ricky Martin often does his. For instance, you can style your hair following his fondness for short and neat locks. Note, though, that you can also style your hair long and funky.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintain your hairstyle through regular washing, shampooing and conditioning. Ensure that you also work on trimming your hair when needed and visit your barber often.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

You will most need your regular shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel or pomade. Such products can retain the natural look and shine of your hair.


What is the most popular Ricky Martin haircut?

Ricky Martin had a lot of exciting and popular haircuts that many still try to emulate up to this day. One of his most popular cuts, though, is the taper fade. He also sported long, funky locks that made him even more iconic in the musical scene.

How often does he have to get trimmed?

This depends on the style you have chosen. If you go for short haircuts, trimming may have to be done every few weeks. If the hair is long, trimming for around 4 to 6 weeks may be necessary to maintain the shape of the long locks.

How does Ricky Martin style his hair after a haircut?

After a haircut, Ricky Martin often uses a gel or pomade to hold the style. He usually also pairs it up with a beard and the most suitable clothing or outfit.

What products does Ricky Martin use in his hair?

He uses hair gel or pomade to ensure that his chosen style will stay for a while. It also helps in maintaining the moisture and hold of the style.

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