Neckbeard - Sure Sign Of A Geek Or Real Beard Style?

If your beard grows only on your neck, but your cheeks stay patchy or never grow out at all, you’ve probably been called a nerd, a geek or some other pejorative term.

This can truly ruin any man’s confidence.

It can even make you want to avoid social gatherings because you know you’ll be called awkward or mocked at.

However, neckbeard is anything but geeky.

In fact, there was a time it was one of the most popular facial hair styles and it seems those times are coming back.

Wearing a neckbeard requires a unique personality, discipline and courage to pull off.

If you’re an eccentric at heart, you’re going to love it. If you like to experiment with different styles, you’ll adore it.

But, if you have what it takes to grow this beard, it’ll separate you from all the other guys with traditional facial hair styles. In a good way, of course.

So, yeah, neckbeard is a real beard style. Even more so when you know how to trim and maintain it.

That’s exactly what we’re going to talk about in this article.

What is the Neck Beard

The neckbeard is exactly what you envision it would be if you close your eyes.

The beard is growing in the places most men shave when they grow a beard and it looks odd at first if you have never seen this beard before.

This particular style is popular among Amish men, who usually have a clean-shaven face but allow the facial hair to grow long down under the chin and along the neck.

What is the Neck Beard

The neckbeard can grow as low as the facial hair is allowed to spread under the jawline and really does make an impression when the rest of the face is completely hairless.

Theis facial hair is a style that can be left to grow wild or trimmed to be more acceptable in the work environment.

Geek Terms and Memes Connected with It

So while you may be familiar with the neckbeard and can spot one a mile away, there is a whole subculture of geeks out there that have embraced this facial hair style and have sort of a cult-like following at the moment.

With the majority of the hair growth present on the chin and neck, it really is an odd look that you simply can’t turn away from.

The neckbeard among geek and internet communities is referred to as a nerd, a term that combines the nerd and this wild beard style.

As the popularity of the neckbeard grew in the geek world, so did attention online.

This beard was associated with a derogatory term for nerdy people with no sense of grooming or hygiene.

As internet memes about neckbeards exploded in popularity, images of nerds playing video games, living in their mom’s basement, and virgins working as grocery store managers became the association of this beard style.

Geek Terms and Memes Connected with Neck Beards

Today, memes of guys with the neckbeard often spark up feelings of arrogance, misogynistic or immature traits. The Butthurt Dweller meme portrays guys who are arrogant but shouldn’t be.

Men with a poor sense of style often sport the fedora and the beard lovingly referred to as Fedora Fashion.

Last but not least, the Fatlus meme is what the internet communities have deemed a label for those with neckbeards who are fans of the Japanese video game developer Atlus.

For these folks, the Fatlus is basically the archetype of male Weeaboos or Otakus.

The internet has grabbed hold of the neckbeard and doesn’t appear to let it go.

There are memes depicting celebrities, cats and nerds, sporting the neckbeard and proclaiming how they know they look sexy, they have it all and you wish you could be like them.

How to Grow One

Growing this facial hair style might appear easy on the surface because it basically looks like you just ignore shaving your neck and in weeks you have a thick full beard.

While that may be true in part, to get the manliest of neck facial hair, you need to follow a few simple steps to get optimal results growing this fun beard style.

Step 1

In order for the neck facial hair to fully blossom, you have to be very patient.

This means waiting up to four weeks. During that time you are going to experience some really challenging times to say the least.

The itching, scratching, and flaking requires incredible testicular fortitude to press on. Once you make four weeks, the hard part is over.

Step 2

To keep the beard growing to the desired length, proper grooming techniques need to be maintained.

This means that you have to wash and then comb the beard in the direction you want it to grow ultimately. This may seem futile at first, but you just keep up with the combing.

Step 3

To enable the beard to grow strong, using a beard balm and beard wax will serve double duty in your growing efforts.

These products work to treat the skin deep under the beard to moisturize and reduce discomfort while promoting a healthy growing environment.

As the beard grows thicker, make sure to work the balm deep into the hair to reach the skin below.

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Step 4

Prior to doing any trimming, it’s important that you first outline the shape of the neckbeard so you have an even look on both sides.

This is a unique style compared to the traditional beard, so trimming at first may seem awkward and uncomfortable. Once you get the outline set, trimming from here out will be much easier.

Properly Trimming It

Now when you get a close look at a guy sporting his neck beard, your first impression might be that this is definitely the lazy man’s dream facial hair style because it looks like zero maintenance is required.

That being said, it does take quite a lot to look that manly and disheveled. The following tips for trimming your neckbeard will ensure you pull off this grizzly look without any issue.

Step 1

Before you can trim the neckbeard properly, it is important to first wash the beard thoroughly to remove any loose hair or debris trapped inside.

Pat dry the beard with a clean towel and you are ready for trimming.

Step 2

Apply a shaving cream to the face, trim a line along the jaw where you want to separate the beard from the rest of your face.

Be sure to leave off the shaving cream on the chin or any neck area so you don’t trim too low.

Step 3

Shave the cheeks and down to the trim line, but don’t trim anywhere near the chin area. Invest in a good stubble beard trimmer if you want to keep the beard at a certain level.

If you prefer growing it long and wild, then you are done trimming at this point.

Maintaining This Beard Style

The key to growing and trimming your neckbeard is keeping it clean on a daily basis. Warm water works best to remove any debris trapped inside the beard.

Moistening your skin under the beard with a balm or oil will help keep the beard growing full and reduce any discomfort you will feel like the hairs sprouting from the neck area.

When you want to shape the neckbeard, beard balms and conditioners make it easier for you to run a comb or brush through the beard without any tangles or knots.

Who Are They For

The million dollar question here is simple to answer, this beard style is suitable for anyone.

Even if you have trouble filling in certain areas of the neck, that patchy beard look still commands attention with a neckbeard.

Longer sections can easily hide sections with patches or bare spots. The best candidates for this beard style are those guys with a diamond-shaped head.

The neckbeard helps broaden the chin and then balance the face more effectively.

One of the advantages to this particular facial hair style is that regardless of the shape of your head, you can sculpt the beard to complement your features.

Who Are Neck Beards For

So there you have it, everything that you need to know about growing, trimming, and maintaining your new neckbeard.

The key early in the process is patience and once you make it past the one-month barrier, the rest is going to be all easy sailing.

Your new neckbeard will certainly attract attention, women will want to know what kind of guy has the guts to take this challenging road.

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