Jake Gyllenhaal's Career and His Awesome Beard Style

Jake Gyllenhaal is an Oscar-nominated Hollywood actor whose career can be summarized into a simple “then-and-now” story.

His climb to stardom wasn’t lucky and neither did he get that miraculous break that some movie stars talk about…

He started out young in the industry and worked as a child actor in films like City Slickers and A Dangerous Woman.

His progress in Hollywood has been measured with many lessons learned along the way.

If there’s one single trait that defines Jake Gyllenhaal to date, it may very well be his knack for sincerity.

He hasn’t always been successful, and some of his movie choices have been sketchy, but one thing is for sure, he always takes responsibility for his failures and successes.

Known for his performance in films like ‘Donnie Darko,’ ‘Brokeback Mountain,’ ‘Nightcrawler’ and ‘Prisoners’.

Gyllenhaal is now a movie icon who can also double up as a male model with killer looks and style.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Career Transformation

Jake Gyllenhaal's Career Transformation

The transformation from child actor to bonafide sex idol took place after his performance in “Donnie Darko” – this was when he first impressed movie fans with his performance and screen presence.

After that, he built a huge cult following and truly started making blockbuster movies.

Last year, he played the part Dr. Johnny Wilcox in the action-adventure Okja. For the movie, Jake grew a mustache to embody the sadistic and suspicious role of Dr. Wilcox.

The film was a success and was presented by Netflix at the Cannes Film Festival.

Here are some quotes from Jake Gyllenhaal that may give you an insight into his personality:

“Every journey starts with fear.”

Again on fear, Gyllenhaal broke down the 4-letter word to mean:

“False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Jake is an ice cream fan, especially the Baskin-Robbins variety. He said it himself

“I’m more Baskin-Robbins style myself.”

“Don’t listen to what people say… unless they are trying to encourage you.”

Basically, what he is saying is that we should be dogged about our dreams and not to be discouraged by negativity.

We really love the positive spin Jake puts on most things! But what we love even more is his looks.

He is always immaculate on the red carpet, one thing that stands out most about Gyllenhaal is his changing looks.

There are some movie stars who look better wearing a beard and then there are others who shouldn’t be caught on camera with one.

But when you’re Jake Gyllenhaal, it’s a trivial matter – clean-shaven or not. This sex idol somehow manages to excel at always being hot no matter his facial hair condition.

Seriously guys, there just isn’t any time when Jake looks bad! None at all!!!

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Style and His Amazing Facial Hair

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t afraid of extremes. When it comes to his look, he changes with every role he plays to give the audience a thrill every time.

With a velvet soft beard (don’t ask how I know it’s soft…) and slicked back hair, Jake Gyllenhaal always dominates the red carpet.

He has an awesome preppy charm and when combined with his signature style, exudes an aura of gentlemanliness.

Thanks to his oval-shaped face Jake can pull off almost any beard style from a full beard to a ducktail.

Remember, it’s important to know the best beard style for your face shape before choosing one.

You want to look your best so whether you choose short or long beard styles, make sure you can pull it off just like Jake does.

Interestingly, Jake has stuck with a well nurtured, full beard which he changes into a faded long beard from time to time giving him a lumbersexual appeal.

On the red carpet though, his refined style is always that of a classic gentleman, which has earned him the title of The Sexiest Actor in the World.

How to Get Jake Gyllenhaal’s Beard and Maintain It

How to Get Jake Gyllenhaal's Beard and Maintain It

Loved by women worldwide, Gyllenhaal’s wolfish grin and adorable dimples are a killer combination.

He has a look that screams credibility, power, masculinity, and youth. When you see a man like Jake with a full beard, it’s really hard not to trust him.

The good news is, achieving Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard isn’t difficult. The bad news is, you aren’t going to instantly become as attractive as he is.

The full beard look is a trendy one and never really goes out of style. It’s not as simple as just letting your facial hair grow for a few months. It will require some maintenance as you’ll need to keep your beard groomed.

Here’s how to achieve a big beard that’s well-maintained like Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard.

Step 1 – Grow Your beard

Let your beard to grow. You want a full well-nourished beard so make sure you deal with any patchy beard issues by using best beard care products.

If you don’t have beard growth problems, then let nature take its course for just a few weeks.

Step 2 – Nourish your beard

Now that you have a long beard to work with, you can keep it looking healthy and shiny with a beard oil or balm or butter. Check out our review of beard butters here.

Step 3 – Trim your beard

Cut the beard to your desired length and trim any stray strands. Your best beard scissors can be used for maintenance, however, it’s a good idea to get a professional barber to create the look first.

Step 4 – Maintain your hair

Use a beard comb to keep the hair looking sharp. For ongoing maintenance use a beard trimmer to keep the hair at around 1cm-2cm depending on your preference.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Jake Gyllenhaal beard cut is perfect for men who have an oval shaped face and a strong wide chin.

Maintenance is really easy as all you’ll need is to set your trimmer at the same length for your entire face.

There’s no need for a fade, so you can achieve the look at home. To keep your beard well moisturized and fresh, use one of the best beard moisturizers during grooming.

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