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Jake Gyllenhaal is looking better than ever.

For a man who has just entered his 40s, he has both the sex appeal and the ruggedness one would want to have.

His natural good looks and excellent acting chops allow him to change styles seamlessly and make any of them look good.

Style changes also come with different hairstyles as well.

We can’t single out one perfectly good Jake Gyllenhaal haircut, as there are many.

He sometimes changes them from role to role and you have probably noticed that he sports many good ones.

How is he able to pull each one of them so well?

14 Epic Jake Gyllenhaal Haircuts: Best Hairstyle ExamplesWe are here to answer exactly that and help you understand the secret behind every hairstyle that Jake Gyllenhaal has had.

14 Most Popular Jake Gyllenhaal Haircuts

For the purpose of this article, we’ve decided to only comb over the best Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles. You may also notice that many of them have to go with the signature Jake Gyllenhaal beard, which completes the entire look.

Comb-Over With Side Part

The comb-over with a side part style is one of Jake’s most recognizable haircuts in his arsenal. He prefers it away from the cameras in his private life.

It is quite a simple style to create as you only need mid-length hair to create a side partition that you will comb over to one side.

Long Straight Middle-Part

Before Jake Gyllenhaal appeared in Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, we never even thought about him with long hair. He did have it and we are amazed by it. He had staring hair with a middle part that went underneath his chin. Stunning.

Messy Long Hair With Beard

Jake was able to show that he could quickly go out of his comfort zone and create a very messy style. His long hairstyle with messy hair and a bushy beard suits him well, making him look very masculine.

Undercut With Taper

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Detective Loki in one of the more underrated movies of our generation, Prisoners. He also sports one of the more unexpected undercut hairstyles in that movie that we were not used to seeing from him.

The long hair on top and short on the sides is something to expect, but instead of a fade, he goes for a taper here, making them look unique to him.

Jake Gyllenhaal Brush Up Look

The brush-up look is something that a younger version of Gyllenhaal used to have. It is one of the sharpest ones and better than a slicked-back look.

What you need to do here is to have mid-length hair and brush it upwards. It does not necessarily have to be spiky as long as it stands up.

Jake Gyllenhaal Brush Up Hair

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Jake Gyllenhaal in Source Code

Personally, I liked the movie Source Code, even though not a lot of people agree. What we all agree on is the excellent hair that Jake has in this movie.

He sports high and tight fade haircuts here, with just a little length on top. The top is textured quite a lot and comes with a messier finish.

Burr Haircut

Jake Gyllenhaal had to prepare a lot for his role in Jarhead. Besides extensive training, he also had to shave off a lot of his hair, creating a burr or an induction cut.

military-style buzz cut is only good if you have the head shape for it, and Jake’s seems to have fitted perfectly here.

Butch Cut

Even though he does not wear it often, stylish short hair complements Jake quite a lot. You can see that in his version of the butch cut, which is a burr cut with more hair.

This one is more appreciated for any occasion and comes with low maintenance.

Gyllenhaal’s Nightcrawler Hairstyle

Nightcrawler may be both the best and the worst movie you’ve ever watched. Jake’s acting is spot-on in this one, as in any of his movies.

Interestingly, he has a slicked-back hairstyle that he does not have so often in real life. It requires a little length before you try and style it.

Jake Gyllenhaal With Man Bun

Every celebrity we know of has sported a man bun at some point; it did not pass over Jake Gyllenhaal either. It does make him look sexy. All you need is long hair for this one; brush it back and tie it off in a bun in the upper part of your crown.

Wavy Mid-Length Haircut

If you’ve only seen Jake wearing shorter hairstyles, you might have missed that he has wavy hair. As soon as he grows it, you start to see its natural texture. His beautiful waves accompany a full beard as you comb the hair backward.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Southpaw Haircut

Jake Gyllenhaal starred as Billy “The Great” Hope in the movie Southpaw. Not only was he able to show perfect boxing technique and a ripped body, but he also had a great buzz cut to back everything up. It made him look manlier than ever.

Spiky Top Hairstyle

Another version of Jake Gyllenhaal that comes back from the past is the spiky top style. Most of his hairstyles start with mid-length hair and so does this one. However, he brushes it up and adds some spikes, making it an excellent pick for a boyish look.

Gyllenhaal Quiff Hairstyle

Jake Gyllenhaal, with a quiff, looks really charming. His natural good looks allow the brushed-up hair to come into focus. The longer top must be facing upwards, not just the front part.

He also styles the quiff slightly to the side, which is not conventional but looks extremely good.

Jake Gyllenhaal With a Quiff Hair

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How to Get and Maintain Jake Gyllenhaal Hairstyles

Jake Gyllenhaal does look like the boy next door. While his natural appearance is not something we can have, we can easily copy his hair.

Step 1 – View our list of examples

You can choose based on your natural hair type and how you can fit it into your overall look.

Step 2 – Grow mid-length hair

You can trim the sides a bit and then brush the hair upward and to the back. You can even move it a bit to the side if you wish.

Step 3 – Maintain

This type of hair is not as easy to maintain as the shorter one. You will want to style it quite often and may need to schedule more frequent trips to a barber than you are used to.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Even though you might think that this hairstyle doe snot requires a lot of hair products, you will have to use some of them. Some hair waxes for men are what will suit you best.

Since the hairstyle does require a little length and has to stay still when it is brushed back, you will need to add some wax here or there.


What kind of haircut does Jake Gyllenhaal have?

Jake Gyllenhaal’s classic hairstyle is a comb-over with a side part.

Who styled Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair?

The exact name of his stylist is not known. So it is possible that he styles it on his own, at least when he is off-set.

How to ask for a Jake Gyllenhaal haircut?

You can show a specific picture of Jake Gyllenhaal and the hairstyle you want to get and then explain precisely how you want it to appear.

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