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A butch haircut is an exciting hairstyle for men.

It is a short haircut with an actual length of hair over your entire head.

It originated from the army, making it among the most attractive military haircuts that are also extremely short.

What’s great about this cut is that it is easy to pair it up with a fade or undercut, adding more contrast to the look and making it more defined.

25 Most Popular Butch Haircuts


The short butch haircut is also called the burr cut. It is easy to maintain and style and can give you an edgy and sharp look. It is also versatile in fitting all hair types and facial shapes.


This is technically short but longer than the classic or traditional butch haircut. Go for this if you are not fond of showing off your scalp and want different choices for styling.

Butch Cut Fade

This style is trendier and more pronounced. It also boasts of its nice and high contrast. It also allows you to adjust how bold the cut is by picking between the high bald and the low shadow fade.

Butch Cut With Beard

As the name suggests, it requires combining your minimalist butch cut with facial hair. The cut is compatible with all beard types, including the short stubble and the full beard.

Bald Fade

It is a good choice for those with thick hair. It comes with a thick and long top and short sides. The mid-section should also be thick. Integrate a side part and a high fade to the entire look.

Man With Butch Cut With Bald Fade Hair

Butch Cut With Shaved Lines

Are you fond of stylish shaved sides? Then you can give yourself that particular look by adding shaved lines to your butch cut.

Butch Cut With Hard Part

After getting your butch haircut, integrate a hard part into the style. This will boost the appeal and charm of your butch cut in the same way as when wearing temple fade haircuts.

Flat Top

Choose to combine your butch haircut with a cool flat top haircut. You will never regret it as it is one of those cool and sexy hairstyles for men.

Burr Cut

Make your hairstyle look sharp with a burr cut. It requires your top hair to be trimmed short and sharp. After that, incorporate a low fade to every side of your hair.

Chris Evan’s Butch Cut

You can also go for the butch cut worn by Chris Evans from time to time. Keep even-length hair around your head and make the top a bit longer.

Steve Jobs’ Butch Cut

Steve Jobs’ butch cut is slightly longer than usual, but the exact length is retained. The fact that it is longer means it can get effortlessly messy, but it still looks good, especially when dealing with receding hairlines.

Butch Cut With Temple Fade

You can also incorporate the temple fade into the bush cut. Here, you will have to leave the hair on your crown long and then fade it gradually, providing an even haircut. It is a great way to give your face more structure.

Long Butch Cut With Side Sway

This is as attractive as the side-swept hairstyles. Using hair gel or clay, you must integrate a side sway in your long butch cut. This helps maintain the shape the entire day. If you have long enough hair, comb it to create a soft right or left part.

Butch Haircut Featuring a Medium Top

To sport, this style, apply hair clay. Experiment with various looks by integrating a small pomp or side-sweep into the cut. Form a deep contrast to your hair by adding a tricky part.

Butch Cut With Taper Sides

This style has some similarities to the butch cut with a fade. You can expect the tapering to come in the form of reducing it gradually, either to your skin or a buzz.

Caesar Cut

Make your hairstyle more refreshing and enticing by pushing hair forward and forming a forward-swept look. It is also possible to integrate an undercut into it.

Man With a Blonde Butch Cat Caesar Hair

Classic Butch Cut Featuring a Mustache

If you combine the classic butch cut with a nice mustache, you will be able to give out a more mature and masculine vibe, which is unique. With your mustache around, playing around with various styles is possible.

Butch Cut for Tight Curls

You can also style your tight curls with a butch cut. You can make this style effortless by having a buzzed look, which means you can wear it without hassle in terms of styling and maintenance.

Military Buzz Cut

You can also go for the military buzz cut, a staple cut for athletic men and those in the military. Expect the entire look to be neat and clean.

Buzz Cut Featuring a Beard

The buzz cut combined with a beard looks very masculine and unique. Both styles work together to make you feel good about yourself, boosting your confidence. You can also choose the dyed buzz cut with a beard to make the whole look more unique.

French Crop Butch Cut

There is also what we call the French crop butch cut. This style requires keeping the hair surrounding your whole head short while having a delicate and noticeable fade on the sides. Your crown’s hair should also be made longer.

Short Haircut for Black Men

The short butch haircut is also perfect for black men. It looks good on them as it combines the trimmed hair on top, the middle fade, and a neat and clean frontline.

Butch Cut With Front Fringe

Add a modern and exciting twist to your classic butch haircut with the help of a front fringe. It features an undercut to your side, which can make the cut together with the front fringe more beautiful.

Short Emo Hair

This is an incredible choice if you have no plans to go bald. It requires a partial butch style around your side and back hair. Let the hair on top grow long, then trim your lower hair to create the buzzed style.

Man With a Colorful Rainbow Butch Cut Emo Hairstyle

Induction Cut

The induction cut is a variation of the butch cut that looks as good as the crop top fade. It is also very refreshing to look at and wear, so it is worth trying.

How to Get and Maintain

Step 1 – Research

Research the different variations of butch haircuts and figure out which one fits your facial shape and overall look and personality explicitly.

Step 2 – Keep your cut short

Note that the butch haircut is low-maintenance, that you only have to maintain a short and even cut over your entire head. You can also combine this style with an undercut or a fade.

Step 3 – Trim your back and sides regularly

You can do this on your own or with the help of an expert or professional barber. Make it a point to check your hair for missing patches now and then.

Step 4 – Use some hair product

Apply hair products, like hair pomades for men to help keep up your hairstyle and maintain its overall shape. You may also need to use hair clay, hair gel, or mousse to create a more textured look if your butch haircut is slightly longer.

Butch Cut vs. Crew Cut

The butch cut and the crew cut are different because of how they are styled. The butch haircut mainly features a uniform length. Crew cut gives anyone who wears the style more opportunity to be creative regarding the length of hair and styling.


Should I get a butch cut?

Yes. It is an excellent, trendy haircut that looks neat, polished, and clean. You can, therefore, wear it anywhere, even in office settings.

How to give a butch cut to yourself?

If you want to give your hair a butch cut, you need quality hair clippers with a guard set and mirror. It is also crucial to have your hair trimmed off using clippers. Run from one side to another as well as back and forth.

Check whether the entire length is equal. If it is, you can remove the attachment and create an outline for your haircut to attain a clean look.

How to ask for a butch haircut?

The butch haircut is popular among stylists, so they know what this style is all about. If possible, show pictures of what you want. It is also possible for you to mention a brush cut while giving instructions and specifics regarding your preferred length.

What is a butch wax?

A butch wax is a hair product that resembles hair clay. It is useful as it helps create textures and your preferred style, whether you have thin or thick hair. Ensure that you have this kind of hair clay in your arsenal so you will have something to use for styling and creating texture.

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