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10 Most Sexy Men’s Hairstyles

Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour is also one of those men’s hairstyles that many women find sexy and attractive as it combines a retro feel and contemporary playfulness. Just like military haircuts, the classic pomp demonstrates masculinity.

Make this style more impressive by keeping the sides short. Also, ensure that your hair is not clipped higher than the crown. This will prevent the effect of this haircut or style from becoming extremely exaggerated.

Crew Cut

The crew cut is also one of men’s sexiest and most attractive hairstyles. To get this cut, tell your barber that you want a gradual fade featured on your back and sides. Maintain texture on top. As for the crop, it should be completely cut by scissors.

You may also use clippers at the back and sides. It is a perfect hairstyle if you have fine hair, making the topmost part of your head look thick.

Buzz Cut

Do you want a low-maintenance but attractive hairstyle? Then the buzz cut, specifically the dyed buzz cut, is a great choice. This classic style works well for bearded men.

You can easily distinguish this style as it has a short length cut with an electric shaver or clipper close to your head. This specific cut does not require a lot of styling, but you must trim it regularly.


You can make this style sexier and more attractive by going for the curly undercut. This style requires combining long and short hairstyles for men guaranteed to stand out from every angle.

It is also one of the most interesting shaved sides hairstyles as it involves shaving the sides and the back. Sweep the hair on top to the left, right, or backward.

Handsome Man In a Suit With Bowtie With Stylish Haircut

Side Part

You can also go for the classic side part hairstyles. This style has appeal as it can make any man sporting it look professional, clean, confident, and competent. If you prefer this style, you need to have a taper on all sides.

Keeping the hair on top longer than the ones on the sides is also crucial. Moreover, there should be significant volume and length on top. Parting the hair to the sides is a more masculine and mature look, which many women love.


Also referred to as the bad boy cut, the tousled style has a messy but charming appeal. The first thing you should do is to ensure that your hair is already mid-length. It is also necessary to trim the sides partly. Style it by using hair gel or pomade.

Once applied, you can run your hair down and mess it up a bit. What’s great about this look is that it is versatile in that you can play around in a way that you can try various looks. It is even possible to integrate deep waves in this style.

Long Round Layered

This particular style perfectly suits you if your hair is thick and has many volumes while also being naturally curly or wavy. You can achieve this cut completely using a pair of scissors.

Leave the topmost part of your hair heavy while ensuring it is textured and soft. Maintaining the slightly short length of your hair strands at the crown is also advisable. This prevents you from creating an uncomfortable bump whenever you sweep back your hair.


You can also go for the fade hairstyle, which is famous for black guys. It requires keeping the hair over your forehead properly shaped and balanced. It is an excellent style if you do not want your hair to look too shaved or thin.

You can also make the fade hairstyle more defined and shinier with hair gel or pomade.

Classic Quiff

Another hot guy hairstyle is the classic quiff, a great way to add more volume to your hair. It has shorter sides requiring you to comb the hair on the top forward, except for the section in front.

This front part has to be brushed up. It is a classic look, just like the 1920s hairstyles that are now returning.

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Bald Head

You can also choose to go bald, which tends to look clean all the time. It is also very low-maintenance since it no longer requires styling and a lot of maintenance. You only need a high-quality hair conditioner to maintain the health of your scalp.

Many women also find bald men attractive because it demonstrates their macho and masculine appeal.

Why Are Women Attracted to Certain Hairstyles

A lot of women are attracted to certain hairstyles because there are instances when the styles resonate with what they want from a man. Some men’s hairstyles matter for women in terms of selecting a mate.

If you are looking for a partner, you should look for hairstyles that the opposite sex will find sexy and attractive. As much as possible, your chosen style should also demonstrate your confidence, playfulness, humor, and strength as a man.

How to Style and Maintain That Sexy Hair Vibe

Step 1 – Make your choice

Make your choice based on the personality traits that you would like to exude. Is it playful, humorous, confident, sexy, or a risk-taker? Make your choice based on that and ensure that your real personality is infused with style.

Also, the style needs to suit the shape of your face to make you look more attractive.

Step 2 – Style 

Style your hair in such a way that it exudes your masculinity. As much as possible, it should emphasize your best facial features. Make sure that your hair holds enough volume and life.

Step 3 – Maintain

Maintain your chosen hairstyle by washing and conditioning it regularly. Do not forget to visit the barber now and then. This is to give your hair regular trims and touch-ups.

Step 4 – Use quality hair products

Among the essential hair products that should form part of your kit is matt clay, which can moisturize a dry scalp and ensure that you control stray hair. You may also need to apply some hair gel, wax, or pomade to keep your style under control.


What is the hottest hairstyle for a guy?

The hottest hairstyle for a guy complements your style, facial features, and face shape. It also depends on what you wish to exude. If you want a traditional look while still having hints of modern, go for the undercut.

The pomp and quiff styles are for you if you prefer a more sophisticated and polished look.

Are guys with a buzz cut attractive?

Yes. It can make you look good as it emphasizes your jawline, eyes, and best facial features. It is also an attractive style for those experiencing baldness.