Guys who grow beards have many different reasons for letting their facial hair take over their faces. Some men want a change, while others want to express their personality.

Make no mistake about it, a guy with a beard definitely stands out in the crowd.

Today guys have the opportunity to take things one step further and actually get ahead of the crowd by pairing up with Krato and their unique line of jewelry for bearded men.

If you are looking to connect with your inner craving for uniqueness, then the first ever jewelry collection for bearded men is perfect for you.

First Ever Jewelry Collection For Bearded Men


When Krato released their latest jewelry line for men, they took things to the next level by making accessories designed for the beard.

They were committed from the start to develop a line that is for guys with beards that have strong character, who like to express their individuality in wild but sophisticated ways.

Most already associate the beard with style, personality, and uniqueness, so the pairing of beard jewelry with the facial hair seemed like the perfect way to enhance the ability to express oneself.

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With so many products on the market today that are designed to help maintain the health of the beard, this line is designed to showcase all that hard work that goes into maintaining the look of the wild man.

Why Beard Jewelry?


Most would think that the beard has the power to make a lasting expression without the help of little pieces of jewelry, but jewelry for bearded men can really allow guys to take things up a notch.

Everyone already knows that a beard takes a serious amount of commitment, and while it is a symbol of individuality, it has always been more of a display of male dominance.

That huge blank canvas thus opens up many unique possibilities for expressing oneself and separating them from the pack.

Make no mistake about it, both women and men of all ages seem to agree a bearded man is more attractive, powerful, mature, and has a higher social status than the guys who must maintain that clean-shaven appearance.

The beard jewelry is just a way for guys to further experiment with their personality in creative ways.

Story Behind the Designer

 Krato Beard Jewelry

The idea for developing jewelry for bearded men is as unique as the little creative pieces guys can now wear throughout their facial hair.

Valeria Stroukova is both the designer and visionary behind Krato Beard Jewelry, and her passion is all about the desire for individuality.

Valeria challenged herself to come up with products that portray ultimate self-expression. She got her inspiration from rich Italian culture and the popularity of beards.

Valeria also discovered men take extreme pride in their beards, styling and caring them, and even decorating them with beards.

Valeria decided she would create accessories that portray a beardsmen’s style, personality, and uniqueness. Although we are early on in the development of the designs, this appears to be one trend definitely moving in an upward direction.

Jewelry for Bearded Men


Take a closer look at this stylish brand for men and you will discover that it offers guys the chance to let their beards really grab attention and stand out further in a crowded room.

While all eyes are drawn to the guy in the room with a beard, what happens when two bearded men are together in that room.

The guy wearing these one-of-a-kind exclusive beard accessories will further express his sophisticated yet eccentric side.

This collection of beard jewelry consists of many manly and iconic shapes like crystals, anchors, and of course the skull.

The jewelry can be mixed and matched each day to give the beard a fresh look in seconds. The jewelry is attached to a functional clip that will easily stay firm in any type beard and is still comfortable to wear.

Who Can Wear Beard Jewelry?

 Krato Beard Jewelry

The question of who could wear beard jewelry is answered simply like this, anyone who wants to really distinguish themselves from the pack.

The unique jewelry clips are designed to hold the pieces firmly in place, whether you place a skull right under the lip, or place an anchor further down where the beard flows in the breeze.

Whether wearing once piece, two pieces, or more, theses accessories allow any man to showcase his beard in a way that will garner even more attention.

A bearded man is not afraid of anything, and adorning his beard with jewelry just allows him more of an opportunity to tell the world he is taking the road less traveled by blazing a trail all of his own.

These pieces of beard jewelry give the bearded man even more of a competitive edge over a clean-shaven guy who is handcuffed to conform to the rules of society.

The Beard Movement

For those who thought the beard movement was coming to an edge a decade ago, things have certainly taken a major turn for the better.

The movement towards self-expression has exploded in recent years, and the bearded man is certainly grabbing hold and leading the charge.

The bearded man today is obsessed with caring for his beard, as represented by the thousands of beard care products available for sale today.

The bearded man of today has access to beard balms, beard oils, beard soap, beard shampoos, and now, beard jewelry.

Once he has groomed his beard and is ready to allow the world to see his masterpiece, clipping in some beard jewelry only enhances his already captivating look.

The beard gives the man the ability to express his personality, the beard jewelry gives him the chance to attract more eyes to his masterpiece.

The Commitment to Excellence

Think for a moment about the time and dedication that is required to grow a beard.

It starts with the early development, then you must make it through the pain of the first few months wear wild hairs are irritating the surface of the skin to the point of insanity, but the man pushes on.

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Eventually, that beard explodes in growth and it becomes a direct reflection of the guy underneath. After all that hard work, the man must still put in countless hours trimming, washing, moisturizing, oiling, and waxing his beard each week.

To reward himself for his hard work and for his ability to bring another masterpiece into the world for mere mortals to enjoy, guys are clipping in beard jewelry as an expression of creativity, uniqueness, boldness, and fearlessness.

Whether up close and personal or gazing from a distance, you will not be able to take your eyes off these manly accessories when he adorns his beard with them.

Just like how the beard movement has gone from dead and buried to taking on a life of its own, jewelry for bearded men is something that is still in its infancy and about to explode in popularity.

With more men each year capitalizing on the growing popularity of the beard, guys have found another way to distinguish themselves from the crowd.

These little pieces of beard jewelry are as unique and the man under the beard, and whether he places one skull in his beard or several colored jewels throughout, the bearded man is going to garnish even more attention from those who can not resist the allure and power of the facial hair.

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