Black Man With a Curly Tape Up Hairstyle


Many people have the wrong impression that a tape-up haircut is a fade.

They could not be more wrong.

The tape-up started as a form of a taper fade originally worn by Afro-Americans in the 2000s.

It eventually evolved to a taper with hair pointing upwards in a diagonal line from the temples.

There are a lot of hairstyles on the internet that people refer to as tape-up.

Our knowledgeable article will provide all the needed insight to help you distinguish between a tape-up and whether it is a taper or fade.

25 Most Popular Tape-Up Haircuts

With countless examples already available on the net, we decided to go with only the most prominent ones and highlighted them here for you.

High Temp Fade With Spiky Hair

Get an excellent high temp fade paired with spikey hair for an edgier look. Everyone will love you for it and you will surely gain attention.

Low Taper Fade With Shape Up and Quiff

If you create an excellent quiff on top, you should pair it with a low taper fade to bring it to more prominence. Add some uniqueness to it with a shape-up line.

High Skin Fade With Short Curly Hair

A cool skin fade style will help your curly hair become more prominent. Curly hair is sexy and a skin fade can tame it and help you look even more appealing.

High Bald Fade With Fringe and Full Beard

Sharp bald fade haircuts work best with some hair on top. You can create a fringe and grow a full beard to balance things on top and down.

Large Spikes Fringe With Short Sides

A fringe with large spikes will do the trick if you want to make things edgier. Short sides are a must for added appeal.

High Taper Fade With Hard Part Comb-Over Pomp

A pomp can become even more dramatic with a hard part. It is a comb-over style that will look magnificently with a taper fade on the sides.

Bearded and Tattooed Man With a Pomp Featuring a Taper Fade Hair

Photo @mehdi_farahh

High Bald Fade With Line Up and Wavy Brush Back

You should not hide your wavery hair. Brushing it back is an excellent choice for a bald fade on the sides.

Comb-Over Pompadour With Razor Fade

Another pompadour idea, but this time with a comb-over. It will become even more attractive with the addition of a razor fade.

Low Bald Fade With Side Swept Crew Cut

Make your crew cut unique by adding swept sides. Go with a low bald fade for added impact, making things much better than flat-top haircuts.

Mid Skin Tape Up With Textured Hair

Your textured hair will look exceptionally better if you add a mid-skin tape. Not a fade, which is what makes things work better here.

Undercut Fade With Thick Textured Comb-Over

Thick textured hair is excellent for a comb-over. If you will make all the heads turn if you, apply an undercut fade to support it.

Long Textured Comb-Over With High Fade

A comb-over will still work best if you have longer textured hair. Except for this time, you can go for a high fade instead.

High Tape Fade With Hard Part Comb-Over

Create a hard part comb over the side you prefer, and then bring things up with a high tape fade to make it stand out.

High Razor Fade With Textured Messy Hair

A rocker-style look comes with some messy textured hair. The razor fade that comes on the sides will make it hard rock.

Undercut With Hard Part and Textured Wavy Hair

Another way to tame your textured wavy hair is to add a hard part. Bring things to more prominence with an undercut, though.

Fade With Part and Spiky Hair

Another way to incorporate spiky hair into the mix is by parting it a bit. You can’t go without a fade here as well.

High Fade With Edge Up and Thick Beard

You can create a unique style by combining a high fade with an intriguing edge-up. Grow a thick beard for a more dramatic look.

Mid Fade With Textured Top

Creating a textured top will work splendidly with a mid fade. Mid-fade haircuts allow the top to be the essential part of your hairstyle.

Low Razor Fade With Textured Fringe and Full Beard

A textured fringe can be easily created, but we advise you to wear a low razor fade here. The contrast is truly outstanding, but it can be balanced with a full beard.

Taper Fade With French Crop

A French crop goes best with a taper fade. Some of you might be tempted to go for a crop top fade, but we advise you otherwise.

Burst Fade Mohawk and Beard

A burst fade will help the Mohawk to stand even greater. Complete the rebel look by growing a beard.

Bearded Black Man With a Tapered Fohawk Hairstyle

Photo @jayblendedit

High Fade With Line Up and Shaved Hard Part

This one is edgy, with both a shaved hard part and a line-up. Make sure to tame it a little bit with the help of a high fade.

Mid Bald Fade With Wavy Messy Fringe

With the help of your wavy hair, you can easily create a messy fringe. Make it work even better with the addition of a bald fade.

Slicked Back Part With Hard Fade and Tape Up

A slicked-back part is a very attractive choice. Instead of going for an excellent low fade haircut, we suggest creating a hard fade and adding a tape up for maximum appearance.

Curly Hair With Slight Widow’s Peak and Fade

Make your curly hairstyle complete by adding an appropriate fade. It is also nice with a slight widow’s peak that hides a receding hairline.

How to Style and Maintain Tape-Up Hairstyles

If you are planning to cut your hair, we have the necessary steps that you need to create this type of tape-up hairstyle.

Step 1 – Pick a hairstyle

Start by reviewing the list of our hairstyles and picking the one you think will suit you the most. It works best if you consider your hair type and your face shape.

Step 2 – Grow your hair a bit

Once you get to the needed length, use the trimmer to apply and create a fade on the sides. Scissors work best for the top while adding a unique touch like a line-up should be done with the trimmer and by taking off the guard.

Step 3 – Use some hair products

You must style it with some hair products to keep it stand still. Depending on the haircut you decide to go with, you are either going to need some hair gel or some hair cream.

Either way, don’t forget a suitable comb that will allow you to part it if this is the style you are going for.

Step 4 – Style the hair every day

You are going to need to do regular touch-ups once you notice the hair growing. Usually, you will need to do it once every two or three weeks.


What’s the difference between a fade and a tape-up?

The main difference is that the fade is a shorter version of a taper.

How do you tell a barber you want a tape up?

You will need to describe it using the necessary terms for them to understand it. Also, you can show a picture of the hairstyle you want to get.

How often should you get a tape up?

It works best if you get it every six to eight weeks.