Black Bearded Man Wtih a Precise Cut Line Hairstyle

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The shape-up haircut goes by many names.

Some people call it a “line up,” while others call it an “edge up.”

Whichever way you call it, it is a style that allows you to clean up your hairline, especially after a fade.

How does one create a shape-up haircut?

What goes into creating one, and can I do it myself, or is it best to call a barber?

That and much more will be available to you in the following lines.

What Is It

A shape-up haircut is not a natural haircut but a defined one. It is a straight line that goes across the forehead, angling down towards the temples. Looking at it from the front, the hairline looks straight, while looking at it from the sides, it looks curved.

There are different types of shape-ups. It depends mostly on your hairline rather than your preference. The best line-up job should create an exact line close to your natural hairline.

The best part about the shape-up is that it is a style that can be added to any men’s haircut. Whether you want to add it to long or short hair, the versatility of the shape-up is the best part, as almost anyone can get it and can even go with hipster haircuts.

21 Most Popular Shape-Up Hairstyles

Given the versatility of the shape-up haircut, it is best to go through the many variations that it goes with. Who knows, your next haircut is just in the lines that follow and you will be able to combine your perm hairstyles with a shape-up.

Low Skin Fade and Long Comb-Over

A long skid fade on the sides and a longer comb-over on top is a very handsome haircut. The combination will pair well with a good line-up.

Undercut and Mohawk

An undercut is a massive addition to a mohawk. You don’t need to keep the top too high, and you can add some edginess with an edge up to it.

Buzz Cut With Edge Up and High Skin Fade

A buzz cut is a very traditional type of haircut. It looks good on most guys and head shapes. It can work tremendously better if you add a high skin fade on the sides and an edge up.

High Skin Fade With Top Knot

Lined Up High Fade Haircut

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A high skin fade also works marvelously with a top knot. Things will work even better if you create a line that passes between them.

Hi-Lo Fade With Textured Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles for men are already cool on their own but can be even better if you add a hi-lo fade on the sides. The textured spiker hair can be separated by a line, making things look fantastic.

Burst Fade and Curly Afro

To bring your afro curls into perspective, you need to have your barber make a burst fade. A line-up should work better if you want to emphasize them even more.

Low Taper Fade With Hard Part and Thick Spiky Hair

A hard part works wonderfully with thick hair. Adding some spikes and a lower taper fade makes things work tremendously better.

Undercut and Slicked Back Hair

Slicked-back hairstyles are classics and can make every person look attractive. Only some will appreciate pairing it with an undercut and a line-up between.

Buzz Cut With Low Bald Fade and Hair Design

As mentioned, a buzz cut is a style that works on any head shape. To make the style more unique, it will work better with a low bald fade on the sides and some design on top.

Undercut With Long Textured Side Swept Hair

If you have textured hair, you should wear it swiped on the side. To emphasize it, even more, you need to incorporate an undercut into the mix.

Brushed Back Crew Cut With Skin Fade

A crew cut looks miles better than a buzz cut, especially if you pair it with low brushed-back hair. The sides should be complemented with a skin fade to give more prominence to the top.

High Skin Fade and High Side Part

A high skin fade leaves a lot of room for a shape-up. What pairs the best is a high side part that will bring the entire thing into prominence.

Fade and Quiff

Detaching the side fade and the quiff up top with a line-up is an excellent choice. You don’t even need to make the top too long.

Bald Fade With Side Sweep and Hard Part

Hard Fade Cut Line

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Side-sweeping your hair and adding a bald fade is a standard haircut. You can also create a hard part with a line that will bring that needed extravagance to your hair.

Faux Hawk and High Skin Fade

A faux hawk can work well on a variety of head shapes. Pair it up with a high skin fade and add a shape up to make it even edgier.

Thick Brushed Back Hair

Having thick hair allows you to shape your hair in all kinds of ways and manners. Brushing it back all the way and adding a line-up on the side will help you to emphasize it much more.

Quiff With Low Fade and Hair Designs

Quiff and fringe haircuts have been around forever. So to make it a bit distinguishable, it will do adding a low fade on the sides and some design to put it into prominence.

Hi-Lo Fade With Design and Long Textured Slick Back

A hi-lo fade is an underrated move, especially when it comes together with a unique design. What makes everything work perfectly is a long textured top slicked back with some hair cream for men.

Mid-Taper Fade and Combed-Over Pompadour

You can comb over your pomp hair and side it with a mid-taper fade. It looks fabulous on its own but becomes even greater with an edge up.

Low Drop Fade With Messy Spiky Hair

If you plan to treat yourself to one of the messy hairstyles, we suggest some spikes on top and a significant drop fade haircut on the sides. It is a combination that can work for almost any occasion.

Low Fade and Brushed Up Front

Work a low fade on the sides and grow to the top longer. Now brush that bad boy upwards and see how cool it will look.

How to Style and Maintain Shape-Up Haircuts

Since you have decided to go with a shape-up haircut, here are some tips on what you should do:

Step 1 – Choose the most appropriate haircut for you

It is best to start with a list like the one we’ve created and go from there.

Step 2 – Find a skilled stylist

Once you’ve picked an appropriate combination, it is time to turn it into a better one with a shape-up. Finding a skilled barber for this one is best as you don’t want to do it yourself and ruin everything.

Once your hair is complete, it is necessary to give it a tune-up every few weeks. A shape-up requires frequent trips to a barber than other haircuts, so be ready for that.

Step 3 – Best products to use

You are going to be needing some product to shape your hair. Some hair cream or gel will do the trick, and be sure to get a nice comb to style the hair as needed.


What is the difference between a haircut and a shape-up?

A haircut is a natural style, while a shape-up is something that is defined. Also, a shape-up can be a part of a haircut and combine a few of them into one.

What is the difference between a line-up and a shape-up?

There is no difference, as both terms refer to the same type of hairstyle.