Man With a Southside Fade Hair and Line Design

30 Most Popular Southside Fade Haircuts

Southside Fade With Part Hair

Southside Fade With Part

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The southside fade looks incredible on a lot of men. Get a hard fade first, then give your forehead a frame lining with the help of a razor. Using the same razor, a diagonal line should then be integrated on the scalp.

Bald Head With Outgrown Top

Bald Head With Outgrown Top

Photo @barberhiroshi

If you love crew cuts, then I’m pretty sure you also love the southside fade. You can gain more hair texture if you go for the bald southside fade and pair it with an outgrown top. Go for this style if you are also searching for the best hairstyles for balding men.

Military Crew Cut Southside Fade Hairstyle

Military Crew Cut

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It is also possible to combine the southside fade with the military cut. Choose this style if you prefer to cut your hair short and want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

Southside Skin Fade Featuring a Hook Part

Skin Fade Featuring a Hook Part

Photo @dynasty_barbers

You will have almost the same style as the one worn by Drake, a hip-hop and influential celebrity, almost daily. Add a line-up surrounding your hairline to make the edges soft and thicken each strand.

Wavy Southside Fade Hairstyle

Wavy Hairstyle

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This is perfect for those whose hair strands are wavy or curly. It is one of those fresh curly fade haircuts guaranteed to have an elegant texture. Keep the top longer to bring more attention to your curls or waves.

Southside Fade Haircut With Braided Top

Black Man With a Southside Fade With Braids On Top

You also have the option to combine a braided top with the Southern fade. Make the braided hairstyle look better by maintaining longer hair on top.

Southside Fade Haircut Design

Haircut Design

Photo @barberclipsbr

You can also make your southside fade more interesting with a haircut design. For instance, you can form such a design by ensuring that the part on your hair keeps going.

Buzz Cut With Southside Fade

Buzz Cut With Fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

For those with buzz cut lengths, this style is perfect. If you go for this particular skin fade, an expert barber’s advice is to apply sunscreen on your scalp to keep it protected from harsh elements.

Southside Fade Haircut High and Tight

High and Tight

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One thing to note about Southside fade haircuts is that most of them are the same as those considered high and tight styles. The only thing that makes the Southside fade different is that it is not as long and has extra blur.

Gray Southside Fade Hair

Gray Hair

Photo @barberhiroshi

Looking for great haircuts for men with thin and graying hair? Then the Southside fade is also suitable for you. It lets you show off your hair even if you cut it short.

High Forehead Line Up

High Forehead Line Up

Photo @barberhiroshi

The line-up in this haircut should be higher while maintaining sufficient length, which can help balance even those sexy beard styles. It works even for those who have receding hairlines.

If that is the case, try micro-pigmentation, which can help you obtain your preferred hairline.

Houston Southside Fade

Houston Southside Fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Here, you can see the Southside fade on top and in front. It allows you to sport the shortest cut, which can compete with military haircuts.

Southside Haircut for Bearded Men

Haircut for Bearded Men

Photo @ledanieljames

Even celebrities with epic mustaches can sport the Southside fade, which means it can be combined with any mustache or beard style. Choose a Southside fade trim if you prefer to grow a long beard.

Afro Southside Fade Hairstyle

Black Man With Southside Fade Haircut

You can also go for an Afro hairstyle and combine it with a Southside fade. It allows you to have a simple trim for your Afro, which is more low-maintenance than when you grow your dreads long.

Asian Southside Fade Hairstyle

Asian Hairstyle

Photo @barberhiroshi

If you are an Asian, this style is also suitable for you. It works if you intend to have a simple and short but attractive hairstyle.

Long Top Southside Fade Haircut

Long Top

Photo @officiall.leobarber

With this long top Southside fade, you can sport a unique style that will bring more attention to your tight and attractive Afro ringlets. Maintain a long top and integrate the Southside fade into the style.

Southside Fade Haircut With Buzz Mohawk

Buzz Mohawk

Photo @anthonythebarber916

The buzz mohawk is ideal if you prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle with an edge. Use this to show your inner personality and authority.

Southside Fade Featuring 360 Waves

Southside Fade Featuring 360 Waves

Photo @dynasty_barbers

The Southside fade can have more impact on your natural locks. It makes your 360 waves look more noticeable, plus the style can give you a more youthful vibe.

Buzz Fro Hawk

Buzz Fro Hawk

Photo @barber.b.take

You can also style your hair with a buzz fro hawk and combine it with the Southside fade. It is a good choice for afro hair that tends to adapt to a wide range of haircuts.

Southside Fade Ideal for Thinning Hair

Southside Fade Ideal for Thinning Hair

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Similar to shadow fade for guys with thinning hair, the Southside fade also has a variation that works for thin hair. Here, you can display an attractive style confidently even though the bald top fade.

Southside Fade Featuring a Subtle Side Part

Fade Featuring a Subtle Side Part

Photo @barberhiroshi

You can also use the Southside fade with a voluminous and textured hairstyle. You can add a side part that shows an excellent volume.

Modern Southside Fade Shaved Haircut

Modern Shaved Haircut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

This shaved haircut can give your Southside fade a more modern touch. It showcases a hairstyle that is barely there. The only essential thing here is the wide hairline.

Military Buzz And Pomp

Photo @barbersukraine

High Skin Fade

Photo @chop_shop_yuta

Bleached Side Undercut

Photo @barberhiroshi

High Fade Short Top

Photo @barberhiroshi

Top Crop And Beard

Photo @barberhiroshi

Crop Wavy Top

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Zero Buzz Cut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Sharp Lines Fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

How to Get and Maintain Southside Fade Hairstyle

Choose the style

Pick a southside fade style based on your hair length, texture and type. Find out what style fits the shape of your face the most, too.

Incorporate the bald fade or taper fade on top

It should surround the top and you can achieve that with a straight-edge razor. It is preferable to style your hair with a bald fade if you intend to go for the Southside look. The reason is that this type of fade is a lot easier to attain.

Focus on taking care of your scalp

A healthy scalp promotes better and healthier hair growth after the Southside fades. You can achieve that for your scalp by shampooing and conditioning your hair two times a week.

Ensure that you constantly moisturize your scalp, too, especially if you live in an adverse or harsh climate.

Apply scalp creams

These creams are necessary to nourish and moisturize your scalp and prevent it from getting too dry. The products can also refresh your hair.


When was the first time the southside fade got discovered?

The early 90s. It appeared first in South Houston during that time. Among those who sported it were young artists.

Where did the style originate?

It came from the south side/part of Houston, Texas, which is also the reason behind the name of this cut.

How can I differentiate southside fade from a skin fade?

One thing that makes the Southside fade different from the skin fade is that it features longer frontal hair compared to the ones on the scalp. Meanwhile, the skin fade requires you to shave your head until you reach a disconnected pattern or see skin.

What are the hair types that are suitable for the southside fade?

It is perfect for all hair types. The reason is that it requires you to cut most of your hair.

Who are the celebrities who sported the southside fade?

Among the celebrities who confidently sported the Southside fade are Adam Levine, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Beckham. Drake, a famous Canadian rapper, and Ronaldo, who is very popular in Brazil also wore this style.

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