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It’s not rocket science that Drake is one of the best-looking US rappers, and it’s not just his face and body features we’re talking about. It’s mostly his hair. The guy has mastered the art of looking spectacular in all his haircuts, and it’s definitely something we love about him.

10 Best Drake Hairstyles

Drake’s Heart Design Haircut

Although all of Drake’s haircuts are bold and eye-catching, there is one that has arguably caused the most controversy on social media. Nobody could have been surprised when the artist introduced the world to a heart-shaped haircut.

The Drake haircut had a symbolic meaning for the heart. This was a reference to his then-upcoming Certified Lover Boy album.

Drake Fade

A fade is one of Drake’s favorite haircuts, along with a buzz cut. It allows him to create a clean silhouette while drawing attention to the top hair. So, if you’re looking for short haircuts for men that will make you look like a superstar, a Drake haircut fade is a sure bet.

Drake Afro

Drake’s hair is naturally kinky, and he frequently flaunts it. As a result, an Afro Drakes haircut he exhibited on the Red Carpet immediately stole the show. The haircut already stands out due to the pronounced hair texture, so no additional emphasis is required.

Waves Drake Haircut

Almost every Drake haircut necessitates time and effort. It will, however, fully compensate you with the thousands of admiring glances you will undoubtedly receive. Drake’s hair waves are one of these looks.

To further emphasize it, the famous musician wears a wavy top with the iconic Drake fade haircut on the sides.

Cornrow Braids

Braids styles for men have been a trendy hairstyle since 2018. Braided hair gives guys a stylish yet manly and gentlemanly vibe.

A lot of celebrities have rocked braids for years. If you’re interested in Drake’s hairstyles, you should know that the rapper recently upgraded his hairstyle. Drake’s new hairstyle, rebel cornrow braids, is an instant classic.

Cornrows are a failsafe protective hairstyle in addition to creating a neat and stylish appearance. You can also draw inspiration from other rappers with braids.


Line Up Drake Hair

Drake’s hairline is always razor-sharp. This is due to the singer’s preference for a line-up haircut. To keep it that way, you’ll need to refresh the cut regularly. So, either schedule appointments with your barber ahead of time or learn to maintain your hair.

Buzz Cut Drake Haircut

Almost all of Drake’s new haircuts are variations on the buzz cut. However, he does not always try to reinvent the wheel and instead opts for a standard buzz cut. It’s edgy, dapper, and adaptable. A fantastic way to spend time with friends while also winning music awards.

Buzz Cut + Design Drake Hairstyle

Adorning a buzz cut with a hair design is a quick and easy way to upgrade it. The rapper is well aware of this trick and employs it frequently.  So, when you see Drake’s new hairstyle, it will likely have an excellent design.

Drake With Long Hair

When Drake decides to go for long locks, you can bet that his new hairstyle will not go unnoticed. One of the reasons for this is that it takes a lot of effort to grow Drake’s curly hair long. You can also consider other long hairstyles for black men.

Drake’s Short Hair and Beard

Drake likes to balance out his short hair with a nicely done beard. From a short scruff to a long and bushy beard, Drake has worn almost as many styles on his face as on his head.

If you want other non-Drake perfect afro hairstyles, you can try some incredible braid hairstyles for black men.

Drake With Short Beard and Glasses Smiling

How to Style and Maintain Drake Hairstyle 

Step 1 – How to choose the right hairstyle

You want to look more like Drake, so choosing a style that would look good on you makes sense. How? Consider your facial structure, hair type, and your personality.

Step 2 – How to style and groom

Use quality hair pomade and other styling agents to style your hair correctly. You must also use the right tools, like hair clippers, if you’re styling your hair at home.

Step 3 – Maintaining your Drake’s haircut 

To maintain your hair, keep it clean and moisturized and what out for the length of the hair. 

Step 4 – Best products to use

Some products you can use include hair waxes for men, hair pomade, gel, or cream. You’d also need natural shampoo and conditioner.

Drake’s Beard Fade, How to Pull it Off?

If you’ve been looking for a way to add a little something extra to your look, then Drake’s beard fade is the perfect style for you. You can ask your barber or try to do it yourself with the beard trimmer. Before you start trimming, make sure you get the perfect length of the beard.


What is Drake’s haircut called?

Drake likes the buzz haircut.

What is Drake’s new hairstyle?

Drake’s new hairstyle is cornrow braids.

Does Drake have a high fade?

Sometimes Drake rocks a high fade which looks just as good as his other hairstyles.

How do I ask for Drake’s haircut at my barbershop?

Ask your barber for the specific Drake haircut you want. Show them pictures from this article or directly from his Instagram profile. 

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