ASAP Rocky With Braids

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10 Best Rapper Braids

ASAP Rocky

He is one of the few hip-hop artists who got his start in music when he was young. ASAP Rocky has since then enjoyed a lot of international success as a solo musician, featured collaborator, and producer.

His signature hairstyle is a box braided ponytail that he has maintained since his debut mixtape in 2011. However, ASAP Rocky has tried other braids, including cornrows, four big braids, middle parting braids, and blowouts.

He also incorporates bandanas and other accessories into his signature style.

Lil Yachty

He is known best for his upbeat style of music, which he likes to describe as bubblegum rap. Most people still remember his red braids during his career debut. He has since stopped dying his hair, citing that his hair damage.

Lil Yachty With Braids

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Travis Scott

During the early days of his career, Travis Scott alternated between a short mini afro and comb twist hairstyles. He finally decided to rock the braids and grow them out, which has become his signature look. The braids are effortlessly cool and easy to maintain.


From rapping to a big-screen actor, Ludacris is an inspiration to many upcoming rappers and actors. He debuted in the late 90s and spent most of the 2000s making chart-topping hits to cerement his name as one of the greatest in the hip hop industry.

He also became one of the most sort-after collaborators. Ludacris progressed to acting and appeared in legendary movies like The Fast and the Furious alongside the late Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

Ludacris has, over the years, experimented with different hairstyles alternating between a big afro to a buzz cut and braids. His cornrows, however, will always be iconic since the style symbolized his signature look at the height of his success.

Snoop Dogg

As one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time, Snoop Dogg needs no introduction. He has enjoyed mainstream success evolving from his hardcore rap to a pop culture fixture.

Besides enjoying success as a media personality, Snoop has sported some of the most incredible black men’s hairstyles. His perfect cornrows and trademark goatee remain the most iconic to date.

Snoop Dogg With Braids

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Coolio enjoyed mainstream success in the mid to late 1990s, winning a Grammy Award for his single Gangsta’s Paradise. He also launched his cooking show, Cooking with Coolio. His braids can only be described as absolutely insane.

They always stick out and up, and he sometimes wears them in two pigtails. Luckily, he has the swagger and charisma to pull off the look.

Meek Mill

Meek Mill started as a battle rapper, eventually gaining recognition due to a series of stunning mixtapes chronicling his difficult upbringing. By the time he was releasing his debut single, he was already a big deal. His cornrow braids were a signature look during his mixtape days.

He has since adopted a new polished look featuring a classic Caesar cut. Nevertheless, his braids were a big part of his success. To rock this long hairstyle for black men, braid your hair, then part the braids in the middle and allow them to hang loosely.

Ol’Dirty Bastard

As one of the founding Wu-Tang Clan members, Ol’Dirty Bastard influenced much of 90s hip hop. Unfortunately, his career didn’t go as planned, and he started having problems with the law.

All that came crashing down, and he would die from an accidental drug overdose. Despite his troubled personal life, he is most remembered for his iconic spiked-up braids.


One of the most popular braided rappers, Xzibit evolved into an MC, actor, and TV host. In his early rapping days, his go-to style was cornrows. To rock this shoulder-length hairstyle, ask your barber to create unique patterns to help you stand out.

Xzibit With Braids

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Bow Wow

Bow Wow broke into the music industry at 13 when he released his first album, Beware of Dog. While he struggled to replicate the same success in the years that followed, it never stopped him from releasing music.

He would later branch out to an acting career. Bow Wow has always rocked effortless braids. He now has a buzz cut that we must admit does an excellent job highlighting his defined facial features.

To rock Bow Wow’s kind of braids, use supplements for strong hair since braids can weaken hair, especially along the edges leading to breakage.
The hip-hop culture is dominated by black African American artists who use rap music as a vehicle of freedom of expression to pass messages regarding critical social and political issues like black oppression.

But that’s not all; black hip-hop artists have set the stage for trendy and progressive hairstyles. Like twist hairstyles, braids are one of the best and most popular hairstyles for afro-textured hair. Braids not only look great but are easy to maintain.

They also help keep afro hair healthy and are pretty versatile. Braids look good on short, medium, and even long hair and can be paired with different fades.

There are also many ways of braiding your hair, including classic Viking hairstyles like French braids or a simple braided ponytail. It’s clear why so many black rappers and, in recent times, a few white rappers prefer braids styles and cornrows.

Why Rappers Love Braids

It’s no surprise that most hip-hop artists who choose to braid their hair are black artists. Braids can be traced back to ancient African culture. In many African tribes, braids were used to identify each tribe.

The braid hairstyles and patterns symbolized a person’s age, tribe, religion, power, wealth, and marital status. The hairstyle made its way across the world, and it was not until the 1900s that braids became famous worldwide.

While anyone can rock braided hair, braids are still identified as a black hairstyle. And that’s why many rappers braid their hair in different styles, such as the late Pop Smoke’s pop smoke braids.

Besides, braids are easy to maintain and offer a stylish look. Since braids can cause hair breakage, consider using a natural DHT blocker.


How do you do Lil Yachty braids?

Clean your hair first, then apply hair pomade and comb it. Mold your hair in the middle as if creating a high pompadour, and then begin braiding. Once you’re done, secure the ends with beads like Lil Yachty.

Does ASAP Rocky have braids?

ASAP Rocky’s iconic hairstyle features braids that he wears in a ponytail, allowing one braid to fall on each side.

Does Kendrick Lamar have braids?

Yes, the hip-hop artist has tight cornrow braids.

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