Beard Oil

(102 customer reviews)

$ 24.99

  • Increase in beard hair growth over time.
  • 100% pure natural Ingredients.
  • Eliminates beard itch and dandruff.
  • No additives or GMO’s. Paraben free.
  • Leaves a pleasant and refreshing smell.



Moisturized and strengthened facial hairs promoting healthy growth.
It will make your beard GROW FASTER and THICKER overtime.
The texture of your enhanced beard is incredible, it keeps your beard conditioned, clean, soft and shiny.
Plus it will also get you rid of a beard dandruff and itch!
Safe and gentle for all hair and skin types.


Argan oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, castor oil, wheat germ oil, grape seed oil, pine fragrance oil and essential oil.
No additives or GMO’s. Paraben free.


Dark amber glass bottle to prevent oxidation, making it more durable.
Under the cap is a small plastic spill to prevent evaporation.

Test for allergens in a small area before use.


Additional information

Finest 100% Pure Natural Ingredients:

Argan oil
Jojoba oil
Almond oil
Castor oil
Wheat germ oil
Grape seed oil
Pine fragrance oil
Essential oil

102 reviews for Beard Oil

  1. Tre vor

    Love this beard oil. It’s one of the best brands I’ve ever tried. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an oil that smells awesomely and works well. I can’t believe the ability that this has to tame my beard – it generally behaves itself but it’s getting so long that I need to either get it wet or use beard oil to get it to realign when I wake up and the beard oil is one of the few beard oils that has managed to do that well on a consistent basis.

    This is my go to when I want to look excellent and smell manly for anyone who gets up close to my beard. It is one of the few brands and types that I routinely recommend to friends for personal use and gifts.

  2. Paul A. Yates

    I am a long-time beard wearer, but this was my first use of a beard oil. I chose to give this product a try, and am delighted with it. A very small amount– about the volume of a dime– rubbed into the beard gives it a healthful shine, makes the beard easier to style, and makes it appear much fuller. The most amazing thing, though, is that it makes ones beard incredibly soft. I have a long beard with very coarse, wiry hair. Upon the first application my beard was softer than the hair on my head.

    I am starting to get some gray hairs– which bothers me a bit– but the oil helps them to blend in with the fully-colored hairs, and with the oil’s glistening effect, the mixed-in gray hairs actually look great.

    The hairs quickly absorb the oil; there is absolutely no greasy feel at all. I experimented and found it only takes a very little bit of oil to do the job; using more will not have any more effect.

    I wish I’d known of this product a lot sooner. It helps my long, admittedly slightly-unkempt-looking beard look very well groomed and cared for. I can’t imagine, now, not using a beard oil, and as this brand has worked well for me, I’ll stick with it.

  3. Johnny Beardo

    I use this at night before bed and it makes my wife love the smell of my beard. It has also stopped what many people call Beaddruff. I use the original wax in the morning for styling and use this at night to condition my hair and skin. I’ve been using it almost a week now and can tell a huge difference in my beard and face health. Anyone getting into beard care, this is the product for you.

  4. D. B. Johnson

    For anyone serious about adding length to their beard, this is one of the best products I’ve found. Mine is about 3 1/2″ long and the small bottle lasts about 3 months, so a little bit goes a long ways. Also this is one of the only products I’ve found that actually softens and moisturizes my beard. Great subtle scent and doesn’t irritate skin like I’ve found with other oils.

  5. Romney

    So I decided that I am a man and men have beards. I tried to keep my beard growing strong and long without any assistance from “beard related products” for quite sometime. After realizing that I look like a homeless man and not a bearded beaut, I decided it was time to research some “beard related products.” I came across some beard oils and thought, “Hey, this looks promising.” Placed and order. Received. Followed the instructions. Used the product. I loved it. My girlfriend loved it. My girlfriend loved it!! People noticed. I noticed.
    Go buy it.

  6. Diaho

    Really kick-azz beard oil. Such good quantity and price, really proves the compassion exists between bearded fellows. Smell is great and does wonders for my beard. I’ve been using it for a week daily and my beard has blossomed into a happy and lusturous facial forest

  7. Joel Willson

    I’ve been getting mad kisses since I started using this beard oil. I used to have a big fluffy puff ball face, but now my cheeks and chin dangle shiny curls of luscious manhood. It has even helped to improve my wizardry and made me more successful in business endeavors. It’s a win in a bottle and I would bathe in the stuff if given the opportunity.

  8. L3

    Fantastic! I am new to having a beard (and I am 40) and I find this product easy to apply and a little goes a long way. Great seller and product. Couldn’t ask for better. Thanks a million!

  9. Kelly

    My husband really likes this oil. It has a nice scent and makes his beard “soft and supple”

  10. Christina Anna

    My husband has really dry skin and with the beard it has gotten much worse, I purchased this beard oil and within two days I could see a huge improvement. He is extremely happy with this product as am I, the beard stays!

  11. Dwayne B.

    I’ve tried growing my beard out several times before over the past 5 or so years but never make it past 2 months or so because it starts itching, hurting, looking ragged, etc..

    well here was my solution, my beard is soft and manageable, no itch, no pain.

  12. Valerie A.

    This beard oil has been a life changer for my husband. He has been growing his beard for a while and his beard is usually so thick and non manageable. Then this amazing beard oil came along and now not only is manageable for him but it stays fresh, clean and shiny all day! Believe me when I say a little goes a long way. you don’t need more than 2 drops and it really makes a difference.

  13. Kendra Lilly

    My hubby is a beard guy all the way but seriously it is like pubes growing out of his face. No matter how much he combs it and washes it, it grows out every way possible and he complains so much about how much it itches and I am so sick of hearing about it so I got him this oil. I highly recommend this product for all beard-o guys.

    So far he has a softer beard that I can feel when he kisses me. It seems to be more manageable to him because it is growing out and down and not in a million different directions. What I love about this oil the most is how he has STOPPED complaining about the itch. We have bought different brands in the past and they have just irritated his skin and left it more itchy.

  14. Caitlyn Williams Johnsson

    I bought this for my husband and he says he loves it. From the first use he could feel the difference in his beard and is happy with the product.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Stoped my beard itch!!! And my facial hair is noticeably softer. Highly recommend this product.

  16. Happy Lucas

    I was not sure if I was going to like beard oil when I was contemplating the purchase, but after using it a couple of times I absolutely love this product and recommend it highly. The scent is pleasant and not overpowering. I noticed a distinct difference in my beard almost immediately. My beard was much softer with a nice sheen while being much more manageable.

  17. Amazon Customer

    Functionally perfect. It prevents dandruff, softened my beard, and prevents itching.

  18. Mauro Henderson

    I was not expecting much when I ordered this product. I just figured that I’ll have a nice smelling beard and the idea of softness would be a dream to attempt later on. It’s been two weeks now and wow….I never thought that my beard could ever be this soft. I will buying this again.

  19. Thomas

    Dad says its great, he gets way less duck commander comments and it seems to be growing faster.

  20. Amazon Customer

    I bought this as a Christmas present for my brother-in-law, so I can’t say for sure how well it works on the beard yet… But I can say that is smells FANTASTIC and reading the ingredients gave me the piece of mind that I am getting him a really high quality product. Can’t wait to see how great this makes his beard look!!

  21. Jherman Sterk

    This is the best beard oil I’ve ever used, I began using it in my hair as well as my beard and both are far healthier softer and more manageable now. Definitely buying more

  22. James

    I use this at night before bed and it makes my wife love the smell of my beard. It has also stopped beard dandruff. I use the original wax in the morning for styling and use this at night to condition my hair and skin. I’ve been using it almost a 2 weeks now and can tell a huge difference in my beard and face health. Anyone getting into beard care, this is the product for you.

  23. Sean K.

    Great product, smells good and makes my beard soft. Best thing about it is that my wife loves the smell of pine and now she is hugging me more

  24. Raikson

    This smell is the best, the oil does kinda make my beard shiny but all oils do at first. This product rocks, my wife loves it and people always ask what cologne I am wearing, not too strong just subtle and professional

  25. Steven D. Sikor

    I have very sensitive skin and when I grow in a beard, it just itches and itches. I saw that this was helping folks solve that issue so I figured I’d give it a shot. I have been very impressed with this product. The itchiness has dropped significantly since I started using this oil. No skin irritation and my skin is actually much more moist. My wife even said the hair feels better when I kiss her or my facial hair rubs against her. Can’t complain!

  26. R. D.

    This is by far the best beard oil that I have used! First, I would like to say that the scent of this is absolutely amazing. Second, this helps my beard not itch and also helps with dry skin. I will never use another brand again. Great product!

  27. Douglas US

    This beard oil has a wonderful aroma and the feel throughout my beard is not to greasy but it feels well treated and soft to the touch. I would highly recommend this beard oil for someone who is looking for a great smelling, beard oil conditioner.

  28. ProudBeardo

    This is my 3rd order with this company. Super customer service and a top notch product. My beard absolute loves this oil. The scent on the gentlemans blend is not overpowering. One of the best scents I’ve tried to date. A real winner here. Keep up the good work

  29. Collin from Colorado

    I can’t imagine shaving my beard, but the Mrs doesn’t like getting her face scratched when we smooch. Beard oil makes my whiskers feel and smell good to her so I don’t have to face Mr Razor Blade every morning. Happy, happy, happy.

  30. ronald

    This stuff is great and the smell well let me say this. When I put this in my beard and walk by the wife and she gets a wiff I’m going to have an awesome day and night!!!

  31. michael johnson

    When this came in the mail i was really excited because i had won it in a contest from beardoholic. I opened it popped the little cap shook out about 5 drops, rubbed my hands together and the first wiff was really strong. I’m thinking oh boy this isnt going to be good. But i rubbed it into my beard and the scent faded quickly and smelled good (my wife really likes it) i kept it in overnight and the next morning my beard was soft and felt really thick, no tangles had no problems combing through the morning beard. And it still had a very light scent still going. Ive been using this 2-3 times a day for about a week. I love this stuff, i would buy it again for sure. Im hoping they come out with different scents and balm. I gave it 4 stars because of the really bold smell when your first putting it on. But other than that, this oil is good stuff and makes my beard happy. I will recommend this to my friends and probably bearded strangers..

  32. Shawn

    This is a great product for any guy growing or maintaining their beard. It’s easy to use and its light scent smells great. You don’t need a dropper because the hole on the top of the glass bottle (under the cap) is small enough to let out the correct amount of oil per drop. Just tap the base to get a drop out. I’ll definitely purchase this again.

  33. Mike Russel

    Hello customers,

    I’m very happy with this beard oil and bellow I will write it why.

    Packing: Nicely sealed, dark amber bottle, little cap under the main cap. Looks high quality.

    Oil – Pine scented: Smell is nice, strong and manly. If you use it more than 2-3 times a day, do not use more than 3 drops per use. Because the smell will become too strong. This way it smells moderate all day long. Also my wife likes the scent and approves it.

    Effect: After using this beard oil for a several weeks, my beard is way more thicker and softer. I never really had any itching problems with my beard and never had with this oil.

    Overall: My beard is 6 months old. I have tried a few different oils but this one is the best. They have earned my trust. Recommending to everyone with a beard to try this beard oil.

  34. James BIG

    This is one of the best beard conditioner
    * No scent
    * Natural ingredients
    * keeps beard soft longer soften beard,

    * None to me

    I’ve been using this conditioner for a week and would like to say it is one of my favorite. I’ve tried many brands conditioners and lotions they all made my beard oily and sticky. I always carry it with me. Instantly your beard will feel soft to touch as well as make your beard appear much better kept. Overall this is an awesome product. I am using it everyday since I received it.
    Thumbs up Beardoholic

  35. William C.K.

    Tried this out after trying a beard balm, and this is easier to use and seems more effective. My beard feels softer and more groomed after using. But will try different scent from them.

  36. mrs. gina t.

    Great scent. Left my husbands fresh beard nice and soft. He starts to get rashes when his beard grows back in, and this helped. Great packaging. Nice gift for a man with any size beard.

  37. alpa stormer

    The best beard oil I’ve ever used.

  38. Christina Feeney

    My husband likes it a lot and it helps with the itchiness for sure.

  39. Amazon Customer

    Does what it says it’ll do. I’ve noticed pretty good results in thickness and it feels softer in just a couple weeks.

  40. pat80

    Beardoholic Beard Oil was purchased for my partner who has very dry skin in his beard area. I noticed no bumps and his hair’s are fine and well manageable. This product is easy to utilize and convenient for all occasions. This bottle can be kept in any traveling bag. He’s enjoying his Beardoholic Beard Oil.

  41. vartan

    Noticed a big difference in my beard only after 5 days of use. My beard got softer and the dandruff went away.

  42. bart goodson

    Great beard oil for daily use. I keep the bottle in the shower, and it is the last thing I use before stepping out. It makes my beard very soft and all the hairs straight. It also keeps it from itching. I love how it makes my beard look and feel.

  43. Katarina V.

    My husband is a fan. He’s had problems with dry skin under his beard and this oil not only leaves his beard feeling soft, it has also improved the dryness.

  44. Mat Kaspodorov

    This oil makes beard hair feel nice and silky which is what I wanted! It doesn’t require much so this bottle will last a long time.

  45. Mike Jr.

    I’ve tried several beard oils on amazon but figured I’d try something new to see if it made a difference. What a difference in quality, after just a few uses my beard was noticeably softer. The beard remains soft even if I miss using the oil which makes me believe it’s actually improving the health of my beard(thicker and stronger). A great masculine scent, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  46. Tom D. Jackson

    Epic! Really makes it my beard soft and thicker.

  47. jenney

    My husband loved this. He’s tried all kinds of oils for his beard but they all make it feel just greasy and not really effective. He said this one actually conditions his beard and is much less greasy. And it doesn’t look glossy like with the other ones. He’s been able to grow it now so that it is all the same length and looks much neater.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Great product , the first time my beard is still soft when I weak up !

  49. Topper Mike

    It stimulates beard growth making my beard not only softer, but helps it look fuller. Will buy it again 100%

  50. B. Joshua

    One of its kind, feels very good on skin and beard. Recommended 100%.

  51. Michael F. Sacish

    Great beard oil! It stays on all day and I can actually feel it working on my skin and my beard is less patchy! Highly recommend.

  52. Seth

    Great for combatting an itchy beard. Adds smoothness and sheen for a more premium beard. Even if it didn’t do anything I’d buy it for the scent. My girlfriend loves to smell my face after I’ve used it.

  53. Marco F.

    Great product, price a little too high but worth it. Makes my beard feels amazing after each use.

  54. david b

    It definitely helped with beard dandruff and itchyness I would definitely recommend iv already been recommending it to friends

  55. AshMR1

    Just started using it and my beard already feels softer and less Itchy. I plan on continuing using this hopefully it will continue to soften and strengthen my beard.

  56. Joe C

    I have never used a beard oil before but since I started using it my beard is softer, and smoother than ever. My wife loves my beard, but she actually said that it is more sexy because it is softer and smells better than ever. I dig this beard oil double thumbs up

  57. FishfulThinking

    This beard oil comes in a very small bottle but smells amazing! It has a nice earthy aroma but it is not over powering or fake. If I had one wish it would be to come in a larger size with a dropper as that is easier to apply. But it does has a functioning stopper so when you shake the bottle drops do come out. Just make sure to take the end cap off of the stopper – as it looks like it belongs there but it actually has to be removed to get the oil out. Otherwise you will look like me shaking the bottle with no luck.

    So far so good – my husbands beard is not flaking or he face – and he loves the scent. Thank you Beardoholic!

  58. Foxteca

    This has a great smell to it and makes my beard so soft.
    I also got their beard comb and it makes it a lot easier to apply if you put it on the comb and brush it in. Makes even the most unruly beard look great.

  59. raymond roy

    Love this stuff! Its hard to find a beard oil that doesn’t have a bunch of crazy chems in it but this stuff is great!

  60. Amazon Customer

    My hubby has tried many oils and he loves this one! It smells piney and makes his beard very shiny! However we had to put the oil into another bottle that has a droper in order to be able to use it more conveniently. Besides that it smells beautiful and makes his beard super soft!

  61. GardenGirl3878

    Okay, I did not think that I liked the scent of pine but this oil smells really good to me. It’s a very masculine scent and it’s actually fairly strong. This is a pretty small bottle but you only need a small amount. I do wish it had a pump or something instead of having to take off the lid. Not a problem though. I actually like the look of the bottle. Came in a little brown, plain box. You could easily give this as a gift. The ingredients are great for all skin and beards and this really helps with itching. My husband is always itching his beard so this is very soothing for that. Also, this was sealed and that is always a plus. I have had some beard oils come unsealed. This left my husband’s beard soft and shiny and smelling so good. If he’s happy I am happy

  62. Dustin Spires

    Great smell. Great product. Left my beard feeling much softer and smoother.

  63. Lragone78

    My husband and teenager son both have short beards. They both enjoy using this product to minimize itching and assist with keeping the beard neat.

  64. Brittany / Nick

    I like the smell of pine, but I didn’t realize that I prefer that smell on things other than my husband’s face. My husband swears by beard oils to help the texture of his beard, but I find it a bit more of a novelty item than something that is necessary. For me, I think that if the scent was more of a cologne-like scent I would be more drawn to it, but I get that the natural type smells are more fitting for people that like to don the beard.

    I do think that the price is a bit on the high side, which is my main gripe with the product for why I only gave 4-stars.

  65. mason91

    Love this beard oil….nice manly scent, nothing overpowering tho….keeps beard smelling nice….softens and conditions beard hair, helps to prevent beard damage for the best beard possible….works well with wooden beard comb for best detangling action…would totally recommend!!!

  66. Chris S.

    I recently decided to grow a beard. I did a lot of researching on different beard oils, waxes, etc. I came across this Beardoholic oil and it works great. I use it after my morning shower and my beard is noticeably shinier. I don’t have a very long beard yet so it only takes a few drops to get my beard oiled up. The smell is strong at first but dies down pretty quickly. It’s a pine scent and it smells very woodsy. It’s not overwhelming at all. My wife really likes the smell. This is the only beard oil I’ve ever used so i cant compare it to others but i would definitely purchase again once i run out of this bottle

  67. klotzishere20

    This smells amazing. This is one of the few oils that i can smell all day. Awesome product.

  68. Brittany Powell

    My husband was very please with the oil and packaging was very nice/ high end looking. Would buy this product again!

  69. Amazon Customer

    Amazing product!!! Just the smell alone is incredible. i’ve tried some oils before, but this one takes the medal. Zero itchiness, no dryness, and it keeps my beard shiny as hell.

  70. Richard

    I have tried other beard oils and they are way to greasy/oily. This one is not it adds great density to my beard and works great to get the tangles out. The best part is the not over powering scent of pine..smells great! The scent will last throughout the day but is not strong. Bottle is perfect size for pocket, glove box, toolbox, or medicine cabinet. All around top quality job by Beardoholic would recommend to any man trying to tame his beard!

  71. Sarah Jane

    Smells great and makes my fiancés beard so soft! This stuff is great. It really conditions and helps with dry skin in the beard and mustache area. He loves it.

  72. Stephanie/Manuel Sifuentes

    While I haven’t noticed any beard growth in length, I have noticed that my beard seems to be filling out more. It also smells great.

  73. Stepcevich


  74. alainy_jeremiah71

    Ordered my second bottle of this. I do a lot of outdoor training for events and my beard is exposed to the elements, rivers, lakes and more. I use this after washing my beard to ensure it remains healthy.

  75. Czesiek96784087 ‏

    Since buying this beard oil I’ve thrown away my clippers and razors and intend never to shave again. As an added bonus, I’m stroking my beard so much, I always look super-thoughtful.

    The stuff smells great. Will definitely be buying again.

  76. Mary Stewart

    Bought as gift for boyfriends birthday. He loves it. Freshened up his beard and stopped it being irritating against his skin

  77. KuczmarskiDerek ‏

    This is the first beard oil I have tried and it certainly seems like the beard is softer and my skin is nourished (I previously have problems with beard itch and dry skin). Would order again.

  78. JoshuaJFeinberg ‏

    I’ve had a beard now for about 5 years – although I knew about various beard related products/oils etc. I kind of thought they were all a bit of a sham. How wrong I was!

    My wife bought me this as a present and although it sat on the shelf for a while (I’ve never been much of a male groomer!), curiosity eventually got the better of me and I thought I’d give it go. That was 2 weeks ago and I’ve been using it every day since.

    I’ve found it’s best to apply just after washing and towel-drying my beard – it keeps it really soft and smooth without being greasy. Also having been using it for a couple of weeks there’s loads left in the bottle so it’s good value for money too.

  79. Katarina from Beardoholic

    Fantastic product! I have had a long, full beard for some time now and have tried a number of different beard oils. I thought I would give this a try and I’m glad I did!

    Firstly, It arrived really quickly! After only a week I have seen a noticeable improvement. My beard is considerably softer with an amazing sheen, and smells pretty damn good too!

    Previously my beard had been slightly wiry and unmanageable but combining this oil with a good quality beard brush has made a world of difference.

    Highly recommended to all my bearded brothers out there!

  80. Samuel Mccall

    arrived promptly and well packaged. smells nice and does exactly what it says. its my first beard oil so don’t have anything to compare with but it does appear to be working

  81. Aury_na

    Makes me want to sniff my mans face all day long so thats a positive I suppose! In all seriousness this oil is fab, makes his beard super soft and manageable. Super subtle smell, not over powering and very appealing. If you’re having doubts just buy it, you won’t be disappointed.

  82. Michael Morris

    I bought this beard oil a long time ago, but then decided not to grow my beard out, months and months later I decided that I did want to grow it and forgot I owned this oil and without it my beard was getting very brittle and hairs started to break (I always mess with it when I’m bored), it was getting dry and itchy and hard to manage, I was going shave it all off, but then I remebered I had this and within ghe first hour of the first use ot was already feeling way better, and now it’s soft, easy to manage, and no longer brittle, all from one use (two pumps for me) every morning.

    Would highly recommend to anybody (with more than just stubble)

  83. justwithinreach ‏

    Works really Well. Felt a difference in the first day of use

  84. RamiroOMonterro ‏

    I like it , makes the beard nice and soft. Especially after a hot shower – put the oil on and voila !

  85. kerryg199 ‏

    My husband loves this makes his beard shiny and smooth noticed an improvement straight away and not greasy

  86. Jousef Alhussiny

    Just a few days in and I’m really impressed!
    It feels great, doesn’t feel anywhere near as “oily” as I’d expected. The other half thinks that it makes my fledgling beard less scratchy, (which is definitely a good thing!)

    All in all, I’m pretty impressed, and I’ll definitely buy again.

  87. Filipe

    I’ve been growing a beard for the past year and I had the chance to try out different beard care products. I haven’t heard of Beardoholic beard oil before and I decided to give it a try. After using it for a week or so, I noticed a considerable difference on how my beard feels and looks. It became much softer and silkier while giving my beard a healthy shine without looking greasy. On the plus, the scent is very nice and refreshing.

  88. Ricardo London

    The scent is magnificent. I’m addicted to it.

    It leaves a good feel and shine in the beard too.

    Thanks, guys!

  89. lalin

    A subtle masculine scent and definitely gives your beard a healthy shine. I will be getting more of this!

  90. alexpaez12121 ‏

    I was skeptical about beard oils and I looked through a fair few before settling on this one. How wrong was I! This oil leaves the beard nice and soft and doesn’t dry out even if you blow dry it. Generally, tend to use it after giving the shower.

    And the bonus is that it smells really nice (I just love pine scent) and my other half adores it…

    Win Win!

  91. Courtney Griffith

    This was the first beard oil I tried when first grew my beard, so I had no other experiences to compare this to. I’ve tried various beard oils since and I decided to buy this one again. It is by far the best beard oil I have used and the results are apparent after a matter of days.

    The itchy beard was gone. My beard is very soft and neat again, thanks to Beardoholic! I’ll never use another beard oil again.

  92. nathaniel j mask

    For my size of beard, 4 squirts in the palm of the hand are all that is required. What I do is comb my beard up, then back down again to disperse the oil.

  93. Josephq

    I was skeptical about the benefits of this product but have been converted! After only a few days’ use, I can tell my beard is softer. The oil is non-greasy, and moisturises the skin as well as the beard. It feels like a high end product.

  94. kevinclarke007‏

    Definitely does help with beard itch, a simple application of this and it goes away, makes your beard smell nice too but that doesn’t last long however. Once applied if definitely makes your beard nice and soft too!

    As my beard is very short (been growing about a month) I’d probably say this will definitely be beneficial to those with a more ‘fuller’ or longer beard.

  95. liammcguinness

    Leaves bread feeling soft, smells nice and easy to apply.
    This small bottle will last quite a long time as only a little needed.

  96. DD

    I decided to grow my beard a bit but was always put off as it starts to look a bit scruffy. This oil helps it look a lot neater and maintains it. Definitely worth a purchase and you don’t need a lot so will last. Found it works well with a beard shampoo.

  97. tallbob

    Firstly… wow!

    Absolutely does what it said, and more. I’ve now had it on for 3 hours and my beard and skin beneath feel better than ever.

    Nothing stops me now from ordering most of their product range!

  98. icewater

    This is just superb. I HAVE A SOFT BEARD NOW! NO ITCH! I’ve never put anything on my long 6 days worth of stubble before and recently I started to get a little bit of dermatitis on one side. I thought I would give this beard oil a go and am amazed at the results. Most importantly the dermatitis/ dryness is gone and my beard is really soft. It feels so well conditioned and treated. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. I also tried it on a few days old of stubble as sometimes I like to have shorter length and it is just fantastic. No oiliness either. Just well treated growth and skin. Thank you beardoholic. Your products are superb!

  99. Chris Pody

    A nice oil which has many uses, it moisturizes your face and beard, enhances strength and growth and also detangles hair too.

    I have been using this product on my beard, I do not have a full-grown beard, but it does help to soften your beard and also moisturize your face at the same time. I cannot say about untangling as I do not have this problem.

    Overall nice product to moisturize and soften your beard.

  100. Baddy


    I am new to the Beard grooming scene, but this item is perfect.

    Just drop a couple of drops onto your hands and rub into your beard – that’s it!

    Nice, simple, and clean.

  101. Cj Skinner

    Having been cleanly shaven through my entire Army career, I finally decided that I was going to succumb to the constant face hair growth. My main reason for buying the oil was to try and reduce the itch.
    The oil smells lovely, with pleasant but not strong undertones of the oils being used.

    So far I have noticed that the condition, look and feel of the beard is great, and the itchiness has reduced, but I’m only at two weeks growth.

    Great product, fantastic smell, good feel and highly recommended. 4 stars just because it is a little bit pricey. But that’s it!

  102. ruben rascon

    This product smells amazing and stops that terrible itch. Works well with any length beard, and I cannot get enough of the fresh pine smell. Forget contemplating if you should get this item, and get it! So pleased with it

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