beard oil benefit

We see more bearded men in the workplace, especially those jobs where you would expect to find business professionals wearing suits and being clean-shaven.

Male models, and industry that used to be comprised of just pretty boys, is now packed with rugged guys sporting beards of all shapes and sizes.

While most guys think growing a beard is simple, try letting your facial hair grow past the itching phase and see if you really are man enough to make it all the way.

The maintenance and grooming involved does take persistence, but the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

You can not just place the lazy card and think in a month or two you are going to look like male model Dan Bilzerian and his famous beard.

A well-groomed beard requires top rated beard shampoo, conditioner, styling, combing, and a quality beard oil.

Most guys forget that last part, but just like your vehicle. oil is the lifeblood to making your beard look spectacular.

If you have always been clean-shaven and decide to grow out your beard, the biggest obstacle you will face a few weeks after hair begins sprouting is that itching.

The hairs piercing through the skin cause irritation, and that results in itching that almost seems to never stop.

beard oil - groomed beard

That itchiness lasts for different lengths of time for guys, some weeks, some months, but it really doesn’t have to be that away.

If you discover the healing powers of beard oil, all your troubles will simply drift away.

But stopping your itchy face and neck and not the only reasons why you should be using quality beard oil, the list is much larger.

Here are the top 6 reasons you need to be using a quality beard oil today:

1. Better Beard Felling

Like we talked about earlier, growing or even maintaining a beard can be quite uncomfortable at times.

If the facial hair is dried out and the skin below is dry too, the hair follicles irritate the skin surface as they grow.

This never stops because your facial hair is growing, and in abundance I might add.

You feel like your entire face has a million mosquito bites on it that never stops itching.

better beard feeling - beard oil

A dime-sized drop of the beard oil massaged into the hair and down to the skin will go a long way in relieving any discomfort you feel as you allow your beard to grow to any length.

Simply add this application of beard oil to your grooming routine once a day to see incredible results.

The daily use of a quality beard oil will help to stop those itchy feelings and make the hair and skin more healthy.

2. Healthier Growing Beard

One of the reasons it is recommended you make use of a quality beard oil each day is because it will have a long-lasting positive impact on the health of your beard and skin.

As the facial hair grows longer, it can be harder to wash and clean your face, and as the skin dries out, it feels like little knives cutting through your skin and the hair follicle grows.

The beard oil will moisturize the skin so it is soft and supple, allowing each hair follicle to simply glide through without rubbing and irritation.

healthy beard with beard oil

Healthy skin means less pimples, less flaking, less irritation. That crumb-catcher you are growing will look amazing because it is now growing in an ideal environment.

Just like how the best crops explode to life when the soil is the best quality, so will the appearance of your beard when the skin below is healthy.

The beard oil actually can stimulate hair growth too as the skin becomes more healthy and allows the essential oils to seep deep down into the roots of each hair follicle.

3. Better Looking Beard

Chances are pretty good that you have seen your share of unhealthy looking beards.

These are the ones that look like steel wood pads, thick, unmanageable, wild hairs, frizzing out in every direction and looking like they have not been combed or brushed for months.

A crinkly and dry beard just has this dirty look to it, something you could never be able to wear to a professional job or even to impress the ladies.

good looking beard - beard oil

The hair follicles naturally produce oil, but they are stripped away each day by the harmful ingredients in shampoos and conditioners.

Those toxic chemicals that are supposed to be making your hair look shiny and clean are stripping the natural oils and leaving your facial hair brittle and dry.

Using a quality beard oil each day will make your skin healthy and in turn a better looking beard.

Beard oil is the solution to all your problems because it replaces the oil missing from your hair that is causing it to look wild in the first place.

4. Cleaner Smelling Beard

The beard is often called the crumb-catcher for good reason, just about everything that doesn’t make it into your mouth when you eat finds its way into the nooks and crannies of your facial hair.

But the combination of food particles and a drying out beard can really create a nasty smell. If you have a lady or are trying to get one, nothing can be more of a turn-off that a beard that smells.

If you are having trouble getting ladies, this might be the reason and you may not even be aware of it because you have in fact become nose-blind to the odors.

good smelling beard - beard oil

Most quality beard oils come in a variety of fragrances, so like cologne, you could start repairing the damage to your beard from within and begin to put out a different signal to all the ladies out there that are drawn in by the power of the beard.

An advantage to using the beard oil is that it conditions the hair and leaves it smelling great.

5. Softer Beard Feeling

One of the biggest impacts to your beard after you begin using the quality beard oil is that the facial hair will become softer almost immediately.

Make no mistake about it, women are drawn to guys with beards.

Women think guys with beards are sexy.

A woman wants to get close and snuggle up with a guy who has a beard, but as she rubs her fingers through the hair and it feels like a Brillo pad, you just killed a romantic moment at the least.

soft beard with beard oil

If you have a thick beard and want immediate results, trim the beard down some so applying the beard oil gets to the roots more easily.

In no time, the new hair growth will be soft and supple, a magnet to any able-body willing lady within a mile radius of your man beard.

This goes hand in hand with having a healthy beard, if the hair follicles are healthy, the roots are healthy, then the hair that grows is healthy.

6. Easy-to-Style Beard

Guys today have gotten very creative with how they style their beards.

The reason many of the actors and male models make it look effortless to style their facial hair is because they have all been exposed to the power of the quality beard oils and and beard shaping tool.

Trying to style or even manage a dry beard is like trying to run a comb through a patch of dead grass.

Styling your beard just got that much easier when you place a few drops of the beard oil in your palms and rub it into the facial hair and skin below.

If you have a particular style you are trying to achieve, beard oil will make short work of the grooming process.

styled beard with beard oil

You will be amazed and pleasantly surprised to see how little beard oil it actually takes to transform the ability to style your beard any way that you choose.

So there you have it, the top 6 reasons why you should be using quality beard oil. It doesn’t matter if you only have some stubble on your face or you are sporting a full-length long beard, beard oil will transform the look, the manageability, the smell, and the appearance of your facial hair.

Not only that, the beard oil is actually good for your face because it replaces the hair and follicles with the essential oils being stripped away from commercial shampoo and conditioners.

Purchase your own quality beard oil today and you will be amazed how quickly the health and appearance of your beard improves.