Samuel L. Jackson is called the powerhouse of acting, and it all began with his mind-boggling performance in Pulp Fiction as Jules Winnfield.

Today, the actor has performed for over 20 years, both as positive and negative characters, winning the hearts of people all across the globe.

This acting genius is talked about for his performances in films as well as his striking style statements.

Samuel L. Jackson: Style – Bold And Vivacious

Samuel L. Jackson is an actor who has not allowed changing fashion trends or age to define his style. His bold, experimental looks have been one of his unique characteristics as an actor.

Jackson had, at an early age, found out that being bold in fashion can effectively help him get the attention of people at large.

Samuel L. Jackson style statement always revolves around experimental, vivacious attire. He admits that it was his mother who taught him how to dress up classically.

Both on and off screen, the actor’s dashing style statement is the key to his impressive portfolio.

He loves to wear big brands like Armani and is a huge admirer of their collection of tuxedos and suits, including a purple tux that was designed for him exclusively.

He likes to experiment with colors and prefers bright colors like sky-blue or red among others.

Samuel L. Jackson Beard Style – The “Winnfield” Look

Samuel L. Jackson has been wearing all kinds of beard styles over the years, and he dazzles in his current clean shaven look.

However, the most popular Samuel L. Jackson beard style that everyone wants to grow is his Winnfield look, from his famous film, Pulp Fiction. Basically, this beard style combines the horseshoe mustache and the mutton chops facial hair style.

The most important thing to remember is that the mustache does not connect with the sideburn. Also, the majority of the facial hair has to be shaved clean to maintain this style.

And not to disappoint you, but you have to dedicate your time and energy to ensure that you flaunt this beard style successfully every time you leave the house.

Guide To Achieve The Samuel L. Jackson “Winnfield” Beard Style

As mentioned before, this facial hair style is combination of two different styles.

Guide To Achieve The Samuel L. Jackson "Winnfield" Beard Style

Photo from: Miramax

So, the following lines will throw light on how to get each of these facial hair styles. Let’s begin with the mutton chops.

The first thing that you have to know about growing mutton chops is that you need thick (very thick) facial hair to successfully wear this style and a top rated beard grooming kit.

Step 1

Wait for a full beard to grow. It may take some time, depending on your genetic background. If you don’t have thick facial hair, you can look for ways to make them thicker (but don’t shave – it doesn’t make your facial hair thicker).

Step 2

Once all the facial hair has grown, you need to clean shave your neck and chin.

Step 3

Don’t touch the sideburns right up to the jaw, as well as halfway to the chin.

Step 4

Now clean shave the hair underneath your cheekbones, creating an inclined line. Make sure that 1 and half inch facial hair strip and sideburns stay in place.


  • Don’t connect the mutton chops with the mustache
  • Plan the mutton chops the way you have seen Samuel L. Jackson do in Pulp Fiction
  • Trim rogue hair using a stubble trimmer or even scissors to ensure that style is well-maintained
  • Don’t forget to keep both sides symmetrical

While you are working on the mutton chops, you need to stay focused on your mustache as well. To get a horseshoe mustache, you need to follow these steps:

Step 5

 Allow your mustache to grow normally, but at the time of shaving, make sure that your mustache tails grow down the face naturally.

Step 6

It is actually your beard that will grow as an extension of the mustache tails, giving the illusion that your mustache is growing downwards.

Make sure that while trimming a mustache or shaving, a prominent gap is visible between the mustache and the mutton chops. Using a proper beard shaping tool will help you achieve this look.

Step 7

Make sure that the pipe/tail width remains the same as the mustache, only a bit wider towards the chin.

A proper beard trimmer will help you keep the pipes and mustache exactly at the length you need for the Winnfield look. Also, don’t allow your facial hair to bleed down on your neckline or cheek’s horizontal part.

Finally, if you put in the right effort, getting this famous Samuel L. Jackson beard style is going to be no big deal. However, maintenance will require a commitment on your part, both to keep the facial hair trimmed and clean.

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