Mixed Boys Haircuts Bound Dreads

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Having a mixed background has both benefits and downsides.

While some boys may struggle to find their belongings, others strive and massively embrace their multiculturality.

They showcase both sides of their cultures to create a unique blend of both.

One of the ways they can do it is by emphasizing their mixed boys’ haircuts.

Being a mix of two races does not mean being able to choose one and going with it.

Actually, when it comes to your hair, it definitely allows you to become unique and have as many different hairstyles as you can.

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60 Most Popular Mixed Boys Haircuts

If you are looking for inspiration for mixed boys’ haircuts, we have the ultimate list of probably the most suitable and popular ones available. We even threw in cute toddler haircuts for the youngest ones you might like.

Tight Braids

Tight Braids biracial boy's haircut

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One of the coolest ways to style your boy’s hair is by plaiting tight braids. You can make them as thick or as thin as you like, but they will not get in the way when he is running around.

Mixed Boys Haircut Short Braids

Short Braids blended boy's haircut

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Short ones are entirely in order if your mixed boy does not have enough length for tight braids. This is quite a hectic hairstyle you don’t really need to make every braid the same length and they can flop around as he jumps around.

Long Curls With Undercut

Long Curls With Undercut

Take advantage of your boy’s natural curs and emphasize them by creating an undercut. The top part should feature longer curls which will act as the headpiece of the style.

Stylish Top Bun for Boys

Stylish Top Bun for Boys

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Long hair is cute and curly hair is even cuter. You can create a small top bun to get the hair out of the way and make a stylish hairstyle choice that is both practical and cool.

Mixed Boys Haircut High Skin Fade With Long Curls

High Skin Fade With Long Curls

Take advantage of your boy’s massive curly hair and create a skin fade. Let the locks flourish on top and let them fall as they may. There is no right way to style the top; just let the curls do their thing.

High Top Fade Mixed Boys Haircuts

High Top Fade mixed boys haircut

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Boy’s fade hairstyles are pretty popular nowadays. Use this to your advantage as you create a fade on the sides, and keep the top short as well, but with enough length to distinguish it from the sides.

Loose and Free Curls

Loose and Free Curls

Watch your boy as he jumps around with loose curly hair. Sometimes there is no way to tame the curls except by allowing them to go their way. This hair has tons of volume and can act as a trendy baby boy haircut.

Messy Large Curls

Messy Large Curls

Allow your boy to grow his hair until it starts to shape into oversized ringlets. These massive curls will help the child stand out on the playing field and will recognize him no matter where he is.

Top Knot Mixed Boys Haircut

Top Knot mixed boy haircuts

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Pull the hair of your mixed boy back away from the face and create a simple top knot with a rubber band. The sides should be shorter, while the top needs medium-length hair.

Box Braids

Box Braids mixed boys haircuts

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Box braids may be a little old-school, but that is what will bring joy to your mixed boy and his hairstyle. They take some time to make but look exceptionally well once you do.

Tight Ringlets

Tight Ringlets mixed boy haircut

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The mixed nature of your boy’s hair allows various shapes to form. Tight ringlets are just one of them and can grow, so they add some added volume to the top of the head.

Fauxhawk With Skin Fade Mixed Boys Haircut

Fauxhawk With Skin Fade biracial boys haircut

Photo @pjabreu

The fauxhawk can be a very intriguing type of haircut for a boy. It might be a bit extravagant, but it combines well with a skin fade on the sides and some wavy hair on top. Put on some hair pomade to style the hair on top.

Zig Zag Boy’s Braids

Zig Zag Boy’s Braids

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Shaping your boy’s braids in a zig-zag pattern may take a lot of work, but the results are pretty astounding once you do. They look very fun and your child will love them.

Mixed Boys Haircut With Long Curls 

Long Curls

This one is a no-brainer. If your boy has curly hair, allow them to grow and style minutely. They, by themselves, will give the shape to the haircut and make it almost work on its own.

Mixed Boys Haircut With Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights mixed boys hairstyle

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You never know how well the highlights will fit until you try them on. These can work well for both long and shorter hair. The best way to do this is to highlight the ringlets of the longer hair on your boy.

Wild Mixed Boy Curls

Wild Boy Curls

Photo @jacksonbarber8.8

Here you don’t have to do anything at all. Let the curls grow naturally and allow the boy to do his thing. The hair will look wild at first, but it will start to take its shape after a while.

Mixed Boys Haircut With Long Hair In Ponytail

Long Hair In Ponytail

Photo @duubanks_carlton

Long hair on a boy is very cool. It can get in his way while he runs around and plays. A ponytail is the best solution since the hair will not restrain his movement and look good on him.

Full Head of Twists

Full Head of Twists mixed boys haircuts

Photo @braidedroots

Mixed hair can quickly come out in twists. Those with naturally twisty hair require you to grow it long and take care of it precisely and often. The full head of twists style is an eye-catching one.

Loose and Free Afro Hairstyle

Loose and Free Afro Hairstyle

Photo @duubanks_carlton

Natural Afro hair can be untamable. Afro hairstyles on a boy should not be tamed. They should flourish as the hair gains volume and grows freely.

Thinner and Smaller Curls

Thinner and Smaller Curls mixed boys hair

Photo @pjabreu

With some smaller curls, even the youngest of boys can look great. It is very easy to take care of and you can easily pick your length as it can work on multiple ones.

Fade With Designs

Fade With Designs

Photo @dynasty_barbers

One of the chic short haircuts for boys is an expanded fade with a design on the side. You can even let the boy choose the design himself and allow him to look like his favorite superhero.

Blonde Curls Around the Face

Blonde Curls Around The Face Hybrid Hairstyle

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Being a mixed boy allows you to inherit traits from both parents. You don’t see a lot of curly blonde guys out there, but if you are mixed, it can happen. Blonde curls are a unique and attractive look to have.

Mixed Boys Tight Curls

Tight Curls mixed boys hairstyle

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If you are preparing for a special occasion and bringing your child with you, they also need a haircut to match. Tighten up those curls, trim the top and the sides to an appropriate length, and pair them with some nice clothing.

Mixed Boys Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky Curly Hair

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This look is very popular with mixed boys. You can allow the kinks in their hair to take a life of their own and style it uniquely. You can even find accessories with beads and colorful bands.

Short Mohawk Mixed Boys Haircut

Short Mohawk mixed boys hair

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A shorter mohawk is a less extreme version of the original style and can look good on a small boy. Leave the top long and style it with some gel to create a mohawk; you don’t need to shave the sides; trim them down.

Modern Hard Part Boys Hairstyle

Modern Boy Hard Part Haircut

Photo @dynasty_barbers

The hard part is a grownup style that will work marvelously on your mixed boy. Clip the hair, especially the slides, and add a hard part while slightly styling the top hair.

Kids Curly Kinky Mohawk

Curly Kinky Mohawk

Photo @dynasty_barbers

This one is hard to explain but is one of the best hairstyles for a mixed boy. Trim the sides and leave the kinks up, so they form a mohawk. Really extravagant.

Spiky Fade With Design Mixed Boys Haircuts

Spiky Fade With Design mixed boy hairstyle

Photo @dynasty_barbers

It is precisely as it sounds. Leave some length up to so you can create spikes. Add a fade on the sides and some design lines. You can do both sides or choose only one.

Mixed Boys Crop Top Haircut

mixed boys haircut Crop Top

Photo @dynasty_barbers

A very down-to-earth hairstyle and great if you don’t want your boy to go for something too extreme. The natural curly hair on the top is the essential part that you need to concentrate on.

Mixed Boys Curly Mullet Hairstyle

biratial boys haircuts Curly Mullet

Photo @dynasty_barbers

A kid’s mullet style is what many boys wear now. Take advantage of the mixed nature of your boy’s hair and create a curly mullet that no one has seen yet.

Boy’s Tousled Look Hairstyle

Tousled LooK boys haircut

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Do not cut the curls; you can use them to style the hair. A tousled look becomes a unique hairstyle for boys with mixed origins. It perfectly accentuates the face.

Surfer Mixed Boy Haircut

Surfer Boy Haircut

A surfer look is a messy style that allows you to take full advantage of your natural hair. It is not a bedhead style but does not require much maintenance at all.

Boys Hairstyle Buzz Cut With Fade

Buzz Cut With Fade

Photo @dynasty_barbers

This would be a classic boys’ style as you need some hair clippers to buzz cut the hair short. The fade is what sets this hairstyle apart from all similar ones.

Mixed Boys Comb-Over With Undercut

Comb-Over With Undercut

Photo @barbershopindonesia.id

Start by shaving an undercut on the sides; the top must be left long enough to style the hair. Take a big comb and some hair pomade to comb it over for a very formal look.

Mixed Boy Caesar Haircut 

Caesar Haircut

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

This one may sound a bit extreme, but it is not as such when styled correctly. The Caesar style can look good, but combing the top fringe makes the difference.

Cornrows for Mixed Boys

Cornrows For Blended Boys

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Long hair can be maintained in various ways. Your boy’s curly hair can be settled in cornrows, giving off the 90s look but with contemporary charm.

Spikes With Faded Sides Boys Hairstyle

Spikes With Faded Sides

Photo @barbershopindonesia.id

Not a complex hairstyle, but one that requires a bit of work. The top part needs to be a bit long to add the spikes. It should transition with a fade on the sides, which makes this a masterful style.

Long Hair With Shaved Sides

Long Hair With Shaved Sides

Photo @barbeiros_kings

This one sounds a bit straightforward and it is. You have options, as you can leave the top part as long as you like, but the sides need to be shaved tightly. The longer top hair leaves you with a variety of options, though.

Trendy Boy Dreadlocks

Trendy Boy Dreadlocks

Photo @afro_barber_hk

Dreadlocks can look cool no matter the way you look at them. Your boy can have some due to the natural look of his hair. This can be a fun experience for the boy and the parents.

Boy’s Side Swept Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Side Swept Hairstyle With Surgical Design

Photo @pjabreu

If you want your boy to look fantastic and chick, a side-swept hairstyle will make it happen. A surgical design line on the side will do the thing to add some extra oomph.

Mixed Boys Stitched Braids

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Mixed Boys Fade Line And Twists

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Mixed Boys Fade Signature

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Mixed Boys Braided Bun

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Biracial Boys Bound Braids

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Biracial Boys Flat Curly Top Hair

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Biracial Boys Litlle Curls Hairstyle

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Dyed Stitched Dreads

Photo @braidedroots

Unusual Braids For Biracial Boys

Photo @braidedroots

Twist Out Biracial Boys Haircut

Photo @braidedroots

Mixed Boys Braided Fields

Photo @jazz_braids_styles

Short Spider Braids

Photo @braidsbychiqui

Zig Zag Braided Sideline Mixed Boys

Photo @braidsbychiqui

Mixed Boys Braided Art And Bun

Photo @braidsbychiqui

Mixed Boys Fishtail Braids And Bun

Photo @braidsbyjackie

Spider Fade Design

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Skin Fade Fringe For Biracial Boys Hair

Photo @jayblendedit

Curly Top Mixed Boys Hair

Photo @pjabreu

Side Part Mixed Boys Hairstyle

Photo @barbershopindonesia.id

Dyed Spikes Mixed Boys Haircut

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How to Get Mixed Boys’ Hairstyle

You may be able to avoid a barbers charge and style the hair of your mixed boy yourself. A trip to the barber is imminent if you want a unique and specific hairstyle.

Creating a haircut will most likely come to this:

Choose a hairstyle

Pick a hairstyle for your boy based on their hair type. You will have more options depending on the uniqueness of your child’s hair.

Style your hair

If you are going to the barber, show them a picture or explain in your own words what the style needs to look like.

Use some hair products

Get some pomade or styling cream to set the hair for your kid. Don’t use strong products to preserve the hair of your child.

You will have to plan for future trips to the barber for regular touch-ups. It will depend on the hairstyle, though.

Mixed Boys Hairstyles FAQ 

Who is most likely to wear a mixed boys haircut?

All age groups of boys can wear these types of haircuts. The parents will ultimately decide which.

How can I make my mixed son’s hair look its best?

You will be able to do it with regular maintenance. Even if they have textured hair, you should wash, clean, and style it regularly so it can look the best it possibly can.

What are some common mixed boys’ hair problems, and how can they be fixed?

Mixed hair can have a mind of its own and be difficult to tame. Since it can take the traits of at least two types of hair, regular maintenance routines might not have the same impact. So you need to try different ones until you get to the right one.

Where can I find pictures of mixed boys’ haircuts?

You can find them on the internet, but you will be able to find the best examples here on our page.

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