Jason Momoa With Beard and Long Curly Hair

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26 Most Famous Celebrities With Curly Hair

Jason Momoa

Being half-Polynesian, Jason Momoa has naturally wavy locks. Being half-Irish, Momoa’s hair is not quite as naturally curly as pure Polynesians. It also has a bit of a brownish-blonde tint.

Nick Jonas

All of the Jonas Brothers have naturally curly hair. Although Nick sports his hair relatively short nowadays, his trademark curly hair is still quite visible.

Alfred Enoch

This young British actor is popularly known for his tight mini-Afro. His hair is so thick that even with a shorter cut, you will still notice that it has quite a lot of volume.

Corbin Bleu

If you remember the hit Disney Channel musical, aptly named High School Musical, then you would remember Corbin Bleu’s majestic curly hair. Nowadays, he cuts his hair relatively short, like a modern Jheri curl with short sides.

This is one of the most popular curly hairstyles for black men.

Corbin Bleu Curly Hairstyle

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Justin Timberlake

Who does not remember JT’s curly blonde hair during his N’Sync days? His hair was so awesomely ridiculous that it became a meme. These days, the more mature Justin Timberlake likes to cut his hair relatively short. In most cases, he also gets it buzzed.

Robert Sheehan

This flamboyant actor is not just known for his outrageous outfits. His curls also made him famous. It is reminiscent of the hippie hairstyles made popular in the 70s.

Will Smith

Although Will Smith has always worn his hair closely cropped, he has pretty kinky curly hair.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks’ hair might be a bit thin right now, but early in his career, he had a thick and curly head of hair. If you remember his movies in the late 80s and early 90s, he often wore a curly mullet.

Finn Jones

The star of Netflix’s Iron Fist has quite curly hair. It is reminiscent of Justin Timberlake’s curly locks. The nice thing about Jones’ curls is that even when he was portrayed as a homeless man, the curls still looked nice.

Kit Harrington

The King of the North has quite beautiful curls. Even in the sub-zero temperatures beyond The Wall, his hair still looked amazing.

Kit Harrington With Beard and Curly Hair

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British singer Mika always seems to have a perfectly-styled curly pompadour.

Nolan Gould

Former Modern Family star Nolan Gould has a head full of curly hair. He was already quite adorable during the early seasons of Modern Family and now, he is a huge heartthrob while still keeping the hair.

Will Ferrell

Funnyman Will Ferrell’s wild and curly hair is a part of his comedy bits as his over-the-top acting.

Seth Rogen

Like Will Ferrell, Seth Rogen’s wild and messy curly hair is a part of his brand as his stoner lifestyle.

Brody Jenner

The least famous sibling in the Kardashians might not be quite as popular as his sisters, but he has nice, thick curly hair.

Idris Elba

Idris Elba’s hair is always cropped or buzzed, but his hair is so curly that you will still see them even when he cuts it short. His short-cropped hair, paired with his curly beard, gives him his distinct look.

Idris Elba With Salt and Pepper Beard

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Eric Dane

Aside from his top-tier acting chops, Eric Dane is so famous because of his impressive curly hair. He styles this in many different ways depending on his roles.

Howard Stern

Aside from the sunglasses, another trademark of the most famous shock jock in the world, Howard Stern, is his long and flowing raven curly hair. His hair is reminiscent of glam rock hairstyles that were quite popular 70s hairstyles.

Alex Wolff

Actor and musician Alex Wolff and his brother Nat Wolff are almost always seen with shaggy and curly hair. Whether on-screen or in concert, his curly hair is always in a perfectly messy condition.

John C. Reilly

Like his Step Brothers co-star Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly’s shaggy curly hair is a part of his comedy. He exploits his hair constantly by using it like a prop and intentionally keeping it messy.

Michael Sheen

Aside from his salt-and-pepper beard, Welsh actor Michael Sheen is also famous for having a thick head of curly hair.

Sacha Baron Cohen

The Borat star has slightly curly hair, but you wouldn’t notice it with the usual way he styles his hair, which is slicked back.

Adrian Grenier

One of the hit television series stars, Entourage, does not seem to age, as he still looks just like he did in the show. His hairstyle in the show still works for him and is even more impressive today.

Adrian Grenier With Short Curly Hair

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Justin Guarini

Although not many people remember the first American Idol runner-up, most surely remember his Kenny G.-like hairstyle.

Finn Wolfhard

If you are a Stranger Things fan, then you probably are in love with Finn’s character and his innocent yet stylish long wavy hairstyle.

Jesse Eisenberg

What made Batman V Superman not look quite right was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Seeing Jesse Eisenberg without his trademark long curly locks does not look right.


What male celebrities have naturally curly hair?

There are plenty of male celebrities who have naturally curly hair. These days, men do not curl their hair. In other words, it is most likely his natural hair texture if you see a star with curly hair.

They might be using some hair relaxer to loosen their curls, but you can almost guarantee they have naturally curly hair.

Is mail curly hair attractive?

Attractiveness is subjective, so whether curly hair is attractive or unattractive depends mainly on the beholder. You might like curly hair on men, but some may not share the same sentiment.

Meanwhile, using pomades for curly hair will increase your attractiveness, so invest in a quality brand.

Which hairstyle is the best for curly hair?

There are many ways you can style curly hair; what is best for you might not work on others. You have to consider the shape of your face and the thickness of your hair. Also, if you have a skilled hair stylist, your hair will look good regardless of the curly hairstyle.

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