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Evolution of Jayson Tatum’s Hairstyle

Jason Tatum has been sporting different haircuts throughout the years. He confidently wore the following hairstyles that showed how his hair evolved.

Buzzed Short

During his first few years of becoming part of the NBA, Tatum sported the buzz cut, a famous style among athletes. The style suits his facial shape well, regardless of the buzz cut lengths. He focused on simplicity when sporting the buzzed cut, though.

He made it a point to keep the length the same as it surrounds his head. Jayson Tatum also incorporated a mid-taper into the style. In addition, he has this kind of hairline that makes the short buzzed hairstyle even more unique and distinctive.

Some also emulated his style and even sported it as a rebel buzz cut with a beard.

Patterned Sides

During his younger years, he also sported patterned sides and incorporated them into his buzz cut. It was the style he carried as he played for Duke University. It commonly features a curved stripe pattern found on the left. He also made zig-zag stripes for it.

This is an incredible choice if you find the buzz cut very plain, making the entire style more eye-catching through the patterns. It will become as striking as the trendy curly hairstyles for celebrities with curly hair.

Curly Hair With Mid Taper

Similar to the trendy curly undercut ideas, the curly hair with mid taper presently sported by Jayson Tatum is also worthwhile to check out. This particular style is a result of his growing his hair significantly. This present style made it possible for him to show his incredible curls.

This style still features his famous neat hairline and the mid-taper. It is appealing as it nicely combines neat hairline, taper, and curly hair.

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How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Trim the top, crown and front

Use an electric trimmer with a larger guard size, specifically #8. This is because the current hairstyle of Jason Tatum is more on the longer side. However, you must make sure that it fits your face’s shape first before trying the style.

Step 2 – Give the sides a taper

You can emulate the usual mid-taper style of Tatum, which means you can start shortening over your ears. Work on the neckline, slowly shortening the hair found on your neck. Make the look more distinctive with the front hairline that is famous to Jason Tatum.

Step 3 – Trim the sides regularly

You can use clippers for trimming and maintaining the shape. Using a brush or comb to brush back the hair in front is also advisable. It also helps to learn how to get wavy hair if you want your hairstyle to hold a slightly wavy or curly look.

Step 4 – Best products to use

Use the appropriate products to make your haircut similar to Jason Tatum’s more prominent and nice-looking. Wash hair regularly and put on high-quality conditioner.

You may also want to start using hair relaxers for men and a hair pomade designed to make your chosen Jason Tatum hairstyle easier to manage.


Who is the barber of Jayson Tatum?

Jayson Tatum’s barber is Jules Gutierrez. Having enough experience with cutting hair since he was still so young, it is no longer surprising to see him work his magic on Tatum’s hair.

With the fantastic hairstyles that Jules Gutierrez provides to Tatum, you can see him being constantly consulted by the latter for his hairstyling needs.

How to ask for a Jayson Tatum haircut?

The best way to get a Jayson Tatum haircut is to visit a professional barber, especially if you have no confidence in cutting your hair on your own.

You have to inform the barber of your chosen haircut and maybe show him a picture of what you want so that you can get it right after your haircutting session.

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