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Jack Harlow is a very gifted young musician.

He could make his name heard throughout the business much faster than everyone predicted.

Besides his immense talent, you have to attest a lot of his success to his natural looks.

The ladies often go for a white boy with curly hair.

Not to mention that Jack Harlow without a beard is an attractive sight to see as well.

He truly is a sight to behold and lets his hair do much of his work.

For that reason, it is only appropriate to analyze the Jack Harlow haircut and see what’s it all about.

5 Best Jack Harlow Haircuts

Jack Harlow does not change his hair so much. His natural curls help him stand out and are a part of his image. He does venture to other types of haircuts from time to time.

So we gathered some classic Jack Harlow haircuts that you might consider adding to your arsenal when you are preparing to hit the town. 

Medium Length Curls With Side Part

Having curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. When growing it out, there is always that awkward phase that you must go through, but once you endure it, you are rewarded with nice curly hairstyles for men.

Jack usually grows his hair to mid-length and lets it go on its own. To style this one, you will not even need a comb or anything. It is best to allow your curly hair to behave as naturally as possible. So, use your hands and fingers to create a part and let it sit.

Loose Curly Quiff

Harlow has also gone for trendy quiff hairstyles from time to time. His natural curls are not easily tamed, but he was able to grow them to a suitable length and style them. You need length for this one and you will want to keep it messy to look good.

It is very suitable for people with round faces and you can decide whether you want a beard to go with it. Adding some product to the hair to keep it still is not needed. The most you can go for is hair spray.

Jack Harlow’s Eboy Curls

Given his age, Jack could not resist getting the eBoy look, and his natural curls helped him shape a unique one that you don’t get to see often. He grew out his hair, parted it in the middle, and got excellent results.

The curtains will define your face more and make everything look trimmed. The hair is still kept a bit messy and it would be great if you add some natural shampoos to allow every lock to get as defined as possible.

jack harlow's haircut With a Messy Curly Hairstyle

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Jack Harlow’s Curly Caesar With Tight Fringes

Once Jack Harlow started getting more attention and his songs began climbing the charts, he decided to tighten his look. He ditched the messy approach and went for a Caesar haircut. He still has the locks, but things are kept tight compared to before.

This style is the best choice when it comes to appearance and texture. The curls will shrink a bit with this type of haircut but will, in turn, get to be more defined.

To keep it tight, you will want to add some hair custard or mousse. You may also wish to pre-style it using a conditioner and a diffuser.

Dilute Medium Length Curls

Jack Harlow, indeed does have some healthy hair. When you think of male celebrities with curly hairstyles, you often think about them.

He was able to manage his hair without heavy use of products for so long and it enabled him to keep things as natural as possible and gain excellent results from it. Jack is a busy guy, so sometimes he looks like he does not bother about his hair.

His standard care routine involves using conditioner and allowing it to be as free as possible. He does not over-style it but keeps it at mid-light, getting the best out of his natural look as possible.

How to Get and Maintain Jack Harlow Hairstyles

If you are sick of a classic side part haircut and want to look more like Jack Harlow, here is what you need to do to copy his appearance:

Step 1 – Grow it out a bit

If you have naturally curly hair, you are good to go. If not, some products like a curl mousse and tools like a curler will help you prepare for this look.

Step 2 – Use curl rollers

You can also use curl rollers to achieve the look, but be aware the locks on top will get looser with time and fall on you. Whatever the case, you should get it to mid-length and get a fade on the sides to allow the top to come into perspective.

Step 3 – Use hair spray

To get your curls to stand still, you want to use some hair spray. Avoid styling it with additional tools like a comb and use your hands to get it the way you like it.

Step 4 – Use conditioner

We suggest that you use a conditioner regularly to treat your hair. That way, it will look natural and you will also get strong locks. Heavy use of products is not advised. You should only resort to it if you don’t have natural curls.


What type of haircut does Jack Harlow have?

Jack Harlow usually sports a short or a mid-length curly style haircut.

Does Jack Harlow use hair pomade?

He prefers not to and usually keeps things as natural as possible without using pomade or added hair products.

Does Harlow have a perm?

No, he does not. He has naturally curly hair.

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