The hipster community is well known for its unique beard styles and the trendsetting appearance of their facial hair choices.

Hipster styles offer a lot of versatility and attractive options for those in search of the most eye-catching and stunning beard style that will help them express themselves with their own unique look and show off their personality by expressing themselves through their facial hair style.

There are a wide variety of hipster beard styles out there that have been gathering attention other the years for their attractive qualities and one-of-a-kind looks that complement the face of the wearer.

To find the manliest and full-looking beard, look at the most popular hipster beard choices that people are deciding on today.

What is a Hipster Beard?

Some of the most sought after beard styles of today happen to be considered hipster beards. The trendsetters of the beard community, hipsters have been truly showing off incredible beard styles that are something to be coveted and that many beard owners are striving for.

Many hipster beard styles offer a sense of duality, elegantly balancing the disheveled beard look with sleep hairstyles. The result is an edgy and sexy look that people are loving right now.

Whether you like to keep your hair long or short, there is a hipster beard style out there that will perfectly complement your look and make you feel confident in your skin, proud of the way that you look, and excited to show off your hipster look to the world.

If you are looking for a new and unique way to style your beard, there is undoubtedly a hipster beard style out there for you that will accomplish your goal perfectly and help you express your style flawlessly.

How to Grow a Hipster Beard?

The most important thing to keep in mind if you are trying to grow a hipster beard is to let it grow long and full!

While there are different hipster beard styles out there for you to choose from, allowing you to style your own beard in a way that fits the form of your face and your unique preferences and personality best, one of the things that all hipster beard styles have in common is the fact that they are long, full, and luxurious beards.

To grow a hipster beard, you need to start out by achieving an even length. If you want to start with a clean-shaven face, allow for approximately 6 weeks to have a decent growth started to get started on grooming and styling your hipster beard that will soon become your pride and joy!

This time frame of growth should leave you with at least half an inch of facial hair to work with. You can, of course, wait longer though if you desire a longer beard.

The good thing about a hipster beard is that you don’t need to be a beard grooming professional by any means, as the look is meant to be rugged.

It is intended to look somewhat shaggy and unkempt, which means you can get away with using only scissors for trimming and the occasional length cutting mistake can easily be overlooked.

As your beard gets longer, continue cutting your hipster beard in accordance with the desired style you would like to achieve and keep it maintained at the length that you like it.

How to Care for a Hipster Beard

In addition to growing and styling your hipster beard as you like it, you are going to need to properly care for your facial hair to keep it feeling healthy and looking amazing for the long run.

Some of the things you’ll want to invest in to keep your beard feeling soft and smooth and staying easily manageable to maintain that rugged, hipster look that so many people love, include beard oil and beard balm.

Your hair follicles produce natural oils to keep your beard healthy, nourished, and moisturized. However, these follicles can only create a certain amount of sebum oil to keep your beard looking happy and healthy each day.

What this means is, if your beard is longer than what your body’s natural oils can maintain on their own, you would be wise to supplement these oils from other sources.

That’s why beard balms and beard oils are so essential to keep your beard manageable and easy to style and, most importantly, looking incredible.

Another important tool to have in your beard care arsenal is a beard comb, which helps to make trimming and styling your beard much easier, as well as keeping up with day-to-day styling.

It’s important to use a high-quality beard comb to avoid damaging your beard with things like beard split ends.

Cheap plastic combs can result in strands of your facial hair being damaged, so ensure that you have a beard comb you can trust to maintain the silky smoothness of your beard.

Top 5 Hipster Beard Styles

Hipster beards are a popular and eye-catching option for beard owners to choose when they are searching for a unique way to represent their sense of style.

However, hipster beards are a varied and versatile collection of beard styles, and there are many ways you could choose to show off your hipster beard to the world.

Some will compliment your face shape and personal style better than others, but the great thing about the wide variety of beard styles featured under the hipster category is the fact that there is something for everyone that will flawlessly and seamlessly complement their style.

Let’s look at some of the most popular hipster styles around today:

  1. The Fading Beard

This classic look features a mustache curled at the ends paired with a shortly trimmed beard that gradually fades away as it reaches the temples of the wearer.

A clean-cut and manly look, this hipster beard is ideal for those who don’t want to wait for their beard to grow out very long and want to show off their hipster style sooner rather than later.

  1. The Burly Hipster

Featuring a thicker, medium length beard, the trimmed beard and mustache combine to create the burly and rugged. The laid-back style is perfect for someone trying to display a more casual look while still showing off their hipster side.

  1. The Edgy Gentleman

This look shows off a grown-out beard that is both full and luxurious. When paired with a full mustache and styled to fall just below the chin, and highlighted by a short, slicked-back hairstyle and fading sideburns.

  1. The Rock n’ Roll

This style is particularly edgy and gives the wearer a rugged look. It’s the perfect hipster beard style for someone in search of an effortlessly unkempt look.

To achieve it, a full beard of hair should be cut into a short Mohawk and the sides should be left shaved. The Rock ‘n’ Roll is a more rugged version of the hipster beard trend, showing off the versatility that this type of beard style offers.

  1. The Grizzly Look

The Grizzly Look is a simple and easy way to accomplish the look of a hipster beard without the need to put in a lot of effort.

The beard is left to grow naturally as it wants to, paired with faded sideburns, and with the hair styled in a crown swept to the side.


Unique and Stunning Beards

There are all kinds of hipster beards that you will see around, and while the ones described above are certainly some of the most popular ones that you will see people showing off in daily life, it does not even begin to scratch the surface of all the types of hipster beards out in the world.

If you think a hipster beard is the right style decision for you, try out any of the above styles and keep experimenting which different styles until you feel that you have found one that truly represents you and your personality.

With all the options of hipster beard styles available, you are bound to find one that you love and that matches your true style and allows you to express yourself long before you run out of style choices to try.

Conduct your own research online to find other hipster beard styles to try out if you haven’t found any yet that best suit your preferences – you will quickly discover that the options are endless under this type of beard style and they are extremely versatile, making it easy for you to find one that best compliments the shape of your face and your overall look as it is now.

Try the hipster beard today, and you likely won’t be able to go back!

Photos from: Eugenio Marongiu ©, Ferenczi Gyorgy ©, Vladimirs Poplavskis © and Joshua Resnick ©

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