Drew Carey With Small Soul Patch Beard

If you are a fan of TV shows and especially game shows, you probably heard of Drew Carey.

The host of The Price is Right has put a smile on all our faces throughout his entire career.

We all know him for his charisma, smile, and exceptional styling.

However, it seems that something happened with Drew and he came out of the hideout with an entirely different look – a busy Santa Claus beard.

Drew Carey with a beard looks almost unrecognizable!

Nevertheless, he does not look as bad as you would think.

Actually, this facial hair style suits a man of his age.

What happened to Drew and what made him decide to grow such a long beard?

You’ll find out today.

Along the way, you’ll learn how to style a Drew Carey beard.

Drew Carey Without a Beard

When you think of Drew Carey, you never imagine him with a beard. He has been all smiles and no facial hair throughout his entire career. As The Price is Right host, Carey usually dawns a neat suit; a haircut combed on the side, and a clean shave. 

Nobody would ever say, “the right type of beard for you, Drew is a long traditional beard.” It simply doesn’t work that way as we have been used to seeing this man for so long without even an inch of facial hair.

All that military training had to pay dividends in terms of dedication as Drew was an icon and a definition of a well-kept man. 

But it all changed due to the quarantine induced by the global pandemic that hit the entire world. 

Carey’s New Beard Style

After months of COVID shutdown and The Price is Right show being moved for safety reasons, some pictures of Drew Carey emerged on the internet. This was not a man that we all remember, and it was some other dude, a completely different one sporting a long white beard. 

Drew Carey With a Beard

I would have never imagined Carey growing something like a famous salt and pepper beard, but his new white mane looked impressive on him. Drew himself posted the picture as he one day took to Instagram and revealed his latest photo with the caption “my new look.”

Carey did what most people have done during the lockdown and did whatever he could to entertain himself. His deal was choosing Verdi’s beard style and growing it to perfection. 

Once his show started filming again and Drew got back on TV, fans could see the complete makeover that Drew overcame. He has substituted his traditional clean-shaven look with an impressively long beard and a unique twist, including some handlebar mustaches to boot. 

Tools Needed to Maintain It

To maintain a beard like Drew Carey, you need to assemble your own world’s best beard growth kit. The main tools you will need are a trimmer, a beard brush, some oils and balms, and a suitable razor if need be. 

Since Carey is letting his beard grow long, you will not have to use a razor so much. You may need it to shave off excess hairs around the cheek and necklines. But a trimmer is more than enough to remove the unwanted hairs and keep the beard to the desired length.

However, some high-quality, affordable beard scissors are a must. They are needed to cut off some stray hairs and style the beard to perfection. 

Wooden beard combs and brushes should also be added. You don’t want your long beard-growing wild on you. Drew used to maintain a clean-shaven look for a long time. So keeping his new beard nice and tidy does not go without regular brushing and combing. 

Finally, to help the beard look nice and healthy, some premium beard oils need to be used. That way, you will nourish the beard and enable it to be soft and smooth. It can help moisturize your beard, which is also necessary for the entire equation. 

How to Get 

Step 1 – It’s time to grow

Let your beard grow for a good three to four months. 

Step 2 – Trim and shape

Be sure to trim the beard from time to time, so it does not go wild on you. Shave the neckline and parts of your cheeks only. Trim the hair from time to time, but do not cut it short. 

Step 3 – Treat with beard care product

Man Brushing His Beard

Use beard balms and oil to help and support its growth. Use some beard wax to twist the mustache ends upwards. 

Be sure to look for the best beard brushes so you can comb your beard from time to time. A long beard like this one requires regular maintenance and combovers. 

How to Maintain and Style 

Step 1 – Clean your face

Wash your beard regularly with a suitable shampoo. 

Step 2 – Maintain the length

Trim the beard with a trimmer to not let it grow too wild or long. Use some scissors to remove stray hairs. 

Step 3 – Use a brush or comb

Brush your beard regularly or use a comb whenever you are going out. 

Step 4 – Use a care product

Treat the beard with suitable oils and balms for a healthy look.

Best Grooming Products

Drew Carey has an arsenal of beard grooming products that he needs to maintain his beard. If you grow the same type of bear, you better start hampering for a gift for a man with a beard from your significant other as you will need some beard tools.

What you need to get is: 

  • A good trimmer for your beard.
  • Some excellent and sharp beard scissors.
  • Some suitable beard grooming products like shampoo, beard balms, and oil.
  • A good shaver with razors.
  • A good beard brush and a comb.


Why does Drew Carey have a beard and new glasses?

Drew Carey grew a very long beard during the COVID lockdown. He surprised everyone with a picture on Instagram of his new look. While everyone thought it was only a joke or a phase. Drew Carey continued rocking his new beard after the quarantine.

What do fans think of Drew Carey’s new beard style?

Even though there are a lot of memes and funny pictures of Drew Carey with his “Santa Claus” beard, a lot of the fans seem to like it. Most people have liked the new look and have deemed it attractive.

Is Drew Carey’s beard attractive?

Yes, it is. Many fans view the new Drew Carey beard as an attractive piece of facial hair. The style is not crazy at all and it is a standard and traditional long beard that you see quite a lot these days.


There are a variety of beard styles to avoid in the entertainment business, but Drew Carey’s beard is not one of them. Drew has been a picture of excellence throughout his entire career and his neat look has become somewhat iconic. But the addition of a beard means that he has transitioned to a different phase of his life that deserves praise.

His beard is as neat as he ever was. His beard might just soon transition into a defining look for him, the same as his previous impeccable clean-shaven style had been.

Photos from: Jean_Nelson / depositphotos.com and s_bukley / depositphotos.com.

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