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26 Most Popular Chris Hemsworth Hairstyles

Messy Quiff With Short Sides

This is one of the most recent hairstyles of Chris Hemsworth. Get this by growing your hair to a minimum of three inches. Taper the back and sides to get a #5 undercut. Keep the top long before cutting it into layers.

Add the messy quiff with a gel, wax, or cream. Pair it up with the Chris Hemsworth beard, which is closely trimmed.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk haircut is another of the most well-known perfect messy hairstyle. Cut your sides and back short, then maintain a 2-inch length on top. Add several layers to form a textured top.

Get the messy faux hawk by styling your hair to the center, then trimming your beard to around one-half inch long.

Slick Comb-Over

Keep the top at a minimum length of around 4 inches at the crown. Get a tapered undercut using the #6 clippers guard. Once you have combed your long top to one side, use a hair styling product with a solid hold to slick it down.

Chris Hemsworth’s Short Textured

This Chris Hemsworth haircut is the one he wore in the Thor Ragnarok movie. It comes with a heavily textured top, shorter sides, and lines that are shaved to the side.

Chris Hemsworth’s Medium-Length Slicked Back

The hair length in this style has to be at lip or nose level, making it one of the most recognized medium-length hairstyles. Do not slick back the layers nor tuck them beyond your ears if there are no loose strands.

Softening the tips is also possible with a feathered cutting method.

chris hemsworth's hairstyles

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Piecey Choppy Long Top

In this style, making your hair grow at a minimum length of five inches is essential. Ask the barber to cut the top in choppy and thick layers. This should be characterized by being shorter to the back and longer in front.

Cut the sides a bit shorter compared to the top. When styling, you have to pull forward your hair using wide spikes.

Long Hair and Ponytail

You will look good in this famous style of Chris Hemsworth if you keep your hair long, around shoulder-length, preferably. Avoid getting layers to prevent your strands from sizing the same. Tie hair after pulling it back into a loose ponytail.

Tight Taper Undercut With Long Messy Top

This haircut features tapered hair on both sides and beneath your crown at the back. Use a guard size of #5 on your clipper for this. This is one of those long top haircuts with the length in front, creating a messy fringe.

It is also one of the best-looking fringe haircuts you can style with cream or wax.

Mini Pomp Side-Swept Quiff

This comes in the form of a small pomp quiff. Cut the sides shorter compared to the top. The cut should still be long enough, though, that you can slick it back. Make this one of the most impressive layered haircuts by trimming the top in long layers.

This can add some texture and movement to your hair.

Flow Hairstyle

In this particular hairstyle, you will need nape-long hair to part to the side. Maintain some length at the back, then cut both sides one to two inches shorter. Cut the sides at a certain angle, preventing them from getting longer to the front.

Disconnected Taper

Get the disconnected taper hairstyle with the help of two clipper guards. Start with #6 for your head’s upper sides, then down your back. Transition abruptly using #5 to make a low taper undercut capable of curving along the arch. Add short layers to get a textured top.

Chris Hemsworth Short Spiky Textured Haircut

Get this short spiky textured style by having a high taper undercut first with the help of your clippers, precisely #4 guard size. Get a highly textured top by cutting with a scissor, which can give you several choppy and short layers.

christopher hemsworth spiky haircut

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Buzz Cut

You can choose to go for a long or short buzz cut. It is also crucial to trim the hair similarly throughout based on your natural hairline. You can then combine it with a short shadow beard.

Retro Shag Cut

Get the retro shag haircut referencing the style from the 70s and 80s. It also helps to use overdirecting for your cutting technique to give your hair irregular layers throughout.

Slick Quiff

You can sport this style by ensuring that your Ivy League or regular haircut features sides shorter than the top. Style the hair in a combover quiff with a deep side part. Comb hair up to display a clean and gentle cut.

Shaggy Side Part

Add short layers to a shaggy cut in medium length. The short layers should be in front and pair up with long ones at the back. Put on a side part, too, then give it a messy style.

Short Choppy Textured Quiff

Ask for a short-textured cut featuring a short back and sides. Make the look more natural by adding a taper fade on your neckline and incorporating several choppy layers into the top.

It looks as incredible as stylish shaved sides or famous summer hairstyles for men.

Shoulder-Length and Thick Beard

This style requires growing your hair to fall halfway through your chest. Cut the tips in a way that there will be jagged ends. Grow your beard up to five inches, and trim its edge to create a circular shape.

Chris Hemsworth’s Short Haircut With Wispy Arched Bangs

Obtain this Chris Hemsworth hairstyle by cropping the sides and back, so you will notice them being progressively short towards the arches. It should start from the top sides of your head to your ears’ tips. Maintain a long top, then add textured layers.

Smiling Chris Hemsworth in a Jacket Wearing a Stubble Beard

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Messy Half-Up and Shoulder-Length

This is for you if you have long hair. In that case, you have to crop your hair to be shoulder-length and feature shattered ends. Get the wavy texture by applying some hair product to damp hair.

You should then section your hair half-down and half-up, then use a hair tie to wrap it at the back. Let some loose hair strands fall naturally and smoothly in front.

Bro Flow

At medium-length, this style looks suitable for almost all hair types, including straight, curly, and wavy. It is versatile and looks as fun and elegant as blowout haircuts.

Blowout Short Haircut

Get this style by telling your barber to give you a rebel top with plenty of volume and short sides. As this short haircut also has plenty of volume, make sure to ask for tips regarding styling from your barber, too.

Slicked Back

The slicked-back is ideal if you prefer exposing your best facial features. Ensure that your hair is long enough that your hair strands will stay nicely behind your ears.

Straight Shoulder Cut

Make the straight shoulder cut more fun and interesting by adding some rebellious and loose strands. The two sides of the hair in front should be behind your ears, then let some loose strands catch your eyes around.

Nerdy Comb-Over

In this style, your hair has to be parted on the sides. Avoid shortening the sides excessively, though, to obtain the comb-over. There should be enough length to blend perfectly with the hair on top.

Spiky Short

This style requires a taper fade or undercut. Use the appropriate hair product to form the spikes sported by Chris Hemsworth on his short hair.

How to Style and Maintain Chris Hemsworth Haircut

Step 1 – Choose a style

Find out which hairstyles and haircuts Chris Hemsworth sported fit your face and hair type the most. Choose a style that is comfortable enough for you and will display your genuine personality, too.

Step 2 – Ensure your hair remains to the neck

Retain the length on top, specifically at the front, allowing you to recreate this famous actor’s casual quiff.

Step 3 – Visit the barber

Visit a professional barber or stylist regularly for properly shaping and trimming your chosen hairstyle. Ask for some appropriate styling tips from them, too.

Step 4 – Use texturizing products

Use hair powders for men, sea salt spray, matte clay or any other hair product capable of giving your hair strands a firm hold and matte finish. Make sure you also have a blow dryer around since it promotes easy getting textured hair.


What is Chris Hemsworth’s haircut called?

The most common haircut sported by Chris Hemsworth is the quiff. It is an iconic haircut that gives him a more polished and fresher look.

How to ask for Chris Hemsworth’s haircut?

This depends on what haircut from him you intend to follow. For instance, if you want his quiff hairstyle, visit a barber and tell him to leave some hair at the fringe. It also helps to bring a picture of him sporting the hairdo you want.

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