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A beard, in a way, defines a man. Bearded men are considered more masculine, aggressive, dominant, courageous, and attractive. Everything from long and short beard styles to beard styles without sideburns, facial hair looks good on many men as long as it is well-kept.

Beard trends come and go; some catch on, while others fade as fast as they started. One trend that has been there for years is the Charlie Day no beard.

To grow a Charlie Day no beard, you must have the right face shape. Ideally, most face shapes would suit a Charlie Day with no beard, but an oval face shape is ideal.

With a Beard

Charlie Day isn’t just a handsome face but has experimented with his facial hair regularly. Day has rocked several beard styles, including a short stubble, a Hollywoodian beard, and a short rounded beard. He has also worn a short boxed beard and an attractive Balbo beard.

With his oval face shape, Day looks practically good in all beard styles he goes for, including when he stepped off a plane with a long-grown, out mane. 

Bearded Charlie Day

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5 Best Styles

Full or Classic 

A full beard takes time to grow, but maintenance is relatively low. The ideal length is four weeks of continuous growth, after which you can consider different beard-trimming methods and designs.

Extended Goatee or Hollywoodian

The Hollywoodian beard combines classic goatee styles and mustache. The beard style looks better without sideburns, so shave them off.


The anchor beard looks good on men with square and oblong face shapes. The anchor beard features a pointed beard that traces the jawline and a mustache. The rest of the facial hair is shaved off. Ideally, an anchor beard combines a goatee, chinstrap, and handlebar.


The Balbo beard is a beard without sideburns but with a trimmed, floating mustache. It is somewhat similar to a short boxed beard.

Short Stubble

The short stubble is a simple and convenient beard style for men who don’t like long beards. Stubble requires 2 to 3 days of facial hair growth. A trimmer is all you need to keep a stubble looking fantastic. But make sure you clean-shave excess hair on the cheeks and neck area.

Charli Day Short Stubble

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How to Choose a Charlie Day Style

If you are considering sporting a Charlie Day without beard style, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, understand that your chosen beard style should ideally bring out the proportions of your face to an ideal face shape, which is oval.

You are lucky if you already have an oval face shape because most Charlie Day without beard styles will effortlessly look good on you. If you have a round or square face shape, the idea is to maintain a balance between the beard and short hair on the sides to make it appear oval.

For men with elongated or rectangular face shapes, consider growing more facial hair on the sides and maintaining a smaller length on the chin region.

To maintain the beard, invest in quality beard care products like beard softening shampoo and conditioner, beard oil, and styling products like beard balm and wax.

You also need to get some essential tools like a beard comb, especially if you’re planning on growing a medium or long beard, plus beard trimmers.

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