Shirtless Black Man With Glasess and a Broccoli Haircut

Broccoli is undoubtedly not the vegetable of choice for many, but a broccoli haircut is becoming a thing among teens.

Once touted as ridicule, the broccoli haircut garners more hype than any haircut out there.

In a world of TickTockers, how could it not? The style originated among Gen Zs and slowly integrated into modern culture.

How does one get a proper broccoli haircut?

With multiple variations and ways of styling it, one can genuinely lose himself in the shuffle and end up with beanbags on one’s head when shooting for broccoli.

This is why we are here to help you get your haircut game leveled and provide helpful insight on how to get broccoli hair.

What Is It

A broccoli haircut is often touted as the zoomer perm or the bird’s nest. It draws inspiration from indie-inspired haircuts from the 2000s.

You are supposed to get a slim hairstyle around the ears, while on top, you need volume, curls, and height, similar to the florets of the already-mentioned vegetable.

Some consider them perfect hairstyles for gay men, but they are worn by straight and gay people alike.

What does not go in favor of the broccoli hair is that it was somewhat made fun of in the past as you would often see this hairstyle on guys who spend a lot of time in the gym looking at themselves, posting those pics on the internet, and wearing shoes without socks.

Somehow, at some point, broccoli hair became popular and you can see it worn everywhere and by everyone. We have the internet generation to thank for that, with myriads of TickTock stars popularising this look.

20 Most Popular Broccoli Hairstyles

If you are looking for summer hairstyles for men, one of the hip broccoli hairstyles should do. Broccoli may not be the vegetable of the summer, but the hairstyle certainly is.

Conventional Hairstyle

The most basic way to wear broccoli hair is by shaving the sides as closely as possible and letting the top spread out. To keep things still, add some hair spray.

Casual Punk

Cool punk hairstyles combine well with broccoli hair. All you have to do is add a high razor fade on the sides and create broccoli hair. You can become a heartthrob among teens in seconds.

Too-Cool-for-School Haircut

This is a shot from the past. It also shows how cool you are. The sides should come with a low bald fade, while the top should be as bushy as possible. Best suited for people with afro hair.

Bearded Black Man With a Curly High Fade Haircut in hair salon

Photo @yeganebarber

Straight And Textured Broccoli

This one may also qualify as a skater haircut. You need to texture it the same way as the conventional broccoli haircut, except for not going with a perm on top. Set your natural hair in small layers and it will be stunning.

Quiffed Broccoli

Quiffed broccoli stands somewhere between a business look and a party style. Spike up the front part of your hair; the higher, the better. Things get bold when you shave the sides and fade them out properly.

Ready-to-Party Haircut

Mixing styles is never a bad idea these days. Adding color to a broccoli haircut and going half in half with it should work well at parties. Go for opposite color spectrums for maximum effect.

Broccoli With Shape Up

Broccoli hair on its own can be very messy, but adding a shape up to it makes things much wilder than they already are. It is a unique combo that will surely spice up your appearance.

James Charles Inspired Haircut

You can’t go wrong if you follow the YouTube styling sensation James Charles and create the same hair as he proposes. The stylish shaved sides paired with a magnificent broccoli top are surely going to make you the talk of the town.

Artistic One

Unique additions and intricate designs characterize the artist’s style. You can start in the same manner as when creating classic broccoli, except keep the top longer and add your signature design to the sides to complete the look.

Sizzling Hot Haircut

This type of hair does exactly what it sounds. It works best for guys with blonde hair, but adding some highlights on your own is okay.

Ready-for-Red-Carpet Haircut

If you plan on going to a glamorous party, you best hit the ground running with some red-carpet flare. Shave the sides entirely and keep the top in a fringe haircut manner. You will look gorgeous.

Broccoli Tempting With Turquoise

Brocolli hair goes perfectly well with some color. Going green is a bit too much on the nose, while turquoise will make you look glamorous and captivating simultaneously.

V-Shaped Broccoli

Broccoli hair can be combined with clever v-shaped haircuts to create an intricate look. All you have to do is style the back of your head in a v-shaped manner, making your entire haircut much more decent.

V-Shaped Small Curls Haircut

Photo @barberhdm3

Line-Up in the Back

This one looks subtle at first glance. When you take a closer look, you notice the lines in the back that add a specific flare to this variant.

Side Swept Broccoli

You can emphasize your boyish charms with a side-swept broccoli. The best wavy hairstyles improve when you style them correctly and appropriately.

Good Boy Haircut

A middle part speaks a good boy loudly. It allows you to be charming, alluring and dazzling all at the same time. Show that you are a good boy to everyone else except yourself.

Up High Broccoli Hairstyle

The higher the hair, the cuter it looks and is very suitable for youths. You can show your quirky side and exemplify your playfulness with this one.

Out of the Shower Hair

Going right out of the shower does look sexy, especially the hair. Now, imagine going all day with the same type of hair. You can achieve this look, but you will need a lot of gel or a water-based product to set it.

Justin Bieber Inspired Haircut

The initially infamous Justin Bieber haircut was the laugh of the town at first. Now it has become a sensation among undercut haircut ideas. Now, everyone wants one and if you don’t want to miss out, so should you.

BTS Jungkook Inspired Hairstyle

This is a broccoli haircut with a Korean twist. It was inspired by the BTS member, Jungkook, who parted his hair in the middle and added blue and turquoise highlights towards the tips. 

How to Style and Maintain Broccoli Haircuts

You will want to listen or read carefully now if you’re going to get your broccoli hair just right.

Step 1 – Decide on the type of broccoli hair

Usually, it goes on all types of face and head styles, so you will probably not look for a good one for too long. You have our list for inspiration.

Step 2 – Grow your hair to an appropriate length

Shave or fade the sides and keep the top long. If you want added styling points, you can do so on the hair on the top. Depending on your chosen style, you can style the top appropriately with some products or simply with a comb.

You can opt for a middle part, a side-swept look, or what suits you the most. 

Step 3 – Be sure to style the hair 

Be sure to visit the barber if needed and do it regularly. It also works if you pick an excellent product to style appropriately.


Why is the broccoli haircut so popular?

It is famous mainly due to TickTock and internet celebrities wearing one who has revolutionized this hairstyle.

How long does a broccoli haircut last?

It depends on the rate a person’s hair grows, but usually, it holds up for about 6 to 8 weeks.

Can I wear broccoli hair at an official event?

Yes, you can if you style it appropriately and pick a subdued version.