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If you already have a long beard but have grown bored of it, you should spice things up with a braided beard.

Braiding your beard is a bold and unconventional beard style, but it can be perfect for you if you choose the style correctly and braid it properly.

Here you will be able to find braid hairstyles for men and the most suitable way to make one.

20 Most Popular Braided Beard Styles

To get you started, we want to show you a few braided beard examples that might get you to decide to braid your beard. You might already be thinking of a Ragnar beard, but we urge you to consider them before making a choice.

Short Braided Beard

This one is the complete opposite of the previous one, but you still need a certain length to achieve it. A short braid may not look as impressive as a long one, but it serves the same purpose and does affect your style tremendously.

You can create a small beard bun or wizard twill in mere seconds.

Classic Viking

The Viking look epitomizes masculinity to the max. If you’ve ever seen the show Vikings, you know what we mean and already have many ideas to work with.

There are a variety of Viking styles that you can try, but the classic one is tying your beard in tight braids and you can even do a few of those.

Small Side Braid

Creating side braids is a minimalistic look that should combine with a long and bushy beard. Here, you are supposed to make two smaller braids at the sides of your mouth, but not longer than your actual beard.

Add some beard pomade to style the rest of your beard and keep it healthy.

Long Braid

If you already have a very long beard, you are halfway there in creating this type of beard braid. It is the easiest one to make but can be very impactful on your style. Create a single long braid with two woven strands and seal it with a tie.

Very Long and Thick Beard Braid

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Double Trouble

You can build up on the previous style by creating longer braids. If you already have a very long beard, add two long, thick braids on your chin’s sides. They should phase with your beard, adding a striking effect to it.

Beard Twist

This is another Viking-inspired style involving twisting half of your beard into a braid. Vikings used these to get the beard out of the way in battle. If you are not planning on wielding an axe, you can incorporate it into your style.

Fishtail Braided

You can restyle your braid by creating a fishtail one. You need to change the braid pattern; it works the same as any braid, as you can put it almost anywhere on your beard.

Braided Goatee

This one is a very slick style. You don’t need a big and bushy beard; you need to grow it on your chin. With a long chin beard, you can create unique goatee styles by braiding only the chin part. You can also go as long as you wish.

Cool Beard Bun

Sometimes plaiting a braid can be challenging, so a simple beard bun can be a more accessible substitute. You don’t need a specific length, as you can create one with a simple tie. The longer the beard, the cooler and more interesting the stylings get.

Asian Twist

The Asian twist is a variation of a beard braid for those who can’t grow a long or bushy beard. A thin beard opens you up to a unique Asian twist style which works particularly well if you have a slimmer face.

Accessorized Beard

It does not hurt to add accessories to your beard braids. Once you create some, you can include beard beads, exciting ties, and colorful elastic bands to make the style unique.

Loose French

A French braid on its own is an excellent choice for your beard. If you have a long and thick one, it is better to loosen it up a bit and let it hang. Be sure to tighten the bottom part firmly, so it does not break down on you.

Multiple Braids

This is where things get very interesting. Why plait one or even two when you can go for the lot? Depending on how you feel and the length and thickness of your beard, you can go ahead and create as many as your beard will allow.

Multiple Braids In a Beard

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Cornrow Beard

Allen Iverson revolutionized Cornrows in your hair. Now it’s time to do this for your beard. It helps if you have a long beard and more hair to work with. You can go various ways when creating this style, but you should incorporate beard wax for help.

Brad Pitt Braid

Brad Pitt went for a Jack Sparrow look without all the beads and craziness. He grew a short beard, shaved the spare part on his cheeks, and added some simple twists that hang at the bottom.

Ponytail Braid Braids

Here is another way to style a long and thin chin beard. If you can grow one fast, you can also make a beard ponytail out of it. A French braid does not work for this beard style, as a ponytail will make things much more impressive.

Black Men Braided Beard

Black men always make things extraordinarily cool and do the same with beard styles. Adding braids to their beards combined with unique hairstyles can be quite a thrilling makeover for a person.

There are various ways to go here; it all depends on the bushiness and the length of the beard.

Loose Dutch Braid

A dutch braid can work for your beard equally well as for your hair. It is a bit thicker compared to other braids, meaning that you will need more facial hair to create one. Once you do, the results are very satisfying and impressive.

Forked Braid

Another extravagant look, but one that does not require a lot of preparation. You need a chin beard and an elastic band. Plait two or three thin braids and let them hang. You can even add some wax to help them stick.

Stumble Braid

A stumble braid is unique in its appearance. It can be fashionable on women’s hair but very impressive on men’s beards. You need to add a bit of length to your beard and a few elastic bands to create it.

Tie up smaller sections, like small balls, and you will be able to rock a unique look not worn by many.

Best Beard Types for Braiding

Braided Beard

You can braid any hair type; you need a good idea about which style to get. First, you will need to determine if you want a shorter or longer one. Of course, it is ideal to have more length as things get a lot easier.

Short beards can be equally braided in some shorter braided beard styles. Also, you can have both a bushy and a thin beard; both can be braided.

A bushy beard is easier as it will be able to hold, while a thin beard is troublesome as you might need to secure it with more bands and tighten it more than other types of beard.

Either way, you will need to do a lot of beard combing before starting. The idea is to prepare your beard before trying to plait it, as things get much easier that way.

How to Get and Maintain Braided Beard

Whether you want to learn how to trim a mustache or, in this case, want to know the proper way to braid your beard, you have to be precise and patient. Never rush these kinds of things and everything will work out perfectly.

Step 1 –  Wash and condition your beard

Towel dry it afterward, apply some oils, and brush it gently with a beard brush.

Step 2 – Choose the part where you want to create a braid

Decide where you want to start. Separate the beard into three separate strands and be sure that each one is of equal usefulness.

Step 3 – Take the strand and then pull it over the middle one

Then take the other one and pull it over the middle strand. Continue repeating the steps until you get to the end of the strands. Finish by tying the end part with a rubber or an elastic band.

Quick Beard Braiding Tips

Creating an excellent braided beard style requires particular care. You can’t just jump into it without proper preparation and styling tips. If you want to avoid an expensive barbers charge, you can do things independently.

Always take into account what we are about to advise you with.

  • Have a healthy and balanced diet. You can nourish your beard better if you eat correctly and care for your body.
  • Wash and hydrate your beard regularly. Do not overdo it when shampooing it, as it can dry out your beard and make it brittle.
  • Use beard oil to moisturize your beard. Massage it, work it in from the roots to the end parts, and then smear some over it for a glistening effect.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles. If you have a strong and healthy beard, you can go for various beard braid styles until you get to a proper one.
  • Be very gentle when braiding your hair. You don’t want to pull hard or tie it tightly. It will cause stress to your beard and cause strands to break.

Common Problems

You might hope things will go fine and dandy whenever you wish to braid your beard. There will be a bunch of obstacles that you will have to hurdle above to braid your beard perfectly. One of them is not having enough length.

If you start to braid your beard without allowing it to grow to the needed extent, you will probably not be able to style it as planned. Also, if your beard is brittle, you might damage it by trying to braid it, so taking care of it is your number one priority.

Finally, applying the wrong technique could be detrimental to your beard. You should practice on a doll, some fake hair, or even shoelaces before using the real thing.


What is the average length of a braided beard?

It depends on the style of the beard you are aiming for. Either way, you can’t work with at least 4 to 5 inches of hair.

How often do you need to trim a braided beard?

It will depend on the beard’s thickness and growth acceleration, but you should do it once every five days.

What is the best way to clean a braided beard?

Using an excellent natural shampoo is the best way to do it. If you don’t want to unbraid your beard, you can quickly soak it in and clean it. You are going to have to be extremely careful when doing it.

How do you prevent a braided beard from tangling?

You have to be very careful when moving. Also, be sure to tighten it nice and tight when braiding it, so you don’t have to worry about it getting tangled later.

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