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Facial hair, especially the mustache, has always exuded masculinity.  There are many ways to wear a mustache, but coloring that bit of hair is the most exciting. Colored mustaches are a great way to add an exciting twist to your facial hair.

Whether you are naturally blonde or decide to dye your mustache, you can be sure that your facial hair will turn heads wherever you go.

What Is a Blonde Mustache

A blonde mustache is just that; a mustache that has been dyed blonde or a naturally blonde mustache. If you’re looking for bleached hairstyles to try, you can’t go wrong with a blond mustache. Wearing your mustache that way is not only attractive but exudes boldness.

Men who can’t naturally grow blonde mustaches end up dying their mustaches to achieve the blonde color. If this is you, consider going through our compressive guide to hair dyes for men.

10 Most Popular Styles


The handlebar mustache is a standard style for men with powerful features. When combined with a beard, the mustache draws attention to the mouth and jaw. And if the mustache is blonde, it stands out even more.

Trimmed Thin

A trimmed, thin blonde mustache usually ends at the corners of the mouth. The mustache is best worn without a beard. If you must combine it with a beard, consider a stubble rather than a very thick beard.


The walrus mustache enjoyed a surge in the 19th century and early 20th century but has made a comeback with modern men. It is characterized by a long mustache with whiskers.

If you are going for the walrus mustache, prepare for a bushy, thick, and overgrown mustache hanging over your top lip. For a more sophisticated look, you can curl the mustache upwards or allow it to droop down the lip line with a little twist at the end.

You can pair your blonde walrus mustache with a beard, especially if you have narrow features like an oval face shape.


The horseshoe mustache gets its name from its close resemblance to a horseshoe. You can wear it with light stubble or a cleanly shaven face. To dye the mustache, bleach your beard with the right bleaching products. It will stand out even more.


If you wear a blonde mustache with a little goatee, consider the imperial mustache style. You can even pair it with a classy hat to complete the look.


If you are a man who likes making bold moves, then the blonde chevron mustache is exactly what you need. You can even dye your hair the same blonde color and combine the mustache with a full beard for a sophisticated look.

Painter’s Brush

A painter brush mustache would fit perfectly if you have medium-length blonde hair. The mustache is common with younger men and looks good when combined with a beard or goatee.


The Dali mustache is extra-long, extra-masculine, and extra pointy and is one of the best blonde mustache styles. To style, the mustache, apply mustache wax or the world’s best beard balms and twist the ends upwards. This mustache style requires regular maintenance.

You can combine the mustache with medium stubble or a short beard.

With a Dark Beard

You can dye your mustache blonde for an alluring look if you have a full beard. The mustache can be long or short if the beard remains dark.

Man With Thick Full Beard and Long Mustache

Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu mustache is longer than other mustaches and therefore looks excellent when combined with an equally longer beard. For a unique look, dye the mustache a little blonder than the rest of your beard. The contrast is usually quite an interesting combo.

To maintain the look, pick a good beard oil to keep your facial hair moisturized and ensure that it is always clean.

How to Prepare for Dyeing

Step 1 – Decide on the shade 

The first thing you need to consider is the shade of blonde that would work best for you. There are several shades of blonde color, including strawberry blonde, dirty blonde, golden blonde, silver blonde, platinum blonde, and brownish blonde. It all comes down to your preference.

Step 2 – Choose the product

Not all dye products are the same. Since this is something you will be putting in your beard, quality matters. Therefore, consider effective and safe beard dyes. Choose a dye with the right ingredients. You can either use a dye with natural ingredients or a chemical-free one.

Step 3 – Wash your beard and mustache

Once you have the blonde shade figured out and have your product in hand, the next step is washing your facial hair. Wash your beard using the best beard shampoos, and then pat dry with a clean towel.

For smooth dye application, consider investing in premium beard combs to remove tangles in the mustache before dye application.

How to Dye Blonde

Step 1 – Apply gel or oil

Start by applying petroleum oil or gel around the skin where your mustache reaches. This ensures that the dye doesn’t react with your skin.

Step 2 – Apply your dye

Using a brush, apply the dye throughout your mustache and leave for about 30 minutes. You can check every 10 minutes using a comb to see if the dye is working. If the hair is still dark, leave the dye on for a little longer. The wait time varies based on the product.

Always read the manufacturer’s instructions on how long to leave the dye on your mustache.

Step 3 – Wash off the dye

Once you are satisfied with the color, wash the dye off using an appropriate shampoo. After that, apply a softening beard conditioner, rinse and pat dry. Apply beard oil for a glossy finish. If your mustache hair is not naturally blonde, you will have to bleach it first before applying the dye.

How to Darken Naturally Blonde Mustache

Step 1 – Wash 

Star by washing your mustache and then pat dry with a towel. Avoid blow-drying an already blonde mustache, as the heat can lighten the hair even more.

Professional Dyeing Man's Beard and Hair

Step 2 – Apply beard oil

As long as you have facial hair, you must invest in beard products like beard oil. Apply beard oil to your naturally blonde mustache to add thickness to its texture. Doing so will give the illusion of a much darker shade, improving as time goes by.

Step 3 – Avoid too much sun exposure

Cover your facial hair if you have a naturally blonde mustache and have to spend time outdoors. Over time, the sun’s heat will change the shade of a blonde mustache, making it lighter.

Step 4 – Grow out the mustache

A longer and thicker mustache will appear darker. To make your naturally blonde mustache darker, you can grow out your beard to add stronger features to your mustache.

Step 5 – Dye your mustache

This is the easiest way to darken your naturally blonde mustache. But here is the thing; don’t apply a black dye. Rather, dye your mustache with any other shade of blonde to add thickness to your mustache, which will make it appear darker.

How to Style

Step 1 – Allow growing

You can’t style what is not there. So, first, allow your mustache to grow to an appropriate length. If combining it with a beard, give them time to develop. Never trim your mustache or beard during this growing phase.

Step 2 – Trim appropriately

Once you have enough length to work with, make some quick trims with beard scissors. Shape your beard into a style you are comfortable with and one that fits your facial features. At that point, use your scissors to trim your mustache to the desired shape. Also, trim the neckline hair for a neat look.

Step 3 – Apply beard products

Once you have trimmed your beard and mustache appropriately, apply beard or mustache wax or balm. If you are going for the most prominent mustache styles like the handlebar, twist the ends into a curvy shape.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Washing 

Always ensure that your mustache and beard are clean. Use beard shampoo at least twice a week and then comb to remove any tangles.

Step 2 – Apply products generously

After all the patience of growing a mustache and beard, the last thing you want is facial hair that looks unkempt. Apply beard oil for a glossy finish and mustache wax or balm when styling.


Why is my mustache blonde?

Your mustache may turn blonde due to genetics and melanin. Chemicals, sun exposure, stress, and lifestyle changes can also lighten facial hair giving the impression of a blonde mustache.

Does a blonde mustache take longer to grow out?

Having a blonde mustache doesn’t change the growth rate. How fast facial hair grows depends on the person’s facial hair growth rate. For some people, a blonde mustache can take six weeks to grow, while for others, it takes longer.

Why is my mustache different in color than my beard?

Most men have a beard that is an entirely different shade than their mustache. The main reason behind this is that hair follicles on different body parts have different textures and colors. Some hair follicles will therefore result in darker hair than others.

Why do I have random blonde hairs in my beard?

If you have strands of blonde hair in your typically dark beard, your genetics and melanin levels are to blame. At the same time, factors like stress and bleaching agents can cause random blonde strands to appear.

Can facial hair be darkened naturally?

Yes, you can darken facial hair naturally. The best option is to use beard products like beard oil to add thickness to its texture so it appears darker. You can also use products like cocoa powder which you mix into a paste and apply to the beard. The longer the paste stays on the beard, the darker it becomes.

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