Ben Dahlhaus

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15 Most Famous Models

Ben Dahlhaus

A famous bearded model, Ben Dahlhaus continues to impress those who are fond of him regardless if he wears his hair short or long. His versatility as a model is prominent, thanks to his bold, rugged body and bearded look.

On several occasions, he was seen wearing an attractive stubble beard.

Alexandar Masson

As a famous full-time model, Alexandar Masson has been seen working with other favorite celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez. Most people love his seemingly professional beard styles, especially his signature full-blonde beard, which he often pairs with his braided hair.

Alex Libby

If you plan to sport any of the most charming medium beard styles, you can always go for the one by Alex Libby. He often pairs up his beard with long and curly hair, adding to his model appeal and increasing his fan following.

Hamid Fadaei

As one of the men in the Middle East that people consider sexy, Hamid Fadei is a model with style worth emulating. Get this sexy model’s neat and polished look by sporting a full stubble beard.

This style also looks good for those who prefer a bald with beard appearance.

Christian Codrin

Christian Codrin is also one of those German models known not only because of their looks and personality but also because of their beard. His attractive features, combined with his short beard, made him more prominent as a model.

His beard style is ideal for those not fond of sporting a big beard or a bushy beard.

Christian Codrin

Photo @cristian.codrin

Victor Da Silva

A model and actor, Victor da Silva can also be easily distinguished as he wears a light stubble beard. He inspired many men who prefer wearing a light beard style, like a circle beard style, while still looking manly.

Bailey Sondag

Bailey Sondag is known for having several model agencies representing him, including the Red Model and the Next Model management agencies. He looks naturally sexy, thanks to his manly beard.

Jon Kortajarenga

The Spanish model, Jon Kortajarenga, is also easy to spot because of his beard. He is one of the faces of a few brands, including Versace, Georgio Armani, and H&M.

Patrick Petitjean

Another bearded model is Patrick Petitjean. This well-recognized model came from France and started his modeling stint last 2006. It continued up to the present.

Marion Teixeira

The scruffy beard of the Brazilian model Marion Teixeira is one of his most fascinating and gorgeous physical features. This caused him to work with many vast and famous brands, including Dolce and Gabbana, Iceberg, and Armani Exchange.

Mariano Di Vaio

This Italian fashion blogger and model is also famous for his beard. You can see his jawline sporting medium stubble and a Chevron mustache. It looks so good and has a charming effect similar to the black man’s goatee.

Mariano Di Vaio

Photo @marianodivaio

Brock o Hurn

This bearded model is known for being an actor and a physical or fitness trainer. He became incredibly popular not only because of his height and solid physique but also because of his unique long hair and beard.

Brock o Hurn is even one of those male models who brought back the man bun into the trend.

Carlos R. Costa

The thick beard of Carlos R. Costa can also be seen being sported in several black men’s beard styles. It looks good on this model specifically. Aside from his beard, Carlos is also famous for his manly features and colorful tattoo art.

Dimitris Alexandrou

You can quickly identify Dimitris Alexandrou through his full and thick beard. The good thing about this beard is that it does not end up scraggly. This is ideal for those who have narrow faces and thick facial hair.

Joel Alexander

Joel Alexander confidently sports his massive and rough beard that it is hard not to recognize him. His beard style is, in fact, the reason why he rose in popularity as a model, working with big brands such as GQ and Gap.

How to Become a Bearded Model

Let your beard grow full and thick to boost your chance of becoming a bearded model. In that case, you may have to invest in the best beard growth kits that can help you grow a thick and full beard.

Apply high-quality beard wax and oil to your beard, too, to keep it moisturized and luxurious. In addition, you also need to have suitable beard combs, as they can help with styling.

Once you already have your beard and are confident with your final look, you can contact an agency searching for new models. Audition or apply for the position and do so confidently to boost your chance of getting a modeling stint or career.


Can you model with a beard?

Yes. Many models sport a beard and many companies prefer getting them to represent their brands.

What qualities should a male model have?

The essential qualities of a male model are confidence and a strong and manly personality. Having such qualities will help any model become big in the industry.

It does not matter what beard style or hairstyle they have; if their personality is strong and they have confidence, they will have a high chance of succeeding in the modeling industry.

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