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Beard curls are normal and happen to most bearded men. They are part of the beard growth phase and straighten over time as the beard grows due to the added weight. Short beard styles especially are more prone to curling than longer beards.

For instance, circle beard styles are likely to curl more than long Viking ones. Your best bet is to wait it out and see if the hairs will straighten.

What Causes Beard Curls Under the Chin

Beards differ in terms of structure. It’s normal to have some beard curls in some areas and not others. The most common causes of beard curls under the chin are genetic growth patterns, ethnicity, facial hair length, and variation of hair follicles.

  • Facial hair length – short facial hairs are bound to curl more than longer ones. If you have a few curls here and there, you need not worry about that, as chances are that the hairs will straighten over time.
  • Genetic growth patterns – genes affect facial hair growth, including growth rate and patterns. Ideally, if men from your family have curly beards, there is a high chance that your facial hair will also curl.
  • Hair follicles variations – the hair follicles on the face are much more varied than on the scalp. If the follicles are flat, the higher the chances that your hair will curl. At the same time, if hair follicles on the face are dispersed, it can lead to hair growing in funky angles resulting in beard curls under the chin.
  • Ethnicity – Black and bi-racial men tend to develop curlier beards than men of other ethnic descents. On the other hand, while Asian men aren’t as hairy, their facial hair tends to be straighter.

How to Stop It

Beard curls under the chin are normal, and some men have learned to embrace the curls as part of their beard grooming routine. Ideally, if you like sporting short beard styles like a goatee, anchor beard, or chinstrap beard style, there is a chance that your beard hairs will curl under the chin.

If beard curls are coming in the way of your beard shaping and preventing you from achieving your beard goals, here are some steps to take.

Step 1 – Wait it out

At the early stages of beard growth, beard curls are normal. As your beard grows, the weight increases and pulls downwards onto the curls, eventually straightening them out.

But not everyone wants to wait for weeks to see if the curls will straighten out or not. In that case, consider the next step.

Step 2 – Brush using a boar’s brush

There are a few benefits to using beard brushes made of boar hair. The brush is very effective in helping distribute oils, ensuring that you don’t have dry skin under the beard. Your beard will also never look unkempt, dry, or excessively greasy.

Two, a boar’s hair brush helps train your beard to grow in a specific direction, thus, taming rogue curly whiskers. Brushing your hair regularly once you achieve three or four weeks of growth is recommended.

Over time, your beard will become flatter and straighter and grow downwards since you’ve trained it. The brush also helps increase blood circulation, thus stimulating healthy beard growth.

Man Combing His Long Beard

Step 3 – Use a blow dry and a wide-toothed comb

As your beard grows, tangles develop at the ends, making the beard look curly. To straighten it out, comb the beard in gentle downward strokes until you get to the curl, usually at the chin or jawline.

When you get to the curl, rotate your comb in a downward position, ensuring you go against the direction of the curl, then turn the comb a few times to counteract the curl effect. However, ensure you don’t tug at the curl too much, as you might damage the hair.

After rotating the hair, use a blow dryer on a low setting to set the curl.

Step 4 – Apply oil

Beard oil moisturizes, nourishes, and lubricates facial hair and the skin underneath. While beard oil doesn’t straighten the hair, it makes hair easier to manage. Over time, the curls will begin to straighten.

Step 5 – Apply styling products

Styling products do an excellent job of straightening beard curls. Try beard balm or wax if combing or applying beard oil doesn’t do the trick.

Step 6 – Keep your neck area clean

Neckbeard tends to exaggerate beard curls under the chin. Shaving off everything in this area helps reduce the appearance of curls.

Trimming Man's Neckline

Step 7 – Use a straightener

If none of the above work to tame your beard curls, the last option is to try beard straighteners. A hair straightener is a must-have if you like sporting professional beard styles.

How to Trim and Shape

Step 1 – Allow growing

First things first, allow your beard to grow before you begin trimming. The ideal time to trim your beard is at 4 to 6 weeks of growth.

Step 2 – Start small

If you don’t have the right tools or skills, you are better off going to a barber. However, if you have a beard trimmer, you can do the trimming at home. Start small, trimming small amounts off at a time; you can always go back and finish up later.

Step 3 – Work from the outside

Treat your beard like a hedge, working from the outside using clippers or scissors. Since hair grows in different directions, you want to trim it back to where the bulk of your beard is to create a fuller appearance. So, trim the hair back, giving your beard your desired shape.

Whatever beard style you choose, a ducktail beard or a classic 50-cent beard is the point you decide.

Step 4 – Take your time

Never trim your beard in a hurry, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Trim one area down, then return to it for a second or third pass until you achieve your desired shape.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Washing and care

 Keep your beard clean, moisturized, and hydrated to reduce the appearance of beard curls under the chin. When it comes to washing, use a beard wash rather than regular shampoo so you don’t strip the hairs of natural oils.

Step 2 – Styling

When taming curls and unruly hair, how you style your beard is just as important as grooming. Tame the curls using a blow dryer, apply styling products like beard wax, and comb and shape the beard.


Do the curly beards under the chin grow?

Curly beards under the chin continue to grow like straighter facial hairs.

Can I straighten my curly beard?

To straighten beard curls, wash your beard with a mild beard cleanser, then pat it dry. After that, apply silicone cream, and then use a comb and blow dryer on a low setting to straighten out the curls.

How often should I comb my curly beard?

You should comb your beard every day if you want to straighten the curls.

How often should I wash my curly beard?

Wash your curly beard at least thrice a week. If you have dry skin, consider washing it once or twice weekly.


Beard curls issues are prevalent, especially among men with coarse hair. Curly hair can prevent you from achieving your beard growth goals. The good news is many ways to straighten beard curls under the chin.

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

Anthony Giannotti is a senior writer and editor for Beardoholic and a licensed barber for more than 13 years. He owns 3 barbershops and has his own hair care product line that is sold in barbershops worldwide. Known for his impeccable technique and skills, Anthony is an expert in hair and beard care and he knows the best products and tools to get rid of all beard problems and have an amazing beard.

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